How To Dispose Of Halogen Bulbs: A Definitive Guide


Halogen bulbs are efficient and durable if you compare it with incandescent bulbs. You can even buy it at a cheaper rate and can save money for your future purpose. It can be used for outdoor lighting, under cabinet lighting, playground lighting, and many more. But one thing to keep in mind is that the …

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How To Change A 2-Pin Halogen Light Bulb? – Cargister


The leading cause of their use is due to their brightness. Halogen bulbs tend to illuminate more than incandescent bulbs, and along with that, they are cheaper to buy. Like all other bulbs, you can’t use it for a lifetime. At some point, their performance won’t live up to your expectations, and you will have …

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Are Halogen Bulbs Safe? This Guide Will Help You Understand


Halogen bulbs are one of the standard bulbs that are being used around the world. There won’t be a person that hasn’t seen this kind of bulb in their entire lifetime. People are using these bulbs regularly instead of incandescent bulbs as the latter bulbs are not as efficient as the former one. They are …

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Can You Replace Halogen Bulbs With LED? – Cargister


Are you still using the age-old halogen bulbs in your household? Have you ever thought about the efficiency of these bulbs? If you haven’t, let me give you a little information. You see, a 100-watt halogen produces 1900 lumens, with a luminous efficiency of 3.5%. This isn’t a very high percentage, so it isn’t very …

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How To Remove Halogen Bulb From Track Lighting? – Cargister


For the longest time now, halogen lights have been the poster child of home lighting. Every household would own halogen bulbs at a time before it gradually started losing its popularity to the LED light bulbs. However, these lights still find use in a variety of contexts. They reign supreme in restaurants, as their superior …

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Are Halogen Bulbs Recyclable? If So, How?

Are Halogen Bulbs Recyclable

The most major concern of recent times is our planet. In its current state, many consider it beyond saving. Through mankind’s disregard, carelessness, and ignorance, they have brought forth the inevitable demise of our planet. Although most would argue that the planet will inevitably become inhospitable, we still have the means to prolong this crisis. …

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J-Type Vs. T-Type Halogen Bulb – Head to Head Comparison


The beginning of any sort of invention started with fire. Fire not only protected the cavemen from harm’s way, but it also lit the path for them. But of course, mankind did not stop with fire. They invented newer, more sophisticated ways of bringing light to their life, and today we have a variety of …

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Can You Touch Halogen Bulbs? – The Science Behind It


Have you ever found yourself marveling at the powerful illumination capabilities of a majestic halogen lamp? Probably not since you are not a bug, after all. However, out of sheer curiosity, you might have had a slight desire to touch the glowing halogen lamp with your fingers. To quench that curiosity, this article is here …

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How Many Catalytic Converters are In a Ford F150?

How Many Catalytic Converters are In a Ford F150?

The latest model of the pickup trucks launched by Ford in its F-Series has gained a good reputation in the market. Known for its robust features and star performance, the Ford F150 is one of the most powerful trucks today.  The truck offers best-in-class towing capacity and advanced outer and internal features, its on-road performance …

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How Much Does a Ford F-150 Weigh? – Cargister


Ford F-150 is one America’s favorite pickup truck series. Year-after-year it continues to be at the top of all the bestselling trucks in America. It’s easy to see why. This truck is full of advanced features and boasts the best towing and payload capacities on the market. If you need to carry heavy cargo or …

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