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Can you tell the difference between a POZIDRIV screw head and a Philips from 10 feet away?Every day we can’t help but use various types of them.

We use screw in many of our works. So for choosing the correct screw driver, it’s important to know about the screw heads. There are many types of screw heads. To help, we prepared this guide to inform you about screw head types. I know some of these look the same.

So, here I give information about the types of screw heads and a guide of how to use them.

Types of Screw Heads and Uses of Them

You will find 15 types of screw heads out there. They have different use their functions and accessibilities. Now I will describe them to you.


Slotted is the most common screw head. The head of these types of screw is the original figure of screw heads. You find this almost everywhere.

On the other way, the practice of using the screw with a slotted drive is on the decline. Because the screw driver slips out of the slot when we mane large torque. So, while you use slotted you must be careful.


These screws are very popular and you find them in a very wide range. Phillips also has more applications compared to others. Common types of Phillips are #1, #2 and #3.

Phillips Tamper Resistant

These types of screws heads are not very common but when you need one you need one. Phillips tamper resistant is the same type of Phillips but this type of screws includes a tamper-resistant pin in the middle.

These screws can’t take high torque applications as they have an odd shape. The design of these screws is not that strong. Also, the bits of these type screws cannot be manufactured to high strength specification.


QUADREX is a combination of Phillips and square recess. So, its applications are far wide than Phillips and Square recess. The middle of the QUADREX is a square.

Square Recess

Types of Screw Heads

As they are very resistant to come-out, so Square Recess is being used more and more. It is a fancy of saying that the tip of the tool does not slip out. Also, it doesn't mar the screw head very easily. Commonly found in two sizes like square #2 and square #3.

Square Recess Tamper Resistant

It is almost like Square Recess as they have almost same design and the same size. But it includes a centered resistant pin in the middle.


It is so funny looking screw. TORX is very familiar in the US almost every electronics. In a verity of applications, they are gaining ground. The range in size is “T5 to T55 in ¼”. It also has power drive bits.

You can get more information about TORX in Wikipedia.

Tamper-resistant TORX

It almost looks like the TORX but it has a post in its middle.


TORX Plus is an ennobled TORX design. That design Allows more contact between screw drive and screw head which allows more torque to be the applied. The design of TORX Plus is a categorically new design.

Tamper-resistant TORX Plus

This is the licensed design of screw heads. The design of this is used widely in correctional facilities. It is also used in other high-security applications. It has only five lobe design with a center pin for why this is different from usual TORX Plus.

Tamper-resistant Hex

Almost identical to the Tamper-resistant TORX but have a small metal post at the middle. Only to prevent engaging the normal hex driver this metal post is used. Tamper-resistant hex comes commonly in the following fractional sizes: 1/8, 3/32, 3/16, ¼ and 5/16.


It looks like almost Phillips screw head. But there are also four more contact points. These screw head are very common in Europe. But this has a very rare use in the U.S.A. Common sizes are POZIDRIV #1,#2 and #3.


Tri-Wings are available as part of our master security bit kit. But we don’t see them often. Three leg design of tri-wing comes in 3 sizes: #1, #2 and #3.


It is known as “snake eyes” and "notches" at times. Though we see there is two hole in the screw head but sometimes it looks like notches in the screw head. From electronics to your bathroom door you will get them everywhere. There are 6 sizes spanner and these are specified by #4, #6, #8, #10, #12 and #14.

One Way Removal Tool

It is the specialized one. It can be adjusted to fit one-way screws and back them out.


According to Damntools.com, Screws are very important things of our daily chores. It will be better if we gather knowledge about screws and their heads. Because sometimes we need to do our work by our self and this is not a bad thing.

We need to use always the right driver for the screw head we are working on. So for choosing the right driver, we have to know about the screw heads and their uses so that we could do the right thing.

Finally, thanks for staying with us and reading this guide. It will be a pleasure to us if the above information helps you.

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