Does AutoZone Turn Rotors? – Available Options & Cost

Who doesn’t wish to keep their car in a perfect state inside out? Indeed, keeping your brakes in the best possible condition is crucial to enjoying a smooth drive and improving their lifespan.

If you wonder, “does AutoZone turn rotors or not,” then, unfortunately, the company does not offer rotor turning services. AutoZone does not replace brake drums, shoes, or pads.

Nonetheless, if you plan to do the job yourself, you can buy high-quality replacement parts at AutoZone. AutoZone provides a complete range of brake drums, pads, replacement rotors, and everything else required to replace or repair your vehicle’s brakes.

AutoZone also offers a limited-time warranty on brake pads and rotors. If rotors or brake pads wear off or do not work efficiently during the warranty, AutoZone may provide you with the new parts or fully refund your payment.

AutoZone has a specific warranty period for each piece, and you can confirm this warranty time from the purchase receipt. Specifically for brake pads, AutoZone accepts them in any condition and replaces them with the new ones free of cost within the warranty time.

Although AutoZone does not provide rotor turning or resurfacing services, it offers you a helping guide to do it yourself. You can check out its official website and learn about the repair and maintenance of the brakes. There you’ll find information about how to properly inspect your brakes, the correct way of rotor removal and installation, and other beneficial information to perfectly maintain your brakes.Does Autozone Turn Rotors

What Is the Right Time to Turn Rotors?

Brake rotors function alongside brake pads to stop the car when you hit the brake pedal. For that, regular maintenance of your car’s brake rotors is vital for enjoying a smooth ride for a more extended period. Turning brake rotors safeguards them from warping or grinding. Through lathing or machining, the mechanic scraps off the extra material from the brake pads.Turn Rotors

Regularly turning your rotors is beneficial in several ways. First, it will offer effortless braking action. Second, it will cause less friction and heat, and most importantly, it will increase the lifetime of the car’s brake pads.

Generally, it is best to replace rotors after around seventy-thousand miles. On the other hand, the average time for replacing the brake pads is around forty-thousand to fifty-thousand. This range mainly depends on the car model, your driving routine, the quality of the brake rotors and brake pads, and your car’s weight. Visual inspection is the best way to check the brake rotors’ physical condition.

Usually, people change the brake pedals regularly but do not pay much attention to replacing brake rotors. Ideally, both parts require timely repair and replacement. So, when should you turn rotors?

There is no exact time frame to turn rotors. If the rotor surface seems smooth and seamless, there is no need to turn them. But if you detect minor roughness in the rotors, it is time to turn them. However, you must keep a check for particular signs, such as the presence of rough spots, warping, grinding, and noise.

The most obvious sign of repairing or replacing the brake rotors is the loud noise or vibration you’ll hear while braking. When you press the brake pedal, rough spots or warped surfaces of rotors will cause resistance, and in turn, you’ll hear screeching noise. It is wise to properly inspect the rotors to check for cracks or damages and then decide whether to turn or replace them.

If money is not an issue, turning rotors every time you change your car’s brake pads is best. Doing both processes guarantees maximum extension in the lifetime of the brake pads. However, it is unnecessary to replace the rotors whenever you replace the brake pads; only turning them is enough.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get Rotors Turned?

Though many people tend to do the job themselves, turning the brake rotors is not easy. When done by a professional mechanic, the cost for turning your car’s brake rotors is around fifteen to twenty-five dollars. This amount may seem trivial and economical, but considering that you can buy new rotors in less than thirty dollars, replacing them seems a better option.Cost To Get Rotors Turned

Furthermore, if you think of turning the rotors yourself, you’ll need step-by-step guidelines to do the job correctly. So, it is better to replace the rotors professionally. A skilled and qualified mechanic will efficiently turn the rotors, resulting in the same as new brake rotors.

A professional will check whether each rotor has a legally specified minimum thickness or not and check their surface’s roughness. The mechanic will cut off a thin layer of brake material till the plain surface appears.

Next, mechanics use sandpaper for an even smooth finish on both sides. Although it benefits from a smooth and seamless braking mechanism, rotors lose their original thickness via turning. Every time you turn your car’s rotors, the surface becomes thinner, thus losing the ability to absorb and disperse heat from the friction caused during braking.

Indeed rotor turning offers a good solution for seamless braking for a while, but replacing rotors with new and thick ones will assure premium services for a long time.

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Does O’Reilly Still Turn Rotors?

Yes, O’Reilly still offers rotor turning services at its many stores across the U.S. However, you may not get rotor turning services at every O’Reilly store. So, it is advisable first to contact the store location you plan to visit, whether it offers rotor turning services.Does O'Reilly Still Turn Rotors

If available, rotor turning services may cost around ten to fifteen dollars per rotor at an O’Reilly store. Your rotors should have more thickness than the minimum allowed to get rotor turning services from O’Reilly. Plus, the whole process may take thirty to sixty minutes.

O’Reilly does not provide services for rotors if these are severely worn out. It is better to replace the rotors with new ones in this case. You can get brake pads, brake drums, and replacement rotors from O’Reilly stores.

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Is It Worth It to Have Rotors Turned?

Yes, it is. Turning rotors periodically is a vital process for the maintenance of your car. Rather than waiting for the rotors to endure damage or severe cracks, turning them with minor warp or rough spots is best. For this, it is advisable to check each brake rotor time after time visually. If it remains unchecked for a long time, braking will cause loud noises, vibrations, and grooves or cracks on the rotor surface.Is It Worth It To Have Rotors Turned

Such extensively damaged brake rotors will negatively affect your driving. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye on the health of rotors and turning them time after time.

Is It Cheaper to Resurface or Replace Rotors?

Resurfacing the rotors is expensive as compared to replacing the rotors. On average, resurfacing rotors is around two-thirty dollars to three-thirty dollars. Contrarily, the price for replacing the brake pads is about one hundred to one hundred and thirty dollars. Plus, car manufacturers do not recommend resurfacing rotors.

In Conclusion

There you go! In addition to having your question answered, “Does AutoZone turn rotors or not?” We hope you have gotten some beneficial information regarding rotor turning. Regularly turning your car’s brake rotors is essential for relishing a smooth car ride.

Continually check the brake rotors’ condition and if you feel a rough surface, go for professional rotor turning services. However, if the surface has grooves, cracks, or is thinner than legally advised, it is better to opt for rotor replacement instead of rotor turning. You can either get your rotor turning services from a professional mechanic or do it yourself following a guide.

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