Difference Between Wood & Metal Drill Bits

We need to do drilling often in our day to day lives. Sometimes we need to drill wooden objects. And sometimes we need to drill metal objects. But these two are very different from one another.

In fact, they use different drill bits to cut a hole. So I am going to help you learn about the different drill bits.

You will also learn about the difference between wood & metal drill bits. This will help you to drill better on these different objects. But to know the difference first you have to learn about the tools.

I have described the tools individually so that you can learn the difference very quick and easy. Now let's start.

What Is a Drill Bit?

A drill bit is a cutting device. It is used to make holes in an object. The holes are always circular if it is cut by a drill bit. Drill bits have different sizes and shapes. So this tool can create different size of holes and the holes can be in different patterns.

There are some essential parts of a drill bit. The spiral part is one of them. You can use this to controls the rate of chip removal. If you want to have a higher rate of removal then you have to use a fast spiral. For a lower rate of removal, you can use the slower one.

The point angle is also an essential part of a drill bit. If you want to cut holes in a soft material then you can simply use a drill bit with small point angle. But for a harder material, you have to use a drill bit with a larger point angle.

The lip angle can control the amount of support you can provide to the cutting edge.

Another essential part of the drill bit is its length. Because it will help you to know how deep are you going to make the holes. There are different types of drill bits like wood drill bits, metal drill bits etc. I have described them bellow. So these are the basics of a drill bit.

Wood Drill Bits

The general purpose of a wood drill bit is to cut a hole in a wooden object. These bits are specialized in such a way so that they won’t damage the object while cutting the holes. Because wood is more sensitive than metal. There are different types of wood drill bits for different types of drilling.

There is drill bit called the lip and spur drill bits which are used to cut holes in woods. It is a special drill bit for wooden objects only. Its main feature is that it is a spiral bit so the hole you make in the workpiece will be spiral as well.

For rough boring spade, wood bits are very essential. Sometimes you might have to do rough boring on your workpiece. In this case, spade bits are helpful. These are generally flat in shape. Spade bits have two cutters for different cutting.

Another useful and important bit for wood is spoon bit. Spoon bits are like spoons in shape. But it has a point angle on its head. So it helps to polish the hole in your object.

There are many other drill bits for wood you can find. For example, Forstner bits, Center bits, Augur bits etc. Each of them is used for different purposes. You can read this article to learn more about wood drill bits.

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Metal Drill Bits

Metal drill bits are used to drill holes in a metal workpiece. These drill bits are different from wood drill bits. They are more powerful than the wood drill bits. Also, you can use these to drill wooden objects as well. But the object can be damaged if not drilled carefully.

You can find many metal drill bits for drilling. The center and spot drill bit are one of them. The main purpose of using this drill bit is to mark a spot you want to actually drill. This drill has a very pointy head tip. So it is easy for you to mark a spot on your workpiece.

There is also another metal drill bit known as the Core drill bit. It has two major works in drilling. One is that it can enlarge a hole that already exists. The other work of a core drill bit is to make an annular cross-section while cutting a hole.

The Indexable drill bits are also metal drill bits. They are very expensive though. The indexable drill bits have two inserts. You have to use one insert for the outer radius of a hole. The other one is the inside radius.

The Differences

There are some differences between wood and metal drill bits. The differences are given below.

  • Wood drill bits are mainly for the wooden workpiece. But metal drill bits are for the metal objects.
  • You cannot use a wood drill bit on a metal object. But you can use the metal drill bit on wood. In this case, you have to adjust the pressure.
  • The wood drill bits need less force or energy to drill. But the metal drill bits need more force and energy.
  • Wood drill bits use less pressure while drilling. On the other hand, metal drill bits use more pressure.


By going through this article you have learned about drill bits, metal drill bits, and wood drill bits. You have also learned about the difference between wood and metal drill bits.

This will help you to drill better. It will also help you to identify the tools you need while drilling different objects.

You can see that the main difference between wood and metal drill bits is that you can use the wood drill bit for drilling holes in wood.

But you have to use the metal drill bits for drilling holes in a metal object. You can now differ the tools you need because you know the difference.

I hope this guide was helpful for you. You can follow our website and learn more about the wood and metal drill bits. You will also find other features of these drill bits in this provided link.

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