How To Lubricate Car Suspension: Step By Step Process

Smooth driving doubtlessly depends on smooth suspension. The whole suspension system a car is an integration of several components. These components absorb the energy that has been created by vibration. But if the suspension isn't well greased, they introduced to friction hence you will feel more vibration.

Although different types of cars have different types of suspensions, in this guide we will talk about the key points that will be almost similar to all.

The Things You Will Need

To lubricate car suspension, at first I suggest you to ready the necessary things. The things are:

Some Cautions for Your Safety

Be careful about the uses time of the car. If the car has been used for a long time, it tends to use many lubricants points compared to the new car. I think you need to clean your lubricating equipment minutely. Otherwise, dirt could be forced into the compound causing premature failure.

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Fix Place of Lubricating Point

At first jack up the car safely. Then you have to ensure that you have all your tools that can help you to reach your location easily.

For lubricating car suspension, you can get help by checking car workshop manual. So, check the car workshop manual to fix the grease points are where and what type of grease you need.

Workshop manual help you to indicate which components have lube fittings so that you can easily determine the lubricating points. Also, it can be an auxiliary lube nipples which are temporarily fitted to the function.

Confirm the Clean Implements are Ready

Before starting to lubricate car suspension, the necessary materials should be clean. I prefer to clean each of the lubrication fitting and the lubed nozzle. Wipe them with a clean rag. It should be done before attaching the nozzle to any of the fittings.

I observe that in some cases you may need to remove a component plug.Replace the place with installing a lubrication fitting temporarily. When the component has been lubricated, you must reinstall the original plug.

As the cleaning of the nozzle and other things completed, now it's time to push the lube gun over the fitting. The nozzle must completely cover the fitting so that the pressure of the forces the grease through the fitting into the joint.

You need to add enough grease to see the seal or rubber boot rise slightly. In no excuse, you should overfill a lubricated joint with grease. As a result, the rubber seal, boot or bellows can rupture.

Carefully lubricate car suspension. Ensure that the grease does not leak out from around the nozzle end. Because it is risky.

If everything is done fairly then check the fitting system that it has been cleaned properly. It is for allowing the nozzle to go all the way onto the fitting.

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Ensure the Lubricate Car Suspension

Check the fitting and if it is clean remove the grease nipple. Then check the blockage.

If you find any obstruction, it must be replaced with a new fitting of the same size and angle and the joint re-lubricated. Then you have to remove the nozzle from the fitting. After removing the nozzle, you should wipe away any excess grease from it. Mark all the lubricating points and repeat this until all the appropriate joints have been lubricated.

Finish the Process

After you have finished lubricating car suspension and all of the excess grease, then the process will be an end. But one important thing that you have to do is keeping note when and which part you have lubricated.


I hope now that you have read this guide lubricating car suspension won't be a complicated task to you. If you face any problem, then I am always here for you. Oh then, it’s time to lubricate your car suspension by yourself, and there is nothing to hesitate.

Thanks for staying with me this long. It’s a pleasure to have you as a reader.

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