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Are you showing off after buying that luxury and expensive car? Acquiring that car for the first time is the best thing that could happen to you, right. Well, everyone out there is swimming in the same pool as you. Many responsibilities accompany the ownership of not just a car, but the car engine as well.

The responsibility in question is but is not limited to, routine maintenance and controls. The main components of the car that need to be checked regularly are oil filters. Oil is the most critical component of the vehicle as it occupies the excellent position of lubrication and cooling.

 If oil is not well filtered, it will cause many problems that result in costly repair and replacement of worn parts. As is the case, there are these components that you cannot do without buying them, and one of them is oil filters. Therefore, in this article, we have prepared for you a list of the top five best FRAME oil filters of 2018. I assume that everything will be subtle with you. OK, let,  us jump into it

Top Five FRAM Oil Filters Review:

1. FRAM XG16

Now you are wondering why to choose FRAM oil filter but clear your worries by this FRAM XG16. It is one of the best synthetic oil filters. The double-layered, manufactured and cellulose medium is reinforced with a metal screen and captures 99% of the unwanted materials. The anti-reflux silicone is said to hold oil to ensure safe start-up and engine safety for up to 15,000 miles.

A perfect adaptation of gravity and ground support through a restrictive filter medium provides phenomenal motor insurance for oil change intervals of up to 5,000 miles. Standard filters use only cellulosic media, but FRAM XG16 involves tiny strands of fabric that form small windows that trap the small particles of dirt without affecting the flow of oil.

Moreover, FRAM XG16 high-mileage filters contain a cartridge of restrictive cleanser and intensify the thickness, reduce wear, kill acids and keep the engine cleaner. Traps and holds more than double the bottom of normal oil filter brands.

FRAM XG16 is the best filter for customers who want to fully exploit their interest in fully produced oil.


  • Same ultra-synthetic filter reviewed for up to 20,000 miles
  • Designed for use with synthetic oil
  • Synthetic mix media held in place by a metal screen for even creases, ruggedness and ideal oil flow
  • The durable silicone that is hostile to the return valve
  • Sure Grip, which is hostile to the slip surface, quickly and easily affects the transition from FRAM to oil filters


  • It requires the long process for installation
  • Works well only with synthetic oil

2. FRAM XG7317

If you get FRAM XG16 not meeting your needs, then you can try out this FRAM XG7317, though very closely related.

FRAM XG7317 is the largest oil screener. It is claimed to have the capacity to operate for up to 20,000 miles. If you are looking for the elite of more up-to-date engines or the greatest security for more established vehicles, then the XG7317 is the one for you. Also, the cost is moderate and extremely affordable.

The Subie filter has a small gap in the metal end plate that limits the flow of the transmission fluid concerning the width of the gap but allows most of the fluid to move unimpeded and beyond unfiltered through the filter. The small opening makes a pressure that promotes a little fluid through the real plant paper media that are to be filtered

 Given the ultimate goal of ensuring a stable flow of oil, FRAM XG7317 planned a technically optimized mixing medium held by a metal screen. It protects your engine from destructive particles. Hence, you do not have to depress about the life of your car. For various satisfied customers, we prescribe Fram XG7317 oil filter, which is used with the produced oil. A decent filter at a good price with a simple setup.


  • It is rated to have the capacity of running up to 20 000 miles
  • Supports synthetic oil
  • Strong metal plates that guarantee extra screening of unwanted substances from entering the engine
  • The drain valve is made of silicones, a durable material
  • The strong grip that enhances the constant flow of oil


  • Conventional oil will not well with this oil filter
  • To install this oil filter, it requires and an expert

3. FRAM XG10060

Another oil filter from FRAM that you can consider is this FRAM doesn’t look different from the above two but, it has everything you need for the safety of your car engine

The FRAM XG10060 is the best oil filter that you can consider for your car engine. It is re-verified for up to 20,000 miles. If you are looking for the elite of more up-to-date engines or the most significant security for more established vehicles, then the FRAM XG10060 ought to be your adjacent choice. like the other two FRAM  oil filter, this one as well does not cost a lot of pennies

It also has a small gap in the metal end plate that limits the flow of the transmission fluid concerning the width of the gap but allows most of the fluid to move unimpeded and beyond unfiltered through the filter. The small opening makes a weight that promotes a little fluid through the real plant paper media that are to be filtered

like any other FRAM oil filter,  this one is designed to keep working and keeping your engine safe for an extended period without the real need to change employs FRAM technology thus it perform its duties for a period without breaking or even need replacement.


  • Made from natural material strong enough o filter unwanted material from the oil
  • The grippy texture make  it simple to install and uninstall
  • It is very durable as it has steel base plate
  • It works smartly with synthetic oil


  • Only meant for synthetic oil
  • It may require some time during installation


Yes as I said earlier, you have that mandate to take care of your car. One obligation is to have the right oil filter. Among the FRAM oil filter that you may need is FRAM XG2. This filter is exceptional for many reasons. First and foremost, it is a great filter everywhere and will take a few thousand miles longer than others without failing will on its mandates.

During installation or when replacing, the grip sprayed on the can is unbelievable. This is the idea of truck mechanics that can shower Bed liner / Undercoat on oil filters to help during development.

This is another big fix for those people who expect their cars to be kept in perfect condition. This filter has all the points of interest that its colleges from FRAM have, it is all-inclusive on cars that use almost an indistinguishable model because they are not brand specific.


  • It will last long as it has steel base plate
  • Works on several brands of vehicles
  • Gives the best result when synthetic oil is used


  • Might not work well with conventional oil
  • It can be a challenge during installation

5. FRAM XG4967

A few people have commented on the nature of the filter in the light of what appears to be in it. While it is a normal cast to judge objects the way they look, you cannot apply the same on this FRAM XG4967 oil filter.

The best way to properly assess an oil filter is to run bundles of greasy oil through it and check that it is performing its activity. A test that FRAM XG4967 has passed

This oil filter contains a technical, double-layered cellulosic media reinforced with a metal screen to retain 99% of the impurities, while its silicone-resistant oil retention valve is added to ensure engine insurance and safe engine startup up to 15,000 miles.

The FRAM XG4967 oil filter has a non-slip outer shell, which remains stable even under extremely difficult to access conditions. The production of this oil filter is very simple.


  • Built to work longer
  • Can be used universally on all models that use synthetic oil
  • Designed for simple installation and un-installation


  • Unfortunate for models that don’t use synthetic oil
  • The installation can be a challenge

Let us answer some frequently asked questions.

1. Is it applicable to apply FRAM oil filter on a generic generator?

Yes, it is. Indeed, it will offer quick start-ups during cold seasons

2. Do FRAM oil filter work with Toyota models

The FRAM oil filter works with models having the engine that uses synthetic oil.

3. How do I change my engine oil filter?

Empty your oil put the drain connection back into the empty opening, removes the old filter, put a little oil on the elastic seal of the new filter, screw it tight and fasten it firmly. Insert the new oil, start the engine and watch out for any spills. No leaks, you are done.

Concluding thoughts

As I conclude, hope you are not among those who pay little attention to their car engine oil filter. Nonetheless, this gadget is a pivotal piece of keeping your vehicle running effectively. The tiny yet hugely meaningful chunk of your auto takes an essential part of ensuring your engine. The minor moving points of interest ought to be greased up with clean oil. This small gadget filters your vehicle's oil, shielding contaminants from entering the oil.

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