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“How to grease sealed ball joints?” A most common question we get these days. But it is not that hard to execute at all. But if you are learning the process rightly and trying accordingly then it won’t be a problem. This is very important for anyone who is new in this sector.

These instructions in this article will show how exactly how to do this job perfectly.

For some, this may seem like an easy task but doing the job right is significant for the longevity and performance of the part. Your vehicle is expensive, the individual parts that make up your vehicle are less costly, but grease is much cheaper than either.

So if you think that you should quit. Then you are wrong. We think that these tips will help you a lot to get rid of your problems.


There are some basic stuffs that you will need for grease sealed balled joints. You have to have good knowledge on this tools. We are giving some information of some familiar tools of this sector.

Experts suggest a manually powered grease gun. Therefore you will have control over the grease flow and feel the existence of anything that is preventing the grease from flowing.

When there is space shortage, then we can use a small greasing gun. That will help us to get rid of this problem.

It’s an important requirement. For some vehicles, it is almost impossible for one to join the balls. Even using short grease gun won’t do the job. So just save the frustration and use a hose.

We can use the grease cleaner for removing the extra parts that we don’t need. This will keep dirt and debris from collecting around the joint. And it will allow any leakage to show up more quickly later down the road.

These are the basic things you will need for greasing ball joints.


When the ball joint has zerk fittings installed with it, the task becomes easy.

Before starting to inspect that if the dust boot has any leaks. Check its condition and replace or repair if necessary as contaminates blocks the inside.

Then clean the zerk so that the grease may enter inside. When it’s clean properly attach the grease gun. If the installation isn't working for you though, then replace it with new on. This will help you to get rid of the problems.

After that, you will have to connect the grease machine to the fitting.You have to press down the coupler until your hand feels the snap to make the coupler adjustable. Then you have to loose the clamp by twisting. Just remember to tighten it before pumping.

Always ensure a strong connection between the zerk and the grease gun. Because if there is any leak grease will ooze.

How To Grease Sealed Ball Joints

Now, try taking a clear view if it is giving a good pump. Try not to grease once you see the boot swell. The seal can adjust if extra pressure is applied.At such issue, you need to replace the parts.

Some ball joints use a valve for releasing grease for exiting the old grease. This is a very special case. In these cases, you would like to apply the pumping method. It will help you to get rid of your problem.

To detach the coupler out of the fitting, tilt the coupler and pull it out slowly so that you don’t break the zerk.

If we don’t have an adjustable coupler on our grease gun, we should get one. It makes differentiating the grease gun and the zerk much easier.

Last, of all, try and wipe away extra things and element that we don’t need. Now just take the vehicle and take a tour to text the things up.

If everything goes right then your job is done. But if you are having trouble then you have to concern.

You might want to solve this problem adding extra grease to the joints. It might let you get rid the sound problems of your vehicle. Again you might find many side effects. But it will slowly get to the stable stage.

In these circumstances, we suggest changing that ball joint with a part that comes with a zerk fitting for easy future preparations. So you will have to get through all these procedures and start accordingly. Unless this it won't be effective at all.

Now let’s go ahead and cover the biggest problem most folks encounter with greasing ball joints.

How to Clear a Clogged Grease Ball joints

You might expect that the lubrication process might be slow. But you have to keep in mind that it might seem a piece of cake but it’s not. As there are many significant factors working here.

Removing the zerk and putting the grease is the very first process for ball joints. If anything doesn't come out, then the element is mixed with the solid grease. We will show you a simple way to clear that ball joints.

First, remove the zerk fitting and attach it to your grease gun.

Try to push some grease through zerk. Sometimes you may find this little bit hard.

If there is still no grease moving, you can use a propane torch to rise the heat in the joints. By doing this, we can get the grease which is hard.

Now we will look at some other problems that can come up when greasing ball joints.

Make sure the joints are firm. For this, we may try to do some experiments. This will ensure us the safety issues. This is very important. Because if anything goes wrong, then it will create danger for the vehicle owner.

Keep some pressure on the coupler to make sure the seal is tight.

Don’t use grease guns. You lose the ability to feel when the joint begins to resist the pressure. And there is no better way to blow a seal than a powered grease gun.

One can move these joints to a certain extent which will help one to maintain the staffs rightly. This is the flexibility which is very important.

So, there you have it. As we said, the process is really easy and if you want to give this simple a try.You can also look at our post about u joints for another suspension part that can be greased in your garage.

Does anyone have any other helpful tips or tricks for easy lubrication of a ball joint with ball joints? Please leave any comments or questions in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Good luck!


These are the key staffs that will help you to learn about greasing sealed ball joints. In first then you will find it bit hard. But slowly if you get the grip of it then you will find it easy. So try and dig by using these tips.

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