Do Exhaust Cutouts Increase Horsepower? Know the Fact

Understanding your jeep’s components isn’t always easy. But that doesn’t mean that you should believe everything people say. For example, one of the most debatable questions nowadays is, do exhaust cutouts increase horsepower?

Before you go about installing cutouts, you should understand how it would affect your jeep. Many sources will tell you that cutouts can increase horsepower, whereas others will tell you they don’t. So, what’s the truth? Let’s put some light on the issue.

 Do Exhaust Cutouts Increase Horsepower?

The truth is, everyone’s telling the truth. Exhaust cutouts have proven to go both ways. Sometimes cutouts proved to contribute to increased horsepower, whereas some users experienced the reverse.

What I am saying is, there’s no certainty that cutouts will increase your vehicle’s horsepower. However, the majority will tell you that they’ve experienced an increase in horsepower.

So, what should you do regarding this? First of all, avoid consulting any inexperienced mechanic or anyone else who doesn’t have proper knowledge about vehicles. Consult someone who has in-depth knowledge and can introduce you to vehicle-specific information.

Secondly, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s components and how it works. This way, you can relate to the procedure. Lastly, make sure that the cutout you’re getting is of the correct size.

Exhaust Cutouts

How Does An Exhaust Cutout Work? 

Most users will tell you that installing an exhaust cutout kit has increased their vehicle’s horsepower. If you’re thinking about doing the same to your jeep, you should be familiar with the process of how an exhaust cutout works and why the horsepower increases when it’s installed.

You can face combustion issues if the residue from the previous combustion doesn’t clear out from the exhaust system. However, it’s mandatory by the law to have a combustion pipe in your vehicle. A cutout can make the process faster and allow the gas to escape the exhaust system more quickly.

That all sounds very good. But you should remember that there’s also a downside to installing an exhaust cutout. Your jeep will get louder after the installation. Some states don’t allow the extra noise emitted from your vehicle.

So, if you want to add a cutout to your jeep’s exhaust system, make sure to measure the noise level. Another thing to keep in mind is the size and type of the cutout.

Instead of getting and installing a cutout by yourself, I recommend consulting a professional mechanic to ensure that the cutout is compatible with your vehicle and won’t affect the jeep in the long run.

Increasing your jeep’s horsepower isn’t worth damaging it in the long run. So, make sure everything is suitable, legal, and compatible before installing anything.

Exhaust Cutouts for Increasing power

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do exhaust cutouts increase horsepower? 

Even though people have found mixed results with exhaust cutouts, the majority of the users claim that they’ve experienced a significant increase in horsepower and torque. However, you should remember that installing cutouts also increases the noise of your vehicle.

Q. What does an exhaust cutout do? 

Exhaust cutouts can allow the exhaust gas to leave the system quickly, increasing the horsepower of your vehicle. It’s illegal if you don’t have an exhaust pipe in your vehicle. Cutouts can facilitate the procedure and make your vehicle perform more efficiently.

Q. Is an exhaust cutout legal? 

Depending on the state you’re living in, the situation can vary. Some states won’t allow the extra noise your vehicle makes when you install a cutout. So, make sure it’s legal where you live so that you don’t get pulled by an officer.

Q. How much does it cost to install an exhaust cutout? 

The price varies depending on the type of cutout you’re using and on the person installing your cutout. Consult a professional mechanic to find a suitable cutout for your vehicle. Then, search for the most affordable option you can get.

Exhaust Cutouts Increase Horsepower

Q. Can exhaust cutouts decrease horsepower?

Surprisingly enough, you can experience a drop in horsepower after installing an exhaust cutout. If the installation process isn’t calculated precisely, you can end up with a decrease in horsepower. Some users don’t even realize that the low horsepower they’re experiencing is due to the cutout installation.

To avoid this situation, you must consult a professional mechanic rather than a DIY mechanic to install your cutout. A professional can ensure that the cutout is suitable for your vehicle and calculate the installation with precision.

Final Words

Let’s hope that the article answered all your questions regarding do exhaust cutouts increase horsepower or not. If you’re determined to get a cutout, make sure that you’re not breaking any law. If your car is emitting more noise, there’s a chance that you’ll be pulled over.

So, even though exhaust cutouts will increase your jeep’s performance, you may end up with a noisy vehicle.

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