How Long Does It Take to Replace a Bumper?

When your car bumper has multiple dents or deep cracks, you need to replace it. One concern with many people is not knowing how long it will take, and there is a reason for that. Usually, the whole process takes about three to five hours, but it may take three days, depending on certain conditions. That includes the extent of the damage and the amount of work it requires.

How Long Does It Take to Put a New Bumper On?

It is easy to imagine replacing a bumper as merely removing the old one and fixing a new one. Truthfully, the process is simple, but it requires several things and a specific skill level. That is why the average amount of time it takes to put a new bumper on is about 24 hours. Notably, the installment alone is only about one and a half hours long. However, other necessary things can make it a more extended repair period. The first one is painting the new bumper cover. It is more logical to paint before installing to avoid missing any spots, especially around the edges. It is also easier to do that before than after fixing, and the paint must dry to prevent it from being cleaned.How Long Does It Take To Put A New Bumper On

Another thing that increases the wait time is curing the paint. It may also take longer if the shop has to order any replacement parts. The waiting period may be anything from one day to a week and depends on factors outside the mechanics.

How Much Does It Take to Replace a Front Bumper?

We usually reserve replacing the front bumper of a car for situations where the only solution is fixing a new one. The reason is that the price involved may vary with various factors, including the type of car. It may also depend on whether there is damage on the bar and if it needs a repair or change.How Much Does It Take To Replace A Front Bumper

For regular cars and minivans, the total cost may tally between $300 and $1,600, excluding the payment for labor. The wide range accounts for the type and brand of car, as it would be more expensive for vintage or luxury vehicles. You can buy the bumper for any price between $100 and $1,000, while the remaining covers painting and installation.

On the other hand, trucks, buses, and vans will have higher costs than regular cars because of their size. Some people claim the bill may run up to $5,000 if your car needs any work other than the essential replacement. Besides the labor, one vital factor determining the price is the type of auto body shop, and high-end places will charge you more.

Meanwhile, you may not need to bother about the cost if you have excellent insurance coverage. Most times, replacing a bumper means there was damage, which is usually the result of an accident. Though people claim that destruction in front is the driver’s fault, you may be able to claim the payment if you are innocent.

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Is It Easy to Replace a Bumper?

Yes, it is easy to replace a bumper because it is primarily a straightforward process. Some people even think you can do it yourself to prevent spending and set your finances back by at least $1,000. Generally speaking, there are specific results only a skilled car mechanic can achieve. Besides having the appropriate tools, they have the necessary expertise and experience to replace the bumper. So, it would be reasonable to leave the work to professionals, and it would defeat the purpose if you had to buy all the equipment you need instead of going to the shop.How To Replace A Bumper

In this situation, many people say the solution is to do the parts of the work that require little or no expertise. That includes buying the new bumper and painting it, and you will need space to work. Therefore, it may not be easy if you do not have a reasonably sized garage. After that, you take it to the mechanic shop for fixing at a reduced cost.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Bumper Bar?

Many people are unaware that the bumper bar is beneath and not the main thing outside. Underneath the cover is a structure made of compressible foam, plastic, or steel that serves as reinforcement. Generally, the cost ranges from $100 to over $1,000 for various reasons, including the vehicle size.

Usually, the price also varies for different models because of the specificity of each one. That means exclusive vehicles like luxury cars and trucks will be more expensive than others. You also have to consider the cost of other things like the paint and payment for the auto body shop’s services.

Depending on the price for each of these things, the total cost may run up to about $2,000 or more. However, it is uncommon to replace the impact bar, except in a severe crash that damages more than the bumper cover. Insurance coverage also helps cover such expenses, so you do not have to pay out of pocket.

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Fender?

The fender is the area of the car encasing the wheels or tires. Like the bumper cover, fixing it is straightforward with appropriate experience. Therefore, that process alone takes about three to five hours, besides painting, curing, or waiting for the new parts. It may also depend on the extent of damage and how much work it needs.How Long Does It Take To Fix A Fender

The fixing may be repairing minor problems or a total replacement if salvageable. Issues like minor scratches may take less time than dents or other types of intense damage. The whole process may take up to two days or more when considering all the possible factors influencing the situation. Some people even say that it may increase a few weeks. That is possible if you are shipping in the replacement part, but aside from that, it should not be more than five to seven days.

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How Long Does a Collision Repair Take?

The period taken to complete a collision repair depends on the extent of damage done. In that way, it is similar to the one for bumpers and fenders discussed earlier. It may take an average of two days, and the time could extend to weeks in severe cases.How Long Does A Collision Repair Take

Age and Type of Vehicle

Besides the extent of damage, the type of vehicle also plays a part in determining the repair period. Luxury cars and trucks may require longer than regular cars and minivans. On the other hand, newer models use modern technology, with which many auto technicians may not be familiar. Hence, they may get to fix older cars faster.

Car Parts and Materials Needed

Collision repairs typically involve replacing some damaged parts of the vehicle. That means ordering new ones that will take a certain amount of time, depending on how easy they are to get. The materials like paint and other necessary things also play a role. It would be faster if they were readily available or not difficult to find; otherwise, it may slow down the process.

Your Insurance

The insurance claim period is one significant reason for delays in collision repair. The companies ought to respond as soon as possible to enable you to start work on the vehicle. Unfortunately, some take longer than expected before releasing the needed funds, which will affect the amount of time it should take.


Various things determine how long it takes to replace a bumper, fender, or other car parts. In a collision, the extent of damage done is the most significant reason, and another major one is the period to get replacement components and other materials. However, you can estimate by adding the essential time to the other peculiar factors.

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