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So you’ve come here wondering what a wheel spacer is and what do they do?

Well, in short they help you fit wider tires between the hub and the wheel. Let’s see how a wheel spacer does this.

Basically, wheel spacers are used to setup larger, wider, custom tires. The spacer fits on the wheel hub bracket to give more clearance space to make room for larger tires.

The spacers fit on the wheels stud and increase the offset from the wheel hub. And they are highly safe.

Just in case, you want to install your wheel spacer, here’s a quality guideline for you.

Benefits Of A Wider Wheel Area

You might be asking why someone would like to change their car to be broader and larger. Here are some of the ways how it can help your ride get more exciting.

1. Handling And Performance

The wider the wheels are, the lower the center of gravity. As a result, the handling becomes easier with more stability. You will surely notice the performance improvement while cornering. Add up smooth maneuverability in sharp turns and you get an amazing handling.

Moreover, as you add wider tires, you get a powerful car that looks and rides very good. By just adding a simple spacer, you get all these benefits without spending no money afterwards.

2. Size Correction

You could misunderstand your wheel size and buy a wrong sized tire, but with a wheel spacer, you can counteract the offset.

If the offset is higher for your car, the tire will be pushed much inward which will look ugly and it might scratch the suspension utilities in the car or the wheel. With a wheel spacer, it can be corrected simply.

3. Better Appearance

Better Appearance

A wider wheel area makes a car look super attractive. If you also take wider wheels, the combination of the two will make the look even high performant, like a supercar. Imagine yourself riding a car like this. And you know how it feels to drive a racing car.

4. More Stability

Larger wheel area equals more stability. Hard turns, and cornering will get much better. With more stability, you reduce the overall risk of your car getting tripped in faster speeds. So you feel more comfortable as a driver.

5. Extend The Life Of Your Tires

This is an important point. As you purchase an aftermarket tire, there you have the risk of having the tire rub against the suspension system and fender while cornering.

With time, this will cause severe damage to your tires or maybe a leakage to blowing up. So with correct tools, you can avoid the risks and have the fun.

A Disadvantage

One major problem of wheel spacers is that the suspension geometry of tires will change, which will have more impact on the suspension utilities than it normally does.

Because you’re simply increasing the lever hand, so the suspension mass will lay a heavier pressure due to the extended arm.

Best Spacer Size For Your Car

A question very common in car owners’ mind is what size of spacer is best for my car? The question is easy but the answer is not.

Basically not everyone has the same use case for a spacer, various people has multitude of needs, but it all boils down to one thing – the measurement of space needed.

You need to measure the tire fender space before you can know the spacer size required for your car. Purchase one spacer not more than the space limit, otherwise your tire will scratch the fender.

And thinning the tire is not an option, so choose one within the space limit.

Keep in mind that you should not assume spacer size. Measure it beforehand or the problems will arise.


After you’ve finally found a good spacer and set your car up, don’t immediately go for ride. Measure the tire fender accurately and after ensuring the correct setup, go for a ride.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Enjoy your ride, and drive safely.

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