Line x vs. Rhino Liner: Reviewed Thoroughly For 2020

As you already know, your truck bed can take a lot of abuse when hauling cargo, and may end up sustain dents, scratches, and chippings.

Exposure to harsh weather elements will also cause it to fade and even cause rust and corrosion.

Luckily, you can keep your trucked protected by covering it with a spray-on bedliner.

That said, there are two top players in the spray-on bed liner industry whom truck owners seem to trust more than the rest—the Line X and Rhino Liner.

If you have limited info on bedliners, you might get yourself in a dilemma trying to figure out which of these two brands to choose.

In today’s guide, we’ll take you through an in-depth, side by side line x vs. rhino comparison to make it easy for you to decide which brand to settle for.

By the end of this guide, you should be able to decide which brand to go with.

Line x vs Rhino Lining: The Basics

Line x

Line x is a premium brand that has been in the game for 25 plus years. During this period of existence, the company has sold hundreds of thousands of spray-on truck bed liners to truck owners all over.

The loads of positive feedback they have received for their products have positioned them as one of the most reputable spray-on bed liner brands today.


One of the key characteristics of the brand is thinness. They’re applied at high temperatures (130- 210 degrees) with a high-pressure spray system. The result is a liner that looks thinner (around ¼-inch thickness) and uniform.

Most truck owners state that thinner liner is better as it easily conforms with your truck’s contours, preserving the original factory appearance.

Keep in mind that Line-X is considered run-free because it easily mixes in the spray gun and settles in as fast as 3-5 seconds.

Another unique thing about line X liner is that it has a rough and hard surface. Most truck owners love the rough feel as it offers excellent tear-resistant, unlike the soft liners. This translates to a longer lifespan.

However, the rough surface means that sitting on a truck bed with line-x spray-on bedliner might hurt your knees.

The rough and hard surface can also easily damage your cargo if riding on a bumpy road. On this note, experienced truck owners in their rhino liner reviews warn you against ferrying finished wood surfaces with such a bed liner as it can sustain serious damages.

Rhino lining

Rhino lining is also a well-known brand that has also been in the business for over three decades. Like Line X, the manufacturer has also sold hundreds of thousands of spray-on truck bed liners to truck owners across the globe.

Their products have received positive feedback as well, positioning the company as a top player in the industry.


One of the things that set rhino liners from the line-x liners is that the former has a thicker feel. And it’s because of this increased thickness that you’ll hear folks saying that rhino lining has a soft, rubbery feel.

In simpler words, you don’t expect the rhino liner to feel hard or rough as the line-x liners.

This softness means the liner will act gently on your knees (if you sit in your truck liner) and on your cargo. What’s more, the thick coating helps deaden the sound for a quieter hauling experience. It also helps “hold” your shipment in place, unlike in the case of line-x coats.

Unfortunately, the thicker nature of rhino x liner limits it form following the contours of your truck bed, leading to a duller appearance.

The fact that the liner feels soft also makes it less tear-resistant, seriously affecting its longevity.

Some previous users also express their disappointment in the failure of rhino bed liner to stick on place, which further affects its longevity.

Line x vs Rhino Liner: Head to Head comparison

Now that we have acquainted ourselves with the basics of the two brands in the previous section, let’s get down to comparing them side by side to see what they differ.


According to this article, the average cost of installing a line-x liner is approx. $481.77 while the rhino lining costs approx. $470.41.

However, keep in mind that the cost can greatly vary from region to region. For instance, truck owners in Texas will pay way less for the installation of spray-on liner on their trucks that those in New York.

Extras such as color matching, special UV protectants, additional surface spraying, etc., will raise the overall installation cost.

If you come across an installer who charges you less than the average values above, you should be skeptical of their services.

Nevertheless, the above-average values clearly indicate that the cost of installing liners from both is almost similar. There isn’t such a significant difference.

Not just the installation cost…the installation process for the two liners is also almost similar, and similar tools are used for the entire process.

NOTE: What really matters in the installation of these bed liners is who you hire for the job. If you want to enjoy a highly effective bed liner that lasts longer, then you’d want to ensure you hire the best installer around.

That said, it’s worth noting that Line-X (as a franchise) has a team of certified installers who follow proper techniques and processes when doing their job to ensure they do it right all the time.

Since rhino liner installers aren’t part of the franchise, the installation process and techniques for their liners may vary from one installer to another, so we urge you to take time to ensure you hire an installer who knows what they’re doing.

Color matching

If you want your truck bed to look just like the rest of your truck, you might also be interested in knowing if any of these two brands offer color-matching.

Lucky for you, both line-x and rhino liner offer color-matching to fit your specific needs and requirements.

As we have just stated above, however, color-matching might attract extra costs.

According to truck owners who have used rhino liner before, the duller appearance it brings out in your bed liner (due to its increased thickness, remember?) might frustrate your color-matching efforts. So, bear this in mind before you choose color-matching.

Some users also state that color matching might end up fading faster than your factory paint (unless you pay extra for UV protection), leaving your bed liner and truck colors looking totally different after a few years. The advantage of sticking to the black liner is that it fades to dark charcoal color and won’t bring out much difference.

Don’t get it wrong, though. We’re not saying color matching is a bad idea. But we urge you to weigh your priorities to see if you really need it.


FIRST…you need to understand that Rhino lining, Line-X, and basically all the other spray-in brands use the same chemical mixes. There exist a few differences, however, which will place the performance of one liner on top of the other.

So, do not let any brand fool you that their chemicals have the best properties than the rest.

Now, Line-X possesses higher tensile strength than then rhino liner as its evident from the many reviews we scanned from truck owners all over the world. The direct benefit of higher strength is excellent resistance from rips, gouges, and tears.

Line-x’s impact absorbing surface also helps significantly reduce noise in your truck bed, assuring you of a quieter ride.

Given the precise application of line x liner to your truck surface, you don’t have to worry about loss of cargo space for your utility boxes camper shells, 5th wheel hitches, bed lids, etc.

The line-x spray has shown to permanently bond to your truck bed, offering you a factory-like finish that’s 100% watertight. The fact that it leaves no air gaps or drill holes means rust and corrosion can’t form easily.

Don’t forget that Line-X bed liners also offer resistant to chemicals such as gasoline, bleach, chlorine, diesel fuel, and other household solvents.

Unluckily, the rough nature of line-x liners means they can damage cargo with a smooth finish and can be unforgiving on your knees.

The rhinos, on the other hand, uses rubbery material which feels soft. This means it’s easier on your knees and cargo.

The increased thickness has excellent noise deadening properties for a quieter ride.

Unfortunately, rhino liner shows less tear or water resistance than line x liner.

One thing you’ll appreciate about the two brands is that they offer UV protection for their bedliners to prevent fading and increased longevity.

BUT…keep in mind that fade is inevitable and will catch up with your bed liner with continued exposure to sun rays. No matter how much resistance your bed liner offers, UV will always win.


The two truck bed liner manufacturers also offer you an international lifetime warranty.

However, it’s important to note that the Rhino lining offers a limited.

Unlike in the case of Line x, rhino locations are usually owned by individuals and not the franchise itself. This means you might not enjoy the warranty benefits if your liner is installed incorrectly or gets torn.

We also noted that most third-sellers for both the line x and rhino bed liners are also offering warranty for the products, which will give you peace of mind with your investment.

Rhino liner vs Line x: which is better?

We have just discussed everything you need to know about the rhino liner vs linex to help you decide which of the two companies have the most suitable bed liner for your truck.

As you have discovered in this guide, both rhino lining and line x are highly reputable brands with almost a similar list of features. Each brand has its upsides and downsides. And your choice of brand will simply boil down to your unique bed liner needs.

If you want something soft and thicker, that’s easier on your cargo as well as your knees, then you’d want to settle for rhino liner. But remember that its softer materials might not hold up for long, and it's more likely to develop tears and rips. You’d also want to ensure you hire a professional installer for your rhino liner to ensure it serves you effectively.

If you want a tough spray-in bed liner that lasts for a pretty long time, then line-x is a sure bet.

Remember that installation is everting in a truck bed liner. If you hire a good installer, you’ll get a more effective liner than lasts longer.

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