Motorcraft Oil Filters Review: Look Before You Leap!

What to expect when you have oil filters made of high quality materials? Better filtration is guaranteed, as well as better performance.

You no longer need to worry about engine and overall function. Now, you have Motorcraft oil filters for complete satisfaction.

If you wonder what so special is about these filters, there is one good answer. It is the manufacturer that proves its quality in every design segment.

From the valve construction all the way to media filtration, it is very obvious that Motorcraft has done a great job.

Moreover, they managed to build high-efficiency characteristics that will surely give your car a way better balance. As a result, your car engine will have adequate support, and the overall performance will be improved.

Here is the complete insight into the most powerful Motorcraft filters. Some of them are more efficient, some are more expensive, but all of them provide great functionality. Pay attention to this list of the top Motorcraft oil filters reviews.

1. Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter

No particles can pass here! This filter is so strong that all the particles stop here.

How is this possible?

Thanks to built-in characteristics of the filter.

Valve is specially designed to provide the effective pressure, which is an exceptional quality in oil filters.

Not too many filters on the market provide this characteristic, especially if we consider traditional filters. They are built with average pressure ability, but sometimes, you need more potent solution. That is the time to use Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter.

It will not only give you more confidence in ride, but is will also provide more effective filtration. When all these features come together, you get exceptionally good engine performance. Your car can reach higher speeds effortlessly.

But the question are:

What else to expect here? Anti-rust system. Why is this important? Because of long-lasting durability of the filter.

In this case, the filter is equipped with steel cases that are “ironed” for more effective anti-rust characteristics. Once you see this part of the filter, you can be sure that the overall filtration gets additional boost.


  • Very well designed valve
  • Durable materials make the filter a long-lasting solution
  • Almost 100% particles removal
  • Suitable for extreme conditions


  • Not too many car makes are covered

2. Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter

Dry starts are part of the past with this Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter. You will no longer need to worry about engine performance and overall filter function. If you decide to use this filter, the possibilities are huge.

All the drivers who have experienced Motorcraft filters are usually satisfied with these products, and there are numerous reasons for that. One of them is high efficiency of filtration that comes with these filters.

Another point is perfect extraction of all dust particles that are usually part of oil.

If you are tired of conventional oil filter that you need to change too often, go for this Motorcraft filter, because you usually get the most for your money. It is not only about efficiency, but there is also something about installation that makes this filter outstanding.

You won’t have any troubles with installation of this filter, thanks to specific design features. The front part of the filter is modified to fit to the place perfectly, and that is a huge advantage when it comes to functionality.

Some filters can require a long time for installation, but Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter is different.

It will be easy to assemble the parts and install the whole filter. Once you make it, you are good to go for many miles.


  • • Protects against engine wear
  • Easy installation
  • More secure valve for better pressure
  • Convenience maintaining


  • Not so effective for heavy duty conditions

3. Motorcraft FL2051S Oil Filter

Do you have experience with clogged filters?

If yes, here is a good solution:

Motorcraft FL2051S Oil Filter is specially designed for anti-clog solution, especially in the case of long rides. Sometimes, you may want to go out of the town, but your filters are not quality enough for some demanding ride.

What to do?

Get the quality filter:

One of the best on the market is certainly Motorcraft FL2051S Oil Filter with some great characteristics.

Filter media is covered with special coverage that completely protects from particles in oil. Dust, metal particles and carbon are no longer able to enter the engine, so you can be completely safe.

Go for a long ride and don’t care about the engine. It is protected with this filter.

Other good characteristics of the filter are prolonged durability. You get warranty on all parts of the filter and that is a good proof of reliability. Motorcraft is very long on the market and they try their best to secure the highest quality.

They prove their quality with this oil filter.


  • Very good quality of built-in materials
  • Prolonged efficiency in hard conditions
  • Secure fit for most car makes
  • List Element


  • A special wrench is needed for installation
  • Valve part should be designed better

4. Motorcraft FL1995 Oil Filter

Your engine simply works better with this oil filter.

It is the valve design that makes this filter special. Sometimes, that is all you need from a filter. In most situations, we end up with some average valve that is not strong enough to ensure the efficacy.

As a result: we get non-effective filtration and a lot of mess.

This time, the things are different.

Pressure-relief valve is designed to provide high effectiveness, especially in situation of prolonged hard conditions.

All day on the road at high speeds have the price, and it is usually the engine that is the most affected.

Oil must be perfectly filtrated in order to avoid engine troubles. Therefore, good oil filters can make miracles.

Choose this Motorcraft oil filter if you want to be safe on the road during long rides. Your engine will work perfectly and oil will be adequately filtrated.

You get numerous benefits with this filter, but we should mention one more thing. You may need to use the specific wrench when installing this filter, which is not easy sometimes.

Motorcraft filters are designed in a specific way, and the overall equipment must be suitable.


  • Powerful filtration moment
  • Suitable for long rides on the road
  • Engine protection is guaranteed
  • More than 99% particles removal


  • Not so easy to install
  • Center tube must be made of better materials

5. Motorcraft FD-4616 Fuel Filter

Diesel fuel filters are not always quality products. But, this time, we get something different. We get oil filter with huge potential to become one of the best on the market.

It is not our opinion. It is the opinion of most drivers who use this filter in their vehicles. They find is easy to install and very conventional. At the same time, they believe no other filter can filter oil in diesel engines that effectively.

We tried to find out how is this possible. And the answer lies in the design.

Motorcraft FD-4616 Fuel Filter is designed with special characteristics that make it very effective in vehicles. Front part is made of strong materials that can endure extreme conditions of environment. No matter if you drive in cold conditions, or you simply like to cruise for long hours, this kind of oil filter will be an ideal companion.

Diesel engines are very sensitive and that is why adequate filters can make a real difference. Overall efficiency can be noticeably better and the entire engine can benefit. That is why using of Motorcraft FD-4616 Fuel Filter can change the way you drive your diesel vehicle.


  • Very effective for most diesel engines
  • Long durability in hard conditions
  • Effective filtration system makes it ideal for all occasions


  • Must be complemented with special oils

Frequently Answer Questions

1. Is it important to have other Motorcraft products when I use their filters?

Motorcraft is a company with long tradition on the market and all their products pass special testes before selling. It is good, but not necessary, to have additional Motorcraft products when you use their filters.

2. Are Motorcraft oil filters easy to install?

In most situations, their filters are easy to install. Sometimes, you may need to use special wrench for better installation, and it requires a little bit of practice to learn to install the filter successfully.

3. Will my oil filter last for long?

If you use Motorcraft filters, you can be sure that your filters will last for long. Usual changing periods are more than 5,000 miles, which is quite good for standard filters on the market.

Final Verdict

In most occasions, oil filters require a little bit more attention when it comes to installation, but, the advantages you get are numerous.

Motorcraft oil filters are made to last, and, more significantly, they are made to provide great efficiency.

The overall filtration is more than effective, and you can drive with no worries.

Choose Motorcraft oil filters if you want complete performance and long miles in one package.

These filters are designed to give you many safe rides.

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