Spray In Bedliner Cost: Is It Really Worth The Money?

If you don’t want to protect your truck bed with a spray-in bed liner, you’ll need to spend $0.

But then again, you’ll leave our truck exposed to all sorts of hard weather and other forms of abuse.

And with time, your truck will be raided by dents, chippings, paint scuffs, and scratches. Rust will also find an excellent environment to thrive in your truck bed.

Before you know it, your vehicle value would have depreciated even more!

Don’t let that happen!

Invest in a spray-in bed liner to cover your truck bed and keep it from getting damages that might require you to spend thousands of bucks to fix.

But first…let’s discuss a few things concerning the spray-in bed liner, including how much it will cost you and whether it’ll offer you value in the long run.

What is a spray-on bedliner?

A spray-in bed liner, also known as spray-on, is a type of truck bed liner used to shield from sustaining damages when hauling cargo. Most spray-in liners help create a skid-free surface on your truck bed to ensure your cargo stays in one place.


The liner also shields your truck bed from harsh weather elements such as water, dirt, UV rays, etc. which can also contribute to damaging your truck bed.

The spray-in bed liner acts as a modernized version of the traditional drop-in liners. Rather than just dropping an easily removable liner on your truck, a spray-in liner lets you install a permanent, long-lasting solution for your truck bed protection.

Unlike the traditional liners, these spray-in modes are professionally installed and tend to contour to the shape of your truck bed, so they don’t interfere with your truck bed appearance/aesthetics.

If you do your research, you’ll notice the spray-on bedliners are the most popular among truck owners today.

Here’s a quick list of the unique benefits that make a top choice for everyone:

  • Protects your truck bed from scratches, chippings, dents, etc.
  • Stops cargo from moving around your truck bed, further preventing damages
  • A quality, properly installed spray-on forms a watertight seal that keeps off shifting, bubbling, and cracking issues
  • Since the spray-on liner is sprayed on your truck, it precisely fits your truck bed, and you don’t have to worry about making any adjustments or space loss
  • It lasts longer than bed liners.
  • It has sound deadening properties to ensure you enjoy quieter rides

How much does spray in bed liner cost?

Now that you know what a spray-on truck bed liner is, let’s discuss how much it’ll cost you.

Unlike what you might be thinking, there’s no fixed cost for the spray-on bedliners.

How much you spend will depend on a number of factors (we’ll cover them below).

The average cost of installing a spray-on bedliner on your vehicle runs from $300 to $700. As you can see, this is quite an extensive range and will surely fit the budget needs of different truck owners.

To give you a more precise value for the cost of the spray-in liner, let’s look at the average cost of the two most popular spray-on brands on the market today…

(i). Line-X


The average cost of installing a Line-X liner on your bed is approx. $450 (inclusive of all the parts and installation). The company will offer you extras which will cost you more money. That is, if you want to upgrade to premium black, you’ll cough out an extra $100. And if you want to do color-matching, you’ll need to pay an extra $300. That means you’ll need to pay a total amount of $750.

(ii). Rhino lining


The average cost of parts and installation of rhino lining is approx. $455. Unlike Line-X, however, not all the authorized sellers of rhino liners possess the same installation equipment. This means the installation process and techniques can vary from installer to installer.

WARNING: If you go for anything below $300, you’ll be sacrificing quality for money! Most liners that fall below the average price range are highly susceptible to tearing and ripping and will not hold up for a long time. They might not offer full protection to your truck bed.

Factors affecting the cost of a spray-on bedliner

As we promised you earlier on, we’ll describe the key factors that affect the cost of a spray-on truck bed liner in this section:

Your location

The region you’re in is one of the top factors likely to affect how much you’ll spend on that spray-on bedliner.

Typically, the further you go north, the more expensive the bed liner will get.

Don’t get surprised when you discover that a truck owner in Texas pays several hundred bucks less than a truck own in New York to have a Line-X liner installed on their vehicles.

If you reside in areas where these truck bed liners are common, you’ll definitely pay less for the installation.


Who do you hire to install the liner on your truck bed?

If you hire a certified professional installer with years and years of experience, then you’ll have to pay them more for the job.

The advantage of hiring an experienced installer is that they’ve got the expertise. They’ll do the job well, and they’ll leave you with a highly-effective end product that meets your truck bed protection needs.

REMEMBER that the installation is 90% of the puzzle when it comes to these liners.

A word of advice, though…you don’t have to hire the first installer you come across.

You can shop around, contact different installers, and note down their costs. You can then compare their charges with what they offer to help you decide on the one who offers you value for money.

How long does the installation take?

The longer they take to install the bed liner, the more money you might have to pay them.

We scanned through the websites of different professional spray-on line installers and discovered that some can do the job in less than 4 hours while others will take the entire day.

The size of the truck and the skill of the installer you hire will also affect how long the process takes.


The manufacturer of the spray-on liner you wish to install on your truck will also dictate how much money you’ll spend.

Needless to mention, premium brands like Rhino lining and Line X will cost you more than less known brands.

Take, for instance, Line X, which will charge you an average of $450 to install their liner on your truck. If you go for a cheaper brand like DualLiner, you’ll pay an average cost of $400.

That makes a difference of up to $50! Quite something, right?

Is a bedliner worth the money?

Having seen the average costs to pay to get that spray-in bedliner on your truck, you might be asking yourself if it’s really worth it.

We believe that a bedliner is only worth the money if it’s going to help meet your needs.

And that means you need to ensure you pick the best-quality spray-in bedliner and have it installed on your truck by a professional installer.

You might get a premium liner, but if you hire an unskilled person to spray it on your truck, you’ll miss on all its key benefits.

All in all, a liner that does its job well it worth every cent. It will protect your truck paint from chipping out, keep off scratches, dents, and rust and corrosion.

If you compare the crazy sums of money you might be forced to cough out to repaint your truck bed or fix a dent, then you’ll realize that spending a few hundred dollars to have that spray-in liner installed on your truck is a wise decision.


The cost of installing a spray-in bed liner on your truck bed ranges from $300 to $900. The exact cost you pay will depend on many factors like your location, the liner manufacturer, who you hire to do the installation, and how long they take to do the job.

As you can easily see, the amount of money you spend on a spray-on bedliner is well worth it, keeping in mind the excellent protection it offers your truck bed. Not to forget that these liners last long enough to let you enjoy value for your money.

You don’t want to end up with a scratched, chipped, dented, and rusting truck bed, which will cost you crazy amounts of money to fix, while you can avoid all this by spending a few hundred bucks only.

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