What Is the Cigarette Lighter Fuse Called?

If you want to fix your cigarette lighter fuse in your vehicle, you might notice that there are multiple terms for it. There are many naming conventions; some online and physical shops refer to it with different names. When you go to hardware shops, you might ask yourself, “what is the cigarette lighter fuse called?”

There are various aliases for a cigarette lighter. It is known as an auxiliary or an automobile power outlet. Alternatively, you can call it by the number of volts, such as the 12 volts power outlet. You can attach the term fuse or plug to these alternative names.

You can call a cigarette lighter fuse a 12v power point fuse or an auxiliary power outlet plug. A 12-volt outlet fuse or a cigar lighter plug is another term you can use. Now that you know these terms, you can have an easier time purchasing one. These are the terms you can use as an alternative, and most hardware or automobiles use various names.

Which Fuse Is for a Cigarette Lighter?

When it comes to most cars, the standard fuses for their cigarette lighters are the 10-amp and 15-amp fuses. These fuses are the ones that work best with outlets that use 12 volts. Since most cars use this wattage for their dashboard power outlets, these fuses are the most common. However, you can choose other amp numbers to decrease or increase the power output.

Which Fuse Is For A Cigarette Lighter

If you want to purchase a cigar lighter fuse, you should not buy one beyond 20 amps. Most cars will not be able to handle this amp level, especially when there are multiple power outlets. If you buy one, it might cause your vehicle to overheat. Purchasing a fuse lower than ten amps can also be unfavorable. Fuses with this amp level can be too weak to allow your accessories to run correctly.

The best fuse depends on your car model. If you want to purchase one that can optimize the best power output, you can rely on your manual first.

Where Is the Fuse for the Cigarette Lighter?

Finding its location can be difficult if you want to fix or replace your cigarette lighter fuse. Keep in mind that the specific location for the fuse depends on your car model. However, you can find it in the same area, no matter your vehicle. When you want to replace your fuse, you can look for the fuse box first. You can find this under the hood of your car or near its passenger compartment.

Where Is The Fuse For The Cigarette Lighter

Once you find the fuse box, open it to see the different cigarette lighter fuses. If you must replace a fuse, make sure not to switch them randomly. Instead, refer to your vehicle manual. Some fuse boxes contain a diagram you can use. Refer to the chart, or you might accidentally damage other power outlets.

What Are the Different Types of Cigarette Lighter Fuses?

Most of the time, people only refer to a cigar lighter fuse depending on its amp levels. However, there are different types of power outlet fuses. While they are not standard terms, knowing them can still be beneficial, especially if you want to replace them.

There are four common types when it comes to these fuse types. In most vehicles, you can find the first one, the blade-style fuse. These fuses come in different sizes and power ratings, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your car. There is also a maxi fuse that works best with large vehicles. If you see large power outlets in your dashboard, it has a high chance of using this type of fuse.

The last two types, the AGU fuse, and the mega fuse, are less common. Most modern cars do not use AGU fuses. Instead, you can only find this type in vintage cars. The mega fuse is located in specific car brands that use more power output. If your cigarette lighters go beyond 15 volts, it may be using a mega fuse.

Final Thoughts

Cigarette lighter fuses may be confusing at first. If this is your first time encountering this term, you might ask yourself, what is the cigarette lighter fuse called? Depending on who you are talking to, they can use different names.  While the cigarette lighter fuse is a proper term, people can also call it a power outlet plug or a 12-volts power fuse. You can also call it a 12-volt outlet fuse or a cigar lighter plug.

Aside from knowing the other terms for the cigarette lighter fuse, there may be other questions in your mind. Finding the correct fuse for the cigarette lighter or its proper location can be some of these inquiries. While the perfect fuse depends on the car model, the standard ones are the 10-amp and 15-amp fuses. You can also often find it under your car’s hood or near its compartment if you are looking for it.

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