Royal Purple Oil Filters Review: Should You Go for It?

Usage of quality oil filters can tremendously improve the function of your vehicle. No matter if you want to improve the performance, or you simply want to ensure that oil filters are quality enough. 

To getting Royal Purple oil filters could be the best choice. It is a proven way to improve the oil usage inside your vehicle.

With Royal Purple oil filters, you can be sure that your vehicle can endure harsh conditions and unexpected situations.

Now the question:

Why are Good Oil Filters Important?

Sometimes, you may want to start the vehicle during the cold weather, but the vehicle would not start.

What to do in that situation?

It is simple. Use Royal Purple oil filter and start your vehicle easily and without any problems.

You have a selection of different oil filters. Here is the most informative Royal Purple oil filter review that can help you decide which oil filter to use for your vehicle. You will find out what the main advantages are.

Let’s start:

1. Royal Purple 20-820 Oil Filter

Conventional filters are providing average burst strength that is not strong enough for heavier vehicles.

In this case, Royal Purple 20-820 Oil Filter provides much better burst strength, which is a good reference if you want to ensure better vehicle performance.

This oil filter prevents dry starts. It is possible thanks to carefully designed back valve. With the back valve made of high-performance silicone, it is possible to have high performance and endurance in hard conditions. Your vehicle won’t have problems with dry starts or any other start issues.

At the same time, filtration efficiency will be very high during the filtration moment. Inside the oil filters, it is usual to have less than 90% filtration efficiency, but Royal Purple 20-820 Oil Filter provides particle removal with 99% filtration at 25 microns. This is exceptionally effective for vehicles with heavy duty potential.

Some users say that the product is a little bit more expensive, but there is a reason behind it. Royal Purple provides high-efficiency filters that completely secure the flow inside the filters. This kind of technology requires more investment, and that is the reason of higher prices.

If you want to ensure better performance, it is good to pay more and get a better product.


  • Superior particle removal
  • Great performance in tough conditions
  • 100% synthetic media made of micro glass
  • Completely optimized flow


  • Almost three times more expensive than competitors’ products

2. Royal Purple 17807 17807 Oil Filter

A leak-free seal is finally possible with this oil filter. If you try hard to find the product that provides leak-free performance, go for Royal Purple 17807 17807 Oil Filter. It is one of the best options you can find on the market.

You will not only avoid leaking, but you will also have a high-duty solution. Filter housing is designed to give a complete protection inside the filter. Higher burst strength is a potent solution here. That's why most users go for this filter when they want to secure their vehicle is safe.

For a more advanced approach, the filters use superior technology inside the construction. Leakage is not possible and overall performance is much better. You get optimized flow characteristics for more endurance on the road.

Vehicles require quality oil filters, and, with this one, you get very good filtration. In addition to good performance, there are some relevant things to know about the product. Here are the most visible characteristics of the filter.


  • Filter housing made of high-quality materials
  • Back valve is good for anti-leakage protection
  • Extended filter life 
  • More particles can be removed thanks to improved technology


  • Not so easy to find in brick-and-mortar stores
  • Slightly lower flow than expected

3. Royal Purple 353465 353465 Oil Filter

Most users believe that rubber might be an ideal material for gasket construction inside the oil filters. That is what Royal Purple 353465 353465 Oil Filter provides as part of the filter construction. With this kind of rubber gasket, it is possible to have leak-free potential in all conditions.

More than anything else, it is good to mention other design advantages, like thicker shell material and synthetic media for better filtration. With this kind of construction methods, more performance options are guaranteed and you can be sure that filters provide complete extraction.

Efficiency percentage is 99%, so you can be safe when it comes to vehicle performance. A better driving experience is adequately supported with oil filters of this kind. All drivers will find their vehicles effective on the road. Potent Royal Purple Oil Filters are the best companions when you drive.

Tough conditions on the road are unavoidable sometimes, but if you have quality oil filters, no condition can stop you. In this case, you get a high-quality filter design and potent performance.

Take a look at the main features of the product, so you can decide if this oil filter is ideal for you.


  • Steel back plate provides higher burst strength
  • Installation and removal are easy
  • Assembly of filter elements is simple
  • Back valve prevents possible dry starts


  • Limited number of car models supports the exact filter

4. Royal Purple 341777 341777 Extended Life Oil Filter Review

Filter elements are very sensitive sometimes. For that reason, the Royal Purple company decided to apply the strong materials in designing of oil filters.

Most of the times, it is a good decision, because users get improved performance at affordable price.

When we take a look at this oil filter, we can notice metal caps and steel back plate. These construction elements combine together with intention to prevent leakage of the oil. Sometime, it is not possible to prevent the oil leakage, but filters use the specific technology to keep the leakage at minimum.

Royal Purple 341777 341777 Extended Life Oil Filter applies anti-leakage technology based on rubber based gaskets that are exceptionally helpful in the whole design. Gaskets provide improved protection and the leakage is not a problem anymore.

Dry starts can also be minimized thanks to back valve construction. The main shutdown prevents oil drain inside the filter, which is the most important part in the overall filter performance.

If you need an advanced protection and anti-leakage option, consider this oil filter. You will get good performance and relevant filtration at the same time. Filtration efficiency is possible at 25 microns, which represents powerful filtration potential.


  • Better security against road debris puncture
  • Longer filter life
  • Thicker shell material


  • Filter should have hold more grams of contaminants
  • Filtration might be faster

5. Royal Purple 356753 356753 Extended Life Oil Filter

Design is the main advantage of this oil filter, especially if we take a look at the small segments of the construction. A center tube holds the elements together and the entire design adequately responds to performance needs. In this case, you have strong steel parts that provide high efficiency.

When we consider other elements of this oil filter, we need to pay attention to synthetic media at the back of the filter. Here, the main filtration gets a different stage and that is why elements need to be made of high-quality materials. It is the case with this filter.

Along with screen-backed synthetic media, users get superior filtration thanks to the special gasket made of nitrile rubber. With this kind of materials, the filtration is complete during the entire filtration process.

When oil passes through filters, you need to have an adequate performance possibility. With the right filter, your vehicle will be ready for high-duty situations when all the conditions are especially demanding. If you choose this filter, your vehicle will be adequately equipped for any condition.


  • Very high burst strength 
  • Lubricity compound significantly reduces torque
  • Easy element assembly


  • Flow restriction might be lower

Some Related Answer Questions

1. How many miles I can go without changing oil filters?

It is recommended to change filters at every 3,000 miles if you want to keep the best performance of each oil filter inside the car.

2. Is it possible to get better filtration without lowering oil flow?

If filters have a high-quality valve, the oil flow will not be lower than usual. A valve and synthetic media provide better performance without oil flow restrictions.

3. Are cheap oil filters safe and should I use them?

Usually, cheap filters do not have enough filtration efficiency. For that reason, it is better to invest more and get an oil filter with better filtration efficiency.

4. Is it important to buy an oil filter made of quality materials?

It is very important to get steel back plate and rubber based gasket, because these parts provide more resistant functions. Oil will pass through the filter easily if the materials are quality enough.

5. Are Royal Purple filters adequate for my vehicle?

You should check the official recommendations of the manufacturer in order to see if their filters are appropriate for your specific vehicle. Most Royal Purple filters fit the most popular vehicles on the market.

Final Verdict

As you can see, most filters provide filtration, but only the best filters are good enough to give you full protection. It is recommended to use Royal Purple oil filters for the best performance. Oil passes through different stages, and filtration is one of the most important segments.

Make sure that you use an adequate filter if you want to keep your vehicle in the best condition. Good oil filters can significantly improve your vehicle’s performance.

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