Skil Ras900 Review – The Most Compact Router Table From Skil

A router table is an essential tool in woodworking. Usually, a hand-held routing machine is placed below this table to cut and shape the wood pieces accurately.

Such tables are mainly of two types; free standing machine and bench-top machine. Besides, there is another variety that comes with accessories bolted into table saws.

Some bench-top router tables are equipped with foldable legs. They serve a dual purpose as you can also use them as a floor standing device. One such device is the Skil Ras900 router table. It is considered as one of the most practical router tables Skil has ever made.

The name Skil is well-known in the power tool industry. They have been making unique electric power tools since 1924. The manufacturers have put a lot of thought and gathered experience in making the Ras900 router table. Effectively,their hard work paid off as evident from the popularity of this table.

We are going to write in details about the product. In addition, we will report how customers are feeling about this product. We hope this article will be helpful for you and will enable you to have a clear idea about this tool.

Skil Ras900 Router Table Review

Skil power tool has been producing router tables for a long time. They have figured out the perfect formula for success in their modern instruments. The previous models were heavy and take a lot of time and energy to assemble. Portability is another drawback of the former router tables.

Fortunately, the makers have been able to solve these problems in their latest products. In 2009, Skill released the Ras800 and Ras900 router table. Both of these tables come with foldable legs which make them portable. Moreover, they are pre-assembled tables, so there is no need to set them up.

While the Ras800 is designed for lighter projects, the Ras900 will deliver heavy-duty performance. So, the second model is more functional and likewise, priced slightly higher above the Ras800.

Though the Ras900 is more reliable for bigger projects, it is very lightweight. It weighs only 14.5 kg. But, it doesn't sacrifice the size of the work surface. The table is 28.1 inches long and 18 inches wide. It has a height of about 9.5 inches which will increase the accuracy of operation.


  • Accessory storage bag
  • Portable
  • Value for money
  • Pre-assembled
  • Laminated MDF core


  • Legs are not stable
  • Plastic bit inserts are of cheap quality

Product Specification

  • Brand: Skil
  • Model No: Ras900
  • Date of Release: July 2009
  • Item Weight: 32 Pounds
  • Product Dimension:28.1 x 18 x 9.4 inches
  • Power Source: Corded-Electric
  • Batteries Required: No

Outstanding Features of Skil Ras900 Router Table


The most standout feature of this router table is its unmatched accuracy. There are two feather boards to guide the workpiece correctly. It will help in achieving higher geometric precision. Also, the makers have included the vertical and horizontal guide that will hold the bits tightly.

Besides, it comes with a bit height gauge that facilitates easy setup and improves the accurateness of routing.In conventional routing tables, you may face difficulties on routing curved edges. But, the Ras900 is equipped with a starter pin and guard that will provide support in these cases.


It looks like the manufacturers have tried their best to make this tool user-friendly. The biggest convenience of this table is it comes as pre-assembled. What's more exciting is that it has a quick release mounting system and fast clamping facility. The router mount and the foldable legs are very easy to set-up.

People who have done routing before knows that they have to mount the table every time they change the bits. Since this table mounts rather effortlessly, it is a supreme advantage. You will also be able to change the bits easily as it doesn’t require to level them manually.

If you need extra storage, the table will provide you additional storage compound. Actually, it has two containers that are designed to store and protect your bits. You will love the accessory storage bag for being so spacious.


The top of this bench-top table is heavily protected as it is laminated with thick MDF core. This MDF face is adjustable, and the fence is tall. Moreover, its self-contained structure offers protection to the accessories that are stored.


A strong power chip is integrated into the table. It aids in collecting the leftover dust and also helps to manage the router. The performance of the table is satisfactory especially when you have to do the conventional routing and simple edges.

We have already informed that the table will let you do curved routing seamlessly. Additionally, you will be able to do many complex edges effortlessly. This table supports various styles of routing.


The Skil Ras900 is compatible with most of the routers that are available in the market. You will find a complete list of the routers that are compatible with this table on the official website of Skil.

Customer Reviews

Customers have given mixed feedbacks about the router table. Majority of the customers liked the easy setup procedure of the table. They also liked the fact that it comes with lots of additional accessories.

One particular customer expressed his pleasure as the table fits his requirements. However, he showed his dissatisfaction over the build quality. Another customer complained about the plastic insert being too fragile. The most common complaints about the table are its wobbly legs and cheap plastic inserts.

Overall, most of them felt that it is a good deal considering the low price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I offset the fence on one side and use this as a jointer?

Yes, you can do that. The fence is adjustable.

Q: Does it come with a dust port?

Yes, it certainly does.

Q: How can I know if the table supports my router or not?

There is a complete list on the Skil website. Do visit the site and check the list. What we can say is that it supports most of the prominent brands and models.

Q: What is the dimension of the shipping package?

It is approximately 25Lx10Wx16H.

Q: How high is the top of the fence after you fully mount the table?

It is approximately 3-3/4" above the table.

Q: Can I remove the working table?

Yes, it is removable.


Obviously, the table has few drawbacks as mentioned in the article.It is not the most efficient tool in the market. But, the combination of affordability, portability, and performance made it a good choice for the starters.

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