Napa Gold Oil Filter Reviews: Should You Get It or Not?

Do you like a smooth ride when you drive your car?

We all love it. Smooth engine and adequate performance are always priorities for all drivers. That is why we need adequate equipment.


How to achieve a better experience? By using good oil filters.

Quality oil filters are not only important for better driving experience. They are also effective in better oil filtration, which is exceptionally good for your engine. If you want your vehicle to work at the best, make sure that you carefully choose oil filters.

I’ll tell you one thing. Smooth engine performance is the core of a good ride. That is why you need oil filters of the highest quality.

Here, we present you best Napa Gold oil filters review, so you can be sure that your engine works perfectly every time you drive your vehicle.

Pay attention to this review and decide which filter suits your needs in the best way.

1. 1348 NAPA Gold Oil Filter

Sometimes, it is not all about the brand. But, this time, it is important which brand you choose. Napa Gold is the key brand on the market when it comes to oil filters and additional equipment. They do their best to offer quality products, and we notice it every time we take a look at their oil filters.

This filter is one of the best choices you can make. Numerous reasons are there for this statement.

First of all, you get T-03 Glass Enhanced Media, which is the best in the industry. Many users have tried multiple filters, but they found many efficiency problems. With this oil filter, the troubles with efficiency are gone. You get the filter with best efficiency and strong capacity.

It is all possible thanks to quality design. The filter is constructed in the very specific way, so you can find spiral wound center tube that keeps all the parts together. When the center tube is good, all other parts are easy to maintain.

And, maintenance is a key feature here. You no longer need to replace the filter every month. We know how annoying it could be! Now, the filter can endure long rides and you are safe to go for many miles.

Official recommendations are that you replace oil filters every 3,000 miles. In this case, you are good to go much further.


  • Anti-drain back valve
  • Best silicone materials
  • Steel coil spring
  • Best capacity in industry


  • Not so easy to assemble

2. Napa Gold 1042 Oil Filter

Have you seen some oil filters with powerful capacity?

If yes, it must be some of the Napa Gold filters. Drivers are not always lucky to see high-capacity filters, because not all filters are designed in a good way.

Some of them contain good capacity, but low efficiency. It is all about the construction features. We cannot be sure which one to choose, but we always choose the one that we believe it will be good enough for our vehicle.

If we are lucky, we’ll find the filter with huge capacity and good efficiency. If we are not that lucky, we’ll end up with troubles. How to avoid them? By choosing the right brand.

Napa Gold managed to make quality oil filters with good performance. Moreover, they make filters to last for longer. It is the case with Napa Gold 1042 Oil Filter. We look for the best balance between the features, and here is the solution. Here is what you get is you choose this filter.


  • 19 micron separation
  • Industry leading life of back valve
  • Holds 45% more dirt
  • High capacity
  • Very strong spiral wound center tube


  • It should support more vehicle types
  • Slightly lower oil fluctuation than expected

3. 1334 NAPA Gold Oil Filter

Most of the times, we all go for traditional oil filters. These are reliable, and sometimes, cheaper than other filters. But, why going for standard filters if we have something better.

In this case, you get more advanced filter at affordable price, so you can save money and get quality product at the same time.

Forget about traditional filters. They can contain limited amount of contaminants and your engine can suffer.

If you choose this filter, you get 50% more contaminants extraction inside the filter. It not the only advantage of this NAPA Gold oil filter.

You also get higher millage potential.

Do you want to ride further?

With this filter, it is possible. If you choose this filter, the combination with synthetic blended motor oils is much more efficient. Engine gets adequate support and you can drive much longer.

In some case, it is not enough to have good filter. You may also need to have good oil. Use adequate oils for this filter and you will see the full potential of the product. Users claim high efficiency and more mileage potential with this filter. It is all possible thanks to quality filter design.


  • Holds much more contaminants than traditional filters
  • Cellular media is glass enhanced
  • By-pass relief valve setting


  • Oil filter thread size should be more applicable for standard engines

4. Napa Gold 1060 Oil Filter

Napa Gold 1060

One of the best secrets of good oil filters is definitely the easy installation. We do not want to spend hours on filter installation, because we have more important things to do.

We need to arrive to the place as soon as possible.

If you want to save your time and effort, this Napa Gold filter is ideal for you. The easiness of installation is the best asset of this filter. Moreover, it is the best asset when it comes to assembling, because you can easily put the parts together and install the filter easily.

What else to expect from standard oil filter? You get it all.

If you are looking for good efficiency, you’ll find it here. If you are looking for endurance, you’ll find it here. The more performance you need, the more reliable the filter must be. And, it is here.

This Napa Gold 1060 Oil Filter is one of the best solutions for demanding drivers, because it offers many positive features. You’ll find easy installation and adequate application. Here, Napa Gold has put all the important parts together.


  • Easy replacement
  • Characteristics as advertised
  • A comprehensive warranty
  • Very good efficiency


  • Metal shavings on the top of the filter are not a usual thing

5. 1394 NAPA Gold Oil Filter

1394 NAPA Gold

One of the best parts about this oil filter is definitely good construction. Napa Gold filters are well-known as high-class filters, and it is the case with this filter as well. Users will not only find good materials, but they will also find easy installation.

Combining of quality materials and good construction is the best way to build oil filters. It is a rule that Napa Gold applies in production. As a result, we get something like this filter.

It is a filter to last, especially on long rides out of the town. You can pass many miles without thinking about changing the oil filter, and that is a huge advantage. Moreover, you can save a lot of motor oil, because this filter has a built-in technology for proper oil usage inside the vehicle.

You should not think about filter replacement for a long time. That is why this filter represents one of the best choices in the industry. It secures more mileage performance and, more than anything else, it provides better efficiency.

Oil will be properly filtrated and your vehicle’s performance will be much better.


  • Anti-leakage technology
  • Many vehicle models are supported
  • Secured filtration of small particles


  • Valve capacity should have been better

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Napa Gold filters available in the USA?

Yes, you can find Napa Gold filters online or in brick-and-mortar stores around the country. These filters are available in many stores.

2. How far can I go without changing the filters?

In some case, you can go more than 5,000 miles, depending on the road and type of your engine. For a deeper insight, check the official Napa Gold website for more information.

3. What happens if I have troubles with installation?

All Napa Gold filters are made to provide easy installation inside the vehicle, so you won’t have problems if you decide to buy these filters.

Final Verdict

Here, you learned about the most popular Napa Gold filters. There is one more thing to mention if you are a passionate driver.

Do use quality motor oil in combination with these filters. It will save you a lot of time and money.

Trust the experienced drivers and combine the filters with quality oils.

This way, you ensure that your vehicle can go for miles without any troubles.

Use the Napa Gold oil filters with a lot of pleasure and find out why so many drivers choose these filters for their vehicles.

There is something about construction and something about functionality that makes these filters one of the best on the market.

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