Compressor Oil vs Motor Oil: Get To Know Them

Have you ever wondered how an oil is made? There are many types of oil, and each one is made in a specific way. Which type do most of us use? Why do we choose the type we do? The motor oil and compressor oil that most of us use is made from mineral oil base stocks, which are a purified form of crude oil.

Such steps as desalting, evaporation, distillation, solvent extraction, and hydro finishing refine these base materials. All of these steps are taken to improve viscosity, low and high-temperature performance, and oxidation resistance.

Do they difference?

Believe it or not, I still get a lot of questions about motor oil and compressor oil from homemakers to car owners. In addition, one of the most common questions I hear is, “What’s the difference in engine oils?” Well for this discussion, I will focus on the highlights of the two types of oil that most of us use every day.


There are all sorts of reasons why you need an air compressor. Air compressors can be used on a small scale, for example for inflating bicycle tires, or they can be used for large purposes, e.g. to supply a power source for your machine and machine shop.

The Compressor Oil

These large air compressor applications are likely to have to use the compressor oil that many people in the industry use for their compressors. The use of compressor oil not only increases the efficiency of the air compressor used but also prolongs the life of the air compressor used.

Purpose of the Compressor Oil

Many people do not realize the value that compressor oil can have on the air compressor itself, but there are many benefits to using oil in your compressor. First, the main purpose of the compressor oil is lubrication.

When the compressor oil is added to the compressor system, the task of the oil is to use a splash lubrication technique that lubricates the bearings and cylinder of the machine. In other words, an oil bath is supplied to the compressor so that it works more efficiently than a simple air compressor would work.

Which Type of Compressor Oil to Use

Although compressor oil may be a mystery to many people, the oil used for air compressors is fundamentally different from regular motor oil, although many people say that there is a difference. Still, there are a few different types of compressor oils that can be bought.

Synthetic oils can be purchased if you want an enhanced performance, but regular compressor oil contains 20W / ISO68 air compressors pump oil as well as 30W / ISO100 compressor oil. These two oils are among the most commonly used air compressors.

All in all, using compressor oil in your system is a good idea not only to have a better air compressor but also to increase the working capacity of your air compressor!

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How does It Difference from Motor Oil

Compressor oil is generally manufactured oil that does not contain any cleaning agents commonly contained in engine oil. Compressor oil is specially made for greasing the metal rolls in a compressor and is, for the most part, the proposed decision of the manufacturers of air compressors. Manufactured oil additionally reduces the carbon stored in the compressor.


Almost everyone knows that the main job of motor oil or other lubricant is to create a barrier between moving parts that prevents friction and wear. However, in a modern engine, oil has to do a lot more!

Motor Oil

The motor oil with its wear protection additives must cushion the impact. The oil film absorbs and distributes the energy across the supporting surface, preventing metal-to-metal contact.

Engine oil; they also play a role in water-cooled engines to keep the engine cool. The oil absorbs engine heat and dissipates it from hot engine parts. The oil spouting into the cylinder not only lubricates the piston rings that move against the cylinder wall but also conducts heat away from the back of the piston and moves it to a point where it can be removed.

Why Petroleum Based Motor Oils are Most Preferred

One reason is the cost – oil from synthetic base materials is more expensive. Another reason is the habit – we are just used to using petroleum engine oil and are reluctant to change. Motor oil manufacturers are also encouraging us as they make more money by changing our oil more frequently.

In short, there are a number of reasons why we continue to use engine oil made from mineral oil base materials, but none of these has anything to do with engine protection or performance.

Why should Buy Motor Oil

motor oil is the most important component of your engine. Without it, your engine will die. With the wrong oil, your engine dies slowly. It is important to get it right. Use this guide to make the best possible selection so you can get as much life out of your motor as possible.

How does It Difference from Compressor Oil

Motor oils come in natural and engineered assortments and are used as part of vehicle engines to grease between metal parts. Unlike compressor oil, engine oil often contains additives that assist engines by preventing the oil from falling off at high operating temperatures.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. Does Motor Oil Really Help Against Demode Tic Mange?

Some may actually have been lucky and cured their dogs’ mange, but it is still a very dangerous method to use and will definitely not work for most other dogs.

2. Is it Possible Interchange Motor Oil and Compressor Oil?

While it is conceivable in some air compressors to use engine oil, in most cases it is not suggested that compressor oil is used as part of automobiles. Refer to the instructions for use of the prescribed oil composition for each application.

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