K&N Oil Filter Review: Should You Buy and Use It or Not?

Do you know that Not only the nature of your oil is crucial to your engine, but also the oil filters that are used with it? You have to understand that. The general view of an oil filter determines how well the oil in your engine is filtered out. This will extend or reduce the life and reliability of your engine over the long term.

If you are one of the people who understand the need to use excellent oil, you will undoubtedly need large oil filters to work with. In the following minutes, we will examine the top K & N oil filters that the market is currently bringing to the table. So you can find the right oil filters. 

1. K&N KN-204

Are you looking for a premium filter? Then at that point, you should consider K&N KN-204. It  is deemed to be a superior filter component because its internal development has significantly improved quality over non-specific other parts. 17 mm uncovered nut for easy oil filter ejection. Heavy-duty construction for exceptional conditions.

Comes with Resin-impregnated filter media that can trap 99% of unwanted substances out of oil. Ant-drain back valve that eliminates dry start and shields oil from entering back into the crankcase when you shut down your motorcycle.

The K & N KN-204 oil filter is by far the most popular choice for the ll drivers because of its design and not too bad sticker price. It is a simple filter with a 17 mm uncovered nut, which facilitates insertion and ejection.

As with various filters, the model should contain 99% of all contaminants. It has an anti-drain back valve that shields the engine from drying out and guarantees no likelihood of a breakdown.


  • Worked in nut ensures easy removal
  • The black color is the advantage to matching the belly of your cycle
  • Do not cost a lot
  • Works with almost all type of oil


  • Its filtering media is not wired back
  • 17 mm sized nut isn’t good enough

2. K&N KN-171C

The second oil filter you can consider is K&N KN-171C. It contains a state-of-the-art filter media designed for extreme flows with less pressure loss, yet built for remarkable filtration. K&N KN-171C presents a heavy duty metal binding. Most of them have a 17 mm nut attached to the end, which makes it easy to install and remove. The 17 mm bolt is crossed so racers could safely attach the filter to their bike.

Designed for elite vehicles that require a high oil flow rate, K and N have even put together their filter for quick setup. You will discover a 1-inch nut on one end, which guarantees a simple fit. 

Concerning the development materials, a silicone counteracts the check valve and a spring metal side valve. The end caps and center tube are also made of  metal. These are superior materials and will knock comparable oil filters that use plastic and cardboard .

By and large, this oil filter has been designed explicitly for superior engines, and you would offend yourself if you do not think as if you drive a cycle that requires a high oil flow rate. The filter will work well on blended or pure oil.


  • High current speed for Elite motors
  • Affordable
  • Designed for easy setup and removal
  • Compatible with many engines
  • Highly rated
  • Includes safety features such as safety wire


  • Non-wired media
  • 17 mm nuts not strong enough

3. K&N HP-1002

If you are yearning for a filter that will keep going for a while without the need for replacement, then consider K&N HP-1002. Originally developed for racing applications, the K&N HP-1002 becomes a favorite customer preference due to its robustness and ease of removal.

This filter is going to cure that symptom of changing oil filter from time to time. It will be all there: whether you memorize where the canister machinery is; or oil crevices all over the self-parking and yourself; or finally, give up and ran a screwdriver through the filter just to get out. All of this will be bypassed when you buy K&N HP-1002

A nut on the top of the canister welds it so that they can be effectively tightened with a standard instrument. These motorcycle oil filters accompany a 17 mm nut. Uses rubber-impregnated cellulose filter media. This takes into account higher flow rates with exceptional filtration.

High filter flow rates are essential in racing motorcycles using heavy gauge oil and pumping the oil much faster than a standard motorcycle. 


  • High rated and works well for racing needs
  • Affordable
  • Supported by wide range of engines
  • Comes with safety features


  • 17 MM nut is not enough to give the required tightness
  • Comes with non-wired media

4. K&N HP-1010

Looking for an oil filter that is worked for strength and durability? Consider K&N HP-1010. Its partitions are very stable to reduce the risk of debris and rocks. They should also handle higher oil weights without blasting.

The exceptionally planned filter media allows K&N HP-1010 to filter oil even on the heavier inspection oils and higher GPM flow rates, which are conducted under atrocious conditions.

K&N HP-1010 oil filter media are exceptionally designed for use with modern synthetic and durable engine oils. They are exceptionally designed for high strength and high flow rates in exceptional conditions.

Each oil filter is connected to a hex nut that is welded to the top of the canister so that it can be effortlessly removed with a standard instrument. An anti-drain -back valve o prevents oil in the engine t from drying out.

With its high-stream valves, customers can expect an unrivaled driving experience every time they drive. In the meantime, this filter lubricates different parts of the car due to its flexible development, which makes it possible to use the filter on any model, whenever.


  • The welded nut on the top of canister makes the installation simple
  • Built for strength and durability from its massive walls
  • Very safe
  • Wider applicability


  • 17 mm nut on top of the cartridge not enough to give the required support
  • Non-wired media technology sometimes not good

5. K&N PS-7026

While some people carefully consider the appearance of their cars, the oil filtration is outstanding. This is where the K&N PS-7026 becomes an important consideration. It effectively and cleanly filters the conventional and synthetic oils by screening out dust, particles and various contaminants.

To meet the wants of track drivers, the K&N PS-7026 oil filter has many highlights that go far beyond the requirements of vehicles. It arrives with solid canister walls for added quality and ruggedness that reduce the risk of damage from free shakes and debris and particles. The substantial development of the canister will withstand higher oil pressures, which are only discovered in dashing conditions without blasting.

The K&N PS-7026 is specially designed for experienced installers and professional organizations. Their high current configuration can improve engine performance by reducing oil filter containment.  Have a grooved canister form so they can be extracted with a conventional oil filter twist  .

These Pro Series oil filters present exemplary oil screening and motor protection throughout their lifetime. They are composed to support all ratings of engineered, traditional and blended engine oils. The crumpled media provide a high limit that makes them acceptable for widened oil change intervals when used as part of an agreement with the vehicle and engine oil manufacturer proposal.


  • Support high-flow important for racers
  • Works with either synthetic or conventional oils
  • Premium filter media for durability
  • Delivers exceptional filtration


  • 17 mm not good enough to give support
  • Limited applicability

Let us answer some frequently asked questions

1. How many miles can I go with K& filters?

The range of miles differs depending on where you stay, but roughly 5000 -7000 miles.

2. How do I know if K &N is compatible with my car?

You have to look from your manufactures site and see what the recommended filters are

Concluding ideas

For some individual who does not comprehend much about cars, the whole matter of oil filters may seem a little confusing. What you need to remember is that oil is a major part of what makes every engine run smoothly, so the use of inferior or off-mark crude is significantly improved rather than not using it in any way.

Also, you are encouraged to check your oil level regularly, taking into account the risk of damage to your engine.

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