How to Easily Use a Rust Converter on Car?

Rust is one of the most complicated problems that you can have in your car. This happens when the metal on your car becomes oxide in contact with oxygen.

All these things can happen in your garage. And because of this, you will likely get a car with rust.

Once you start having rust on your car, usually, the first thing that you need to do is to apply a rust remover. However, there is a much better way for you to take care of these rusts.

That is by using a rust converter! Having a rust converter applied to your car using a brush-on liquid is the best alternative.

To show you how well a rust converter works on rusts, we have included a step-by-step method you can follow on how to use a rust converter.

What is A Rust Converter?

A rust converter is a solution that is made for any rusty surface. This product will convert the rust on any iron steel into a harmless chemical compound. A rust converter differs from a scrape, prime, and paint regime.

Rust converters are used together with a primer, and the surfaces are called rust primers. The main functions of a rust converter are not easy to use.

This is because you must be more accurate with measuring the rust converter you intend to use. The use will depend on the thickness and the composition of the rust film.

You can apply the rust converter on any steel construction that is already rusty. This is somewhat the same as using a rust removal product.

However, the difference is that the rust remover only removes rust but will not prevent it from returning. What the rust converter does is cure the affected area and prevent the rust from coming back.

Rust Converter Vs. a Rust Remover

A rust converter and rust remover act in two different ways.

Rust Converter – this works on the rust and converts it to iron.

Rust Remover – this product is somewhat corrosive and harmful.

The Rust Converter Mechanism

The most important component of a rust converter is called the Tannin. Tannin reacts to the iron oxide and then will eventually convert it into iron tannate. Iron tannate is a blue or black stable corrosion product.

Tannin is composed of water and alcohol-soluble extracts from different plants. Tannin is complex and variable.

The chemicals found on a rust converter are the conversion of porous and some loose iron compounds.

Applying Rust Converter to Your Car

We have used an internal magazine of a car as an example of how you can apply the rust converter. This interior magazine is covered with heavy rust, and it is already flaking.

Here’s how you can apply the rust converter;

Step 1: Prepare the Part That Needs to be Treated

Rust Converter

The very first thing that you need to do before you apply the rust converter is to remove any debris and dust particles. You can remove these using a wire brush, a scraper, or a rug. The rust converters depend on the layer of rust in your car.

Step 2: Take Off Any Fine Particles, Degrease the Surface

After that, use a vacuum cleaner for you to remove any fine particles. You can also use alcohol as a degreaser. Doing this will ensure that the contaminants will not interfere once you put in the rust converter.

Also, you must ensure that the surface is dry enough before putting in your rust converter.

Step 3: Pour in the Rust Converter

In using a rust converter for your car, select a water-based rust converter. This is because it contains tannic acid and an organic polymer.

The tannic acid will eliminate your rust and convert it into iron, while the polymer will act as a protective primer layer. With both of these ingredients present in your rust converter, it will work together to convert the rust in your car into a black protective polymeric coating.

In applying the rust converter, make sure that you are well-equipped. Use gloves and safety glasses and make the application in a well-ventilated area.

Step 4: Rust Converter Works

After you have applied the first coat of the rust converter, leave it for about twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, the rust will then turn black.

The curing process will take about 48 hours. After 48 hours of the curing process, you may now apply paint and then attach the part back to your car.

Using a rust converter on your car is the ideal way to eliminate rust. This is better than spending more money just to clean your car.

Plus, you can do this on your own. It will convert any rust into iron and prevent it from returning.

Added Tips: Though rust converters are not that harmful, you still need to be well-equipped to use this product. Make sure that you wear either protective glasses or goggles. Also, use a glove to prevent any irritation on your skin.

You also have to ensure that you will not pour the unused rust converter back into its bottle. Contact any professional for you to know the proper disposal of your rust converter.

In short, this item will always come in handy as it will help you deal with rust in your car and other things that are affected by rust.

Have one of these products, and you will be assured that you will not spend a fortune to remove the rust from your car. This product is very efficient to use, especially in this situation.

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