How To Change A 2-Pin Halogen Light Bulb?

The leading cause of their use is due to their brightness. Halogen bulbs tend to illuminate more than incandescent bulbs, and along with that, they are cheaper to buy. Like all other bulbs, you can't use it for a lifetime.

At some point, their performance won't live up to your expectations, and you will have to change the bulb. A 2-pin halogen bulb is quite tricky to change, but with proper technique, you can get your job done.

This article will give you the necessary information and techniques that you can use to get your work done smoothly and efficiently.

Read on to find out more.

Halogen Bulb: What Is It?

A halogen bulb is one kind of an incandescent bulb which uses halogen for its lighting purpose. The halogen is the main reason for its right amount of brightness. In standard bulb, the tungsten filament evaporates and stays inside the bulb, which causes the illumination, and that also makes the lifespan decrease.


In case of a halogen bulb, the evaporated tungsten filament reacts with halogen gas and prevents the thread from getting stuck in the glass.

So, this shows that the brightness and lifespan are excellent due to the gas. Other than that, these bulbs are smaller than other regular bulbs and get fit on the light fixture by pins. The way to do the fitting is twisting the pin of the bulb gently into the socket.

Changing of Halogen Bulbs?

This is a common question that arises quite often. The changing of the bulb will be necessary when you find out that the bulb is not performing the way it used to perform. This probably indicates that the bulb needs to be replaced or else it will be rendered useless very soon.

The Guide to Change a 2-Pin Halogen Light Bulb

Down below is everything that you must know to turn a 2-pin halogen bulb like a pro. So, what are you waiting for? Read the instructions below to find out.


The first and foremost thing that you should do is start taking precautions beforehand, and that is turning off the switch. This process is very crucial as avoiding this step might get you electrocuted.

Cooling It Off

As halogen bulbs emit a tremendous amount of heat energy, the glass of the bulb keeps heating up as long as the switch is turned on. After you turn off the switch, give some time for the lamp to cool off. Move your hands around it, and if you find the spot cooler than before, gently touch it to give a final check.

If Unreachable 

If your light fixture is out of your reach, use a ladder or a reclining chair. It will be hard if you do this kind of work entirely on your bare feet. If possible, have someone nearby for backup.

Gloves Are Important 

Use gloves along the whole process. You never know when your hands will get sweaty or oily. If the bulb touches any liquid, there is some probability that the bulb might break. In case the bulb is loose, your sweaty or oily hands might create an explosion.

Remove Lamp Cover 

If you have a lamp cover, remove it gently. Various kinds of coverings are used for different bulbs, and you can remove them using your hands. In the case of halogen bulbs, you either have to unscrew or unclip the cover.


Now comes the critical part. Gently, press the bulb into the socket and then rotate it in a counterclockwise direction. Once you feel like the rotation is not happening anymore, it means that the pins are unscrewed completely. Make sure your grip is excellent throughout this whole unscrewing process.

Placing New Bulb 

Take the new bulb out from the box and fit it into the socket. Press the bulb inward and rotate it in a clockwise direction this time. When you feel that the rotation is not happening anymore, it shows that the bulb is locked in the socket and is ready to be used.

Checking The Bulb

Turn on the switch and check the bulb if it is working properly. If the lamp is not working, check the pin, socket and also the electrical connection.

Important Notes

  • Use a ladder or reclining chair while changing the bulb.
  • Make sure your kids are away from the area where you are doing the unscrewing and replacing of the bulb.
  • Use gloves every time. This will protect both the bulb and your hands from any harm.
  • If you are in a hurry, avoid changing the bulb.
  • Whether it is your family member or your neighbor, ask someone to stand nearby your ladder or chair. They will watch your work, and they can also help if you face any problem.
  • When you take out the old bulb, gently put it in the table first. After you are done with the replacing, take a piece of newspaper or magazine paper, and gently wrap the bulb.
  • Put the whole thing in its original packaging and lightly throw it into the trash can. You can even contact your local recycling center to take information about the fact of whether they will take your old bulb or not. If they agree to receive it, your workload will be reduced to a reasonable amount.


That was the the basic guideline for changing a 2-pin halogen light bulb. Follow the article word by word to get a good grip of it.

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