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Ford F150 has gained the reputation of America's favorite pickup truck. The truck is full of lucrative features and driving it has been a pleasure for country folks.

Ever since its launch, the truck has remained on top of the list among bestselling trucks in America.

The reason is obviously its advanced features which meet the demands in current scenario, and all this is available in a reasonable price range.

The truck stands among the few most preferred ones in the market, with the best towing and loading capacity. And this particular feature beholds the fact that the Ford F150 is obviously a massive machine.

The Vehicle is Heavy!

Just looking at it or driving it may not give you the feeling that you are carrying such load under your feet owing to all the automated functions the truck is designed with.

But looking at the features of the vehicles launched in F-series of the ford, you cannot possibly expect the machine to be a lighter one.

The spacious size of the truck with all its automated equipments, higher payload capacity, high towing capacity, and tough structure, everything contributes ultimately to the weight of the automobile.

How Much the Ford F150 Weights?

The weight of Ford F150’s latest 2018 model stands between 6,100 to 7,050 pounds, with the curb weight of around 4,900 pounds.

Key features for this weight are as following;


WEIGHT (lbs)

Gross Axle Weight Rating (for each axle, front and rear)

3,700 pounds on an average

Front Curb Weight

2,980 pounds

Rear Curb Weight

1,900 pounds

Maximum Payload Capacity

2,150 pounds approx

Gross Combined Weight Rating

12,300 pounds

Reserve Axle Capacity

2,500 pounds

Trailering Capacity

7,000 pounds

Above figures are rounded-off to their approximate ranges, to give you the idea about key load capacities of the vehicle.

The previous versions of the F150 model were still heavier. Keeping the weight concern as the main focus only, the latest model has come lighter than its previous version, but tougher than ever.

You may not come to realize while handling, but the 2018 model of Ford F150 is as light as around 700 pounds from its previous version.

That said, reduction in weight nowhere implies that the performance or the capacities of the vehicle are compromised in any manner.

In fact, the new model is more capable with its lesser weight than can be expected.

The credit for this higher efficiency of the latest model, even though weighing lighter goes to high strength military grade aluminum alloy. Alloy substitutes its whole frame.

Aluminum is known for its toughness in all industrial and military applications. And, Ford has made use of this property of the element to its advantage.

The material is also dent and corrosion proof. The lesser weight automatically adds to the efficiency and performance of a vehicle in terms of power.

Heaviness Justified

Nonetheless, there is no other way to achieve such strength in a vehicle as is possessed by Ford F150 latest model if the weight is not balanced up to the same level of strength.

Carrying one of the most heavy-duty towing and loading capacity, i.e., up to 13,000 pounds, the tower needs to equalize the weight of the towing load for smooth carriage.

Also to achieve the comfort level you experience in driving the vehicle, the engine system needs to be equipped with all sort of machinery required.This ultimately leads to a heavier weight.

Still, the Truck is All the More Convenient

With all of its weight moving over the pavements, the machine is still as comfortable to drive like a piece of cake.

The fully advanced automated engine system makes you experience the smoothness like driving in the air.

With the profusely equipped mechanism of the truck, your pickups get easy to be delivered in no time, and with least efforts to any distance you may fathom.

So are you ready for a power packed ride in the new 2018 model of Ford F150?

You better be, because you might find it difficult to have another machine in hand which is above the best in class specifications of Ford F150.

The driving experience of the vehicle is promising enough to keep you hitched with it. What’s more, with increased payload capacity, load your family and all your luggage over the automobile and travel around the country with almost nil automotive concerns.

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