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Are you still using the age-old halogen bulbs in your household? Have you ever thought about the efficiency of these bulbs? If you haven’t, let me give you a little information. You see, a 100-watt halogen produces 1900 lumens, with a luminous efficiency of 3.5%. This isn’t a very high percentage, so it isn’t very energy efficient. What … Read more

Are Halogen Bulbs Recyclable? If So, How?

Are Halogen Bulbs Recyclable

The most major concern of recent times is our planet. In its current state, many consider it beyond saving. Through mankind’s disregard, carelessness, and ignorance, they have brought forth the inevitable demise of our planet. Although most would argue that the planet will inevitably become inhospitable, we still have the means to prolong this crisis. Millions of … Read more