How Long Does It Take To Rebuild a Transmission?

A transmission rebuild is not an easy task. The mechanic takes out the transmission completely during the rebuild, removes the worn or damaged components, and replaces them. As long as each step is done correctly, the transmission should be fully functioning after the procedure is complete.

With this in mind, how long does it take to rebuild a transmission? There are many moving components in an automatic transmission. Therefore, it can take a few hours to a couple of days. Even an amateur mechanic can rebuild a transmission. However, you can get expert help if it makes you nervous.

How Long Does It Take a Shop to Rebuild a Transmission?

A repair company may be able to rebuild a transmission in a single day. However, if you or another repair service has removed the transmission from the vehicle, and the transmission issues are simple to resolve, it is more likely to happen faster. When you ask a repair shop to do the job, they should provide you with an estimate of how long it will take.How Long Does It Take To Rebuild A Transmission

Generally, the amount of time a shop takes to repair a transmission system depends on various factors. One thing that is important to keep in mind is whether or not you have a manual or automatic gearbox system in your car. On average, rebuilding an automatic gearbox takes three to four days. Mechanics can generally replace the whole gearbox system for most rear-wheel-drive automobiles in a day or two.

If you need to replace your transmission fluid, you will have to wait up to four hours for the old oil to flush out and replace it with fresh oil. To receive an accurate estimate of how long your repair will take, be sure to ask the shop.

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Is It Worth It to Rebuild a Transmission?

In the short term, rebuilding your transmission may save you a lot of money by eliminating future damages. Replacing a transmission may thus be worth it for some people. The cost of rebuilding a transmission may run up to $25,000, which is a large sum of money. Nonetheless, the expense of a new transmission outweighs the cost. There are also usually guarantees attached to rebuilt transmissions so that you know you are getting what you paid for.Is It Worth It To Rebuild A Transmission

Although rebuilding a transmission can be expensive, it is more cost-effective than buying a new one or a new car. Rebuilding your transmission can help you save money in the long run. Moreover, making a car last a bit longer lets you put off car payments and interest on your loan. When a vehicle’s gearbox fails, most dealerships will not take it, but you could sell it for more money if yours is still in working order.

If you are experiencing transmission issues, you may be tempted to buy a new car. However, fixing your current vehicle provides several advantages, and rebuilding an existing transmission may be the most cost-effective option for many people.

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Is It Cheaper to Rebuild or Replace a Transmission?

Due to the variable nature of transmission damage, the technician has to disassemble it fully, calculate the repair costs, and then reassemble it. Replacing a transmission is more costly than fixing it. However, if a transmission rebuild is not an option due to severe damage, the only thing to do will be to replace it.Is It Cheaper To Rebuild Or Replace A Transmission

The term “re-manufactured” is often used to describe the process. The manufacturer will use changed components to replace any defective ones. Even though you may save some money on the components, the labor costs will be much more than before. The labor cost is a significant part of the total price of a transmission replacement or rebuild. Depending on your goal and the degree to which your transmission has failed, going the “re-manufactured” route may be the best option.

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How Many Hours Does It Take To Replace a Transmission?

Removing and reinstalling a transmission can take six to eight hours. However, where rebuilding a transmission is an option, it is difficult to predict in advance how long it will take. The reason is that there could be a range of damage to the transmission that can not be assessed by disassembling it.


Depending on the damage to the transmission, the technician will first disassemble it to see whether replacing or rebuilding it is the best option. So, how long does it take to rebuild a transmission? The process can take a few hours to a couple of days. However, it will depend on the damage that needs repairing. The repair shop will give you an estimation of the time it will take to rebuild the transmission.

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