How To Grease U-Joints: A Step By Step Guide For Newbies

In our mechanical works, we face many difficulties. In many of the cases, we can't find the probable solutions to them. Like these problems, one common problem is greasing U joints. We know that u joints are referred to as the universal joints. And they are significant for the automotive vehicles.

So we can see the importance of u joints. Now, that you have known the problems you might want the solutions. The solutions are quite easy to get. You just have to know about all the staffs that will help you to make good progress in this process. So don’t worry, just read this step by step guide.

What does it mean by U-Joints?

U joint is normally attached to automotive drive shafts. It is of great use to the vehicles. U joints transmit the force from one shaft to another. In the shafts are not in line accordingly. And find where if they can move relative to one another.

It also has cross spider needles which help the device quite nicely. Bearing cups are also another integral part of this. There are two types of the shaft. Inner and outer shaft.

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What is the Requirement of U-Joints?

In many vehicles, many driveshafts are used. Those vehicles which have a long wheelbase and tandem rear axles use this equipment in common. At the end of every drive shaft, U-joints are needed as the driving axle is powered up and down.

Because of the wheels traveling over the bumps, path holes, and other difficulties of road plane. U joints provide the full power and high torque from a powerful engine. And that is transmitted to a rear axle assembly to drive a fully loaded truck over long distances.

Except for the help of u joints must be able to give full power. The high torque forms a strong engine into a rear axle assembly to drive a fully loaded truck over long roots.

Driveshafts will break from many fatigues, without the help of u joints. There are many other things that you will need for smooth movement of the driveshaft. Whether the rear axle moves up or down.

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Working Ways of U-Joints

U joints are known as universal joints. These are used to joint two different rotating objects on different planes.

You can see the use of this u joints on the automotive industry. It is used on the rear of the vehicle, and it is connected to the differential by using the drive shaft. It is an integral part of the vehicle. If anything goes wrong, then it might become quite disastrous.

If you are willing to check your u joint, then you will have to remove the driveshaft. And try moving the U joint at random searching for solid areas or excessive play. The various colored powder will also be found. If u joints are not perfect and need replacement.

Then you have to take according to action. This will help you to make the joint even stronger. It will get your job done. If still, you are having trouble then you will have to take steps. But this is the way u joint works.

Recommended Information

There is some basic information that you might want to know before are starting this job. Without these information, you might find these job hard. As you will get to know about these little small things your job will become easier gradually.

Sometimes a U joint fails. This might cause many problems to small audible vehicles. Moreover, the U joint is filled with many needle staffs.They are installed inside of four of the bearing caps.

These needles rotate on the integral structure of the vehicle. For this, we will need lubrication. The process of this lubrication is going in place with the help of a grease seal. This grease seal also is installed on the main structure.

These attachments give the U joint to do its function under extreme pressure. We use grease here for the lubrication to take place. This can be done using a zerk fitting on the U joint. Lots of producers provide grease before the installation. The experts assert this as the life of the u joint.

These are the basic information that one need for the greasing u joints. You will have to follow these simple rules to get success. These staffs are very sensitive to you have to be very serious about it. This will eventually make your job easier.


There is a general way of this grease of u joints. This is the procedure that one needs to follow before doing this. There is some common reason why u joint fails. That is because many of the people don't follow the simple ways to do it.

Grease U-Joints

The most common cause of u joint failure is the lack of proper greasing. The following greasing methods are recommended to prevent premature failure of parts. You also have been sure that the grease that you are using has to be free from dirt and mixtures. Also, you have to follow the highly recommended elements that are suggested by experts.

There are two general ways to do it. One is to keep injecting the grease till the oil grease has been removed from the joint. Then the new grease starts to come out of thejoints.

Another one is inputting grease without letting any grease come out of the joint.

Experts will say you that you should go for number one way. Because you know that you will have to refresh the grease completely. You will have to input the grease using a hand pump. It might be very dangerous to use high-pressure grease systems. You will have to protect the seals from grits of a road. If this is not done, then there is no protection.

This is the main way to grease this u joints. You will have to know and believe in the procedure and try to go with it. Unless you might not be able to do this job appropriately.

Again there are some things that might fail the greasing process. These are very soft issues. But you will have to keep these in mind. Unless this you might get yourself in deep trouble. There are some simple tricks to avoid this.

First of all, you will have to use the recommended grease fitting on u joints. This has to be done until the new grease gets inside all through the bearings. Then you shouldn't assume the bearing cavities have been filled with new grease.

If the grease isn’t enough for all the four seals, loosen the caps and try to purge at all of the four seals again.

Again if you are using a different grease then make sure if it’s compatible with the old one. You should also apply the old grease to purge out the old grease.


The key points of greasing u joints have already been discussed. So, all you need is just practice. These may seem easy, but these are very sensitive. Because if you sleep up in any of cases, it won't be good looking at all.

As a result, you will have to be very serious on these. A guy who is looking for doing these but not learning the ins and outs won’t get his job done.

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