How to Drill into Concrete with a Regular Drill

There are a lot of work pieces or objects that you can drill into. Concrete is one of them. You may need to drill into concrete often because there are a lot of things we hang on our concrete wall.

So it’s important that you learn about the best way to drill into a concrete wall.

In this guide, I will help you to learn about drilling into concrete with a regular drill. There are two major things you need to do here. One is that you need to set up the tools and objects you want to drill. The other one is that you have to learn how to drill.

In the major parts, I have divided the tasks into some steps so that it will be easier for you to follow. Now, let’s get started on the major parts.

The Setup

In this part of the drilling, you have to set up your tools. To drill in a concrete you can use a regular drill. But you have to learn to set up your machine before you can start using it. So in this part, I am going to show you how you can set up your tools.

Getting a Drill

There are two ways you can get a drill machine. You can either buy one. Or you can simply hire one from a hardware store. If you think that you need to drill often then it is best for you to buy one. But if it’s a one time job then you can hire a drill machine.

While hiring or buying a drill you should focus on the power of the drill. Try to buy a powerful drill machine. Although it will cost some extra money but having a powerful drill machine is worth it.

Because it will help you to drill into harder objects. And you can adjust the power in case of drilling into a softer object.

Knowing Your Tool

You should get a user manual when you get a drill. Read through it to learn about the knobs and controls. If you are not comfortable with your tools then it is pointless to work with it. So make sure you feel comfortable while using the drill machine.

Always follow the safety instructions. A common safety instruction is to wear safety goggles. Also, wear heavy gloves to prevent your hands from accidents and hearing protection because drilling always makes a lot of noise. This may affect your hearing. Follow these steps and you will do fine.

Knowing about Drill Bit

Drill bits are the part of the drill that actually cuts through the object. Try to get a high-quality drill bit because it is always helpful for hard solid objects. The better drill bit you get the more it will withstand the force you give while drilling.

It is very difficult to drill reinforces concrete. To be specific it is more difficult than drilling into steel rebar. So using a high-quality drill bit is without a doubt the best thing to do here. While using it you have to slow down occasionally so that you can prevent overheating.

Setting up the Depth

It is very important to set up the depth while drilling into a concrete surface. Some drills have a measurement system that can help you to drill at a depth you want.

But if your drill does not come with a measurement system then you can manually measure the depth.

Some concrete bricks may be hollow on the inside. In that case, you have to know how thick the surface of the concrete is and choose a depth according to it.

If you are willing to hang some light objects on a concrete wall then it is okay to drill a small hole but for heavier objects try to drill deeper holes.

Holding the Drill Properly

Holding the drill can be a little tricky for you. Firstly you have to hold the drill like a gun with one hand. Some drills have a handle on the side to hold it with another hand. If you have one you should use it.

But if you don’t have a handle on the side keep your other hand on the back of the drill.

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How to Drill into Concrete Step By Step

After you are done with the setup, you are ready for drilling into concrete. For drilling into the concrete can follow some simple steps. I have given them below for you to find it easy to drill.

Marking a Spot

Before you start drilling into a concrete surface you should first mark a spot where you want to drill. You can use colors to mark that spot. Marking a specific spot will help you to drill perfectly.

Suppose you want to have two holes at a specific distance. If you mark the spots for them before starting your drilling then you don't have to worry about the measurement later. So always mark a spot before starting the drilling.

Drilling a Center Hole

When you start drilling start with creating a center hole. As you have marked a spot you can create a center hole in that spot. The center hole will help you to have a nicer hole later.

If you start to drill without a center hole then your drill may slip and you may not get to your target position. That way the object may get ruined.

For a larger hole, you can make a regular size center hole. And for that, you will be needing a regular sized drill bit. But for a smaller hole, the center hole should be even smaller.

So, then you will need a smaller drill bit. Choose your drill bit according to your need.

Starting to Drill with More Power

After you are done with the pilot hole or the center hole you can now start to drill the main hole. Use your drilling machine in the right the way and make sure you are using enough power. Don’t push your machine forward.

Apply enough pressure in your machine but don't push too hard. This is a tricky part but it's not as hard as it sounds. Actually, it takes a little practice to find the right spot. So you will need to practice a bit before starting your main work.

Pulling out the Drill

While pulling out the drill, push it back a little every time you pull. This will help you to remove the dust easily from the hole. Another thing you should remember is that a regular drill gets overheated very soon.

Especially if you drill for a long time. So while pulling back, stop every ten or fifteen seconds so that the overheating doesn't cause any damage.

Breaking through Obstructions

Sometimes you will find the hole to be imperfect. That means the hole will not look as good as you expected. In this case, use a nail to break through the obstructions. Use the nail to polish the hole and you will get just the thing you wanted.

Blowing out the Dust

Finally, you have to blow out the dust in the hole. This will make the hole in the concrete surface cleaner and tighter. Because if the dust remains inside, the nails you pin in the holes may not stick tightly. So carefully blow off the dust after drilling.


You have now learned about how to drill into concrete with a regular drill. In this article, you have seen that if you follow the steps accordingly you will find it very easy to drill into concrete.

You just have to focus on the setup first. After you have set up everything you can start the drilling process.

The drilling process is also very easy if you can follow the steps given in this guide. Remember about the safety instructions. Drilling with a drill machine is easy but always wear the safety instruments while using a drill machine.

I hope that this guide will help you on your drilling into concrete.

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