How to Change Drill Bits Black and Decker

Can’t change the drill bits? Having difficulties with your new drill while replacing bits. Worry is over. Because today I will show how to change Drill Bits Black and Decker step by step.

But before that let me explain about different types of drill because that will help you to understand the process better.

There are two types of black and decker drill which are the cordless and corded drill. All cordless black and decker must use a keyless chuck system to band drill bits. On the other hand, the corded drill uses a key that engages the splines on the chuck. Now I will help you to get knowledge about changing drill bits.

As chucks are of two types – keyed and keyless; bit changing process is totally different for them. Here I'm going to talk about both processes.

Keyed Chuck

Step 1

At first, release the trigger and wait for the drill to come to a complete stop. Then unplug the drill.

Step 2

After having the drill complete stop you have to locate the key connected to the cord of your black and decker drill. There is a knob on the top of the key surrounded by gear teeth. The end of the key is black and there is a T-handle created by a metal bar. The end of the key is connected to the cord. We can get more knowledge about it from Wikipedia.

Step 3

Now, locate the round hole on the side of the chuck. You could find the chuck on any side of the chuck as it rotates around the chuck when you turn on the drill. It is confirmed that the hole is located in front of the gear teeth on the chuck.

Step 4

It’s time to place the knob on the key into the hole on the chuck. Then mesh the gear teeth on the key with the gear teeth on the chuck.

Step 5

Holding the drill firmly turn the T-handle anti-clockwise and this will result in detachment of the bit and chuck. Now you can easily remove the bit from the chuck. While doing this make sure you hold the body of the drill for a steady and firm grip.

Step 6

Pull out the drill bit and set it aside. Now, insert the new bit into the chuck. Grasp the T-handle of the drill with another hand and rotate it clockwise to tighten the chuck. So, the drill bit Black and Decker will be completely changed.

Keyless Chuck

Step 1

Your first step for Black and Decker is to locate the switch that indicates the direction of opening. It's above the trigger of the hand drill. Now set this one to the anti-clockwise direction for the opening.

Step 2

Tightly hold the drill with one hand and grasp the black outer sleeve on the keyless chuck with the other hand. Newer Black and Decker drill are featured with the keyless chuck. The keyless chuck holds the drill bit. You can find more idea in Wikipedia.

Step 3

Next step is to press the trigger of the drill and let it off as soon as possible. If you repeat this the cordless drill get several short bursts of powers. So, repeat this several time. Now look for the sleeve and hold it as you do this.

Stop when the chuck starts open. Do it very carefully. Don’t just pull the trigger because this is risky for opening the chuck.  As a result, the drill bit will fly out.

Step 4

Now insert the new bit into the chuck. Keep the cutting of the bit towards you. Holding the outer sleeve rotates this at the clockwise direction for tightening. So, the drill bit is changed.


Finally, we have found that changing drill bits is quite a simple task. But there are still chances of light accidents. So when you change the drill bit do it carefully and do it quite. Take enough time and don't get hurt. Hope this guide was helpful. If you have any further problem in this issue please let me know in the comment section.

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