Duplicolor Bed Armor vs Herculiner: Head to Head Comparison

When it comes to getting the best DIY roll-on bed liner for your truck bed, you can easily get stuck trying to decide on the brand to buy from.

This is because there are multiple manufacturers of bed liners today. And they make products with varying degrees of quality and effectiveness.

My guess is, you want a product that reliably shields your truck bed cover form various forms of abuse and lasts long enough to give you value for your money.

Read our head to head comparison of the two most popular DIY bedliner—duplicolor bed armor vs herculiner—below to help you decide which one will fit your needs.

Duplicolor vs Herculiner: A quick background

Duplicolor Bed Armor:

Duplicolor is one of the respected brands in the roll-on bedliner industry. It has received heaps of praises from previous users, which earns it a place on the list of top brands.

What duplicolor is all about? Well, this is a water-based formula. And for this reason, the bedliner isn’t as thick as herculiner.

Nevertheless, this bedliner is incredibly easy to apply and presents you with a wide variety of colors to allow you to choose the color of your choice.


Like duplicator, herculiner is also one of the most reputable roll-in bedliner brands with favorable customer reviews.

The brand has been around since the 1990s and is part of the Old World Industries (OWI)—the family-owned business.

Herculiner involves a thick polyurethane coating with an extremely rough surface texture upon application on your truck bed. It also offers excellent water resistance.

Keep in mind that you purchase herculiner in different quantities, depending on your unique needs. And you can apply the liner to other materials such as wood, fiberglass, PVC, concrete, metal, and so on.

Duplicolor vs Herculiner: head to head comparison


As we have just mentioned, herculiner is a rough texture polymer. This is made possible by the fact that the bed liner comes with a higher rubber content than bed liners. The direct benefit of hit gritty feel on your truck bed is ennead appurtenance of your truck, a significant reduction in skidding or slipping issues. This means it will help pretty your truck bed from scratches.

What’s more, it also “grabs” and holds your cargo in place to ensure they don’t get damaged when you apply sudden brakes, ride on a rough road.

And if you’re riding your truck in rainy weather or wet conditions, the rough texture of this bedliner will hold your goods in place to prevent them from getting damaged.

When it comes to the Duplicolor, things are a bit different…the bedliner doesn’t offer you a rough texture like herculiner. It forms a soft coat, which creates more friction with your cargo. And this creates increased grip when hauling your items and a quieter ride. However, the soft nature of this bedliner means it doesn’t entirely eliminate the problem of skidding of slipping.


Thickness is crucial in the roll-on bedliner you apply on your truck bed contribute to the level of protection it enjoys. It can also affect how your results look.

That said, herculiner is thicker than duplicolor. As a matter of fact, this roll-on bedliner is 5x thicker than most of the regular bedliner coatings out there.

What’s the cause of this sharp difference between the two bed liners?

It’s all in the materials used. Herculiner uses rubber, which gives it a thicker coat while the duplicolor water-based formula makes it form a thin coat.

The thick nature of herculiner enables it to diffuse impact on your truck bed over a wide distance, thus protecting your truck bed from sustaining dents, scratches, dings, etc. talk of spectacular protection.

Don’t get it wrong, though…this doesn’t mean that duplicolor isn’t any good. You can try applying more than one duplicolor coats to help achieve your desired results and looks.


We have already said that duplicolor is a water-based coat that forms a soft, thin layer. For this reason, you don’t expect the bedliner to last for as long as the premium liners. The use of water-based formula and thinner nature makes it fade faster than its competitors.

Nevertheless, if you carefully follow the manufacturer’s construction and take your time to do the prep work, you can rest assured that duplicolor will serve you for long enough.

A word of advice: You might consider duplicolor on a truck that’s not used for ferrying heavy workloads if you want to last for a longer period of time.

Herculiner, on the other hand, is an incredibly durable bed liner, and you’ll only need to apply a single coat of this liner to enjoy a super-solid, rough, and thicker cover around your truck bed. The paint won’t easily chip, bubble, or peel. It’ll last for an extended period of time, as it’s evident from the positive reviews from the truck owners who have used it before.

When you apply it on your truck, herculiner goes deep into the process and cracks of your truck bed to bond and form a seal the surface. This superior adhesion is the secret to its exceptional durability.

REMEMBER, correct installation of your bedliner (whether its duplicator or herculiner) is the secret to achieving a coat that protects your truck bed from elements and abuse…and lasts longer!

Ease of application:

Before you decide on which of the two-bed liners, duplicolor bed armor vs. herculiner, to spend your cash one, you’d also want to confirm which is simpler to install on your truck.

Judging from the many reviews we scanned through (for both bedliners), we can safely say that both roll-on bed liners are incredibly easy to install on your truck bed.

This is in line with the fact that roll-on liners are generally easy to apply.

We also love the fact that each complete kit comes with everything you need for the job, so you can down to the installation process right away.

Things you’ll find in both kits include: paintbrush, roller, scouring pad, handle, to name but a few.

As we mentioned several times before, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer instructions carefully to ensure you do a good job. If you’re not a DIY enthusiast or don’t think you’ll be able to do a good job, consider hiring a skilled painter who has done the job before.

Duplicator bed armor vs herculiner—our verdict

Duplicolor and herculiner are the two top brands you’ll come across when looking for the best roll-on bedliner for your truck. With each having heaps of positive feedbacks from previous users, deciding on which one is better can be a headache.

After reading our head to head duplicator bed armor vs herculiner comparison above, you’ll get to discover what each bedliner is all about, the strengths and weakness of each of them. And this way, you’ll have an easier time choosing the one that fits your needs.

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