How Long Does Car Paint Take to Dry

Did you have any reason to apply new paint on your car and you are curious to ask yourself “How long does car paint take to dry?” Certainly, this article is to quench your thirst and saturated you with the right information as regards your car painting, the procedures, tips, and the time frame it takes to dry.

First, there are different kinds of paints that you can use on your car such as Red Spot, Yenkin Majestic, FastDry, Johnstone’s Brilliant White Quick Dry Gloss, to mention just a few. There is still more to learn, kindly read on!

Procedures involved in car painting

Before you get the gist about the time frame it takes your car to dry, here are the steps required before applying the paints:

  • Prepare your paint
  • Remove the trim from the vehicle such as lights, reflectors, license plates, etc (also, cover those parts that are not removable).
  • Use soap and grease removal before applying grit paper to remove the dents.
  • Remove large dents and bubbles using Bondo
  • Mix the paints and keep sanding as you apply the coatings of paint.

Car Paint Dry time

What factors determine the fast or slow dryness of car paint? 

Once you successfully apply the paint to your car, what pops up next in your mind is the curiosity to get the paint dry so that you can drive. However, let it slide to your consciousness that there could be some factors that will likely further delay.

  • Car size: While waiting for your car to dry, note that the size of the car can determine how soon you will get the expected result. For instance,  it will take a shorter time to get a Chevrolet Spark dry than it will take a Dodge Ram 3500 DRW to dry off.
  • Measurements and mixtures: While applying your paint, you should be conscious of the paint thickness as it determines the amount of time it will take to dry. It is best to learn about the mixture of the particular paint you are applying to your car. It will save you from getting an unsatisfactory result and help you to void wasting too much time before getting each coat dry off. This should take you between 10-15minutes to get each paint layer dry before the best application.
  • Use of painting material: the fact is that getting the right materials for your car painting will speed up your speed and help you to get the expected result on time. Wrong materials will slow down the process. Here are the materials you should get for accurate and fast results:
  • A dry & wet emery-paper
  • Smoother
  • Masking tape
  • Sprayer
  • Small container, among others

Time to dry Car Paint

Average time frame to get your car paint dry 

It may be difficult to give an exact time for your car paint to dry because it depends on a lot of factors discussed previously. However, it takes 24 hours for a car paint to dry naturally and cure such that it resists scratches. Even when you have patiently waited for it to dry, it is not expected that you wash the car until after 2weeks.

Professionally, try to avoid the use of a brush or soap while doing the first washing. A soft cloth and water are recommended to maintain the perfection of the car paint. After a month of washing with water and a soft cloth, you can then consider entering the car wash and apply your favorite soap to the car.

This may seem like a very long process, but you will realize that patience works and it will save you from feeling sorry later. You can as well avoid the need for a car wash or simply minimize the amount of dirt buildup on your car during the two weeks.

Tips to get your car paint dry faster 

It can be frustrating at times having to wait for a couple of hours just to get the newly applied paints dry off. So, what can you do? There are ways to make it faster, and here are few steps you can take:

Watch to Know How Long Does Car Paint Take to Dry

  • Run a heater across the surface of the car body  you painted. In case you are going to use a hairdryer or any other heat equipment for this, ensure that you maintain a reasonable distance so that you won’t melt the body while applying the heat
  • Reduce the thickness of the paint and use the fastest spraying equipment available. Thin coats application helps in the reduction of the time it takes your car paint to dry.
  • Ensure there is enough ventilation, or simply keep the fan blowing around the painted parts.
  • Get the paint that has good drying properties. The kind of paint you selected can determine how fast it will take your car to dry.
  • Finally, the best is to make your car dry naturally to avoid any disaster. You can wait till you have enough time or the summertime before applying the paint and take advantage of the high-temperature weather for quicker dryness.


In conclusion, this article provided an answer to your question about “how long does it take car paint to dry?” The factors responsible for the time frame were highlighted with tips to get a faster drying result. Hope you find this great!

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