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A grease gun is used for greasing in machinery. Machines have rotating parts that rotate continuously in its lifetime. Lubricates help them to rotate with less friction. As a result, the abrasion rate reduces to the minimum. The grease gun is the accessory, which makes the greasing process easy.

Grease gun helps to put grease in a proper way and perfect quantity even in hand inaccessible parts in the machine. Loading a grease gun is not a tough job to do. With some proper steps, it is so easy to do.

Today I am going to discuss how to load a grease gun in a proper way step by step.

Removing the Head from the Barrel of the Grease Gun

To load a grease gun, firstly you need to unscrew the head of the grease gun from the barrel. Therefore turn the dispenser nozzle counter-clockwise and the cap of the cartridge in the clockwise direction. Afterward, keep it near you.

Pulling out Metal T Handle

Now necessarily you need to pull back the T handle. T handles connected to a loaded rod via spring. Therefore, the plunger rod needs to be detached from the barrel. It plugged at the end of the barrel and on the reverse side of the nozzle.

Removing Old Cartridge

To load a grease gun, it is necessary to free it from unnecessary old grease. Old grease can ruin your grease gun. So remove it before loading it with the new cartridge. Before removing the old cartridge, you need to lock the piston rod in the place.

Move the piston rod slightly in the sideway direction. As the road is secured in place now, you should pull the old cartridge loose from it.

Inserting New Grease into the Gun

After creating a vacuum for the new cartridge, you need to prepare the new cartridge to put in it. There are different types of cartridge available in the market according to their volume. Choose a cartridge adjusting the shape with the grease gun. Now remove on end of the cartridge to flow out.

Clean the grease gun afterward it is freed from the old cartridge. Therefore use a cloth to clean the grease gun. To insert the new cartridge into the grease gun explore the one end of the cartridge. At first, insert the unexplored end of the cartridge into the grease gun. Then push it towards the end of the barrel.

Now unseal the cartridge. So the grease gun can access the new grease.Every machine needs a different type of grease. So, use several grease gun for several according to your need.

Setting the Cap

Attach the head of the grease gun to the barrel. While reattaching it, stabilizing the pressure for the workability of grease gun is very important. Screw the cap of the grease gun in the anti-clockwise direction for two full rotation.

Free the piston rod in its initial position as it was locked while loading with the new cartridge. Now pump the handle. If there any trapped air in the grease gun, release it through pumping. When the air is freed with the escaping of air fuzz, lubricate will come out through the nozzle.

Check if the desired quantity of the grease is coming out with the nozzle. If there is less amount of grease, increase the pressure through tightening the head with the barrel.


  • Keep away from fire while you are loading the grease gun. Grease is often flammable liquid.
  • Do not make a tight adjustment of the head with the barrel. It can cause excess pressure. Less or more pressure both can harm the workability and the safety of the grease gun.
  • Use hand gloves. Grease can be unfriendly for your skin.
  • Unseal the new cartridge cap carefully. If there any unusual tear occur while unsealing it than can be messy.


To take care of your machinery equipment, a grease gun is an essential for greasing properly. Loading the grease gun is an easy job to do when you have the appropriate knowledge of loading it. Therefore, read the manuals and follow to steps carefully. I hope this article was helpful enough for your learning purpose.

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