CB Radio vs Walkie Talkie – Difference You Should Know?

In off-road driving or other purposes, you may have been acquainted with one of these two radios at least once. At first glance walkie talkie and CB radio look similar, but there are many technical differences between them. Also, their use varies from personal to professional.

If you are confused about the difference between walkie talkie vs CB radio, then this comparison guide is for you. Here we have highlighted the main differences between these two common radios. We also prepared the article part by part analysis for easy understanding at the beginning level. But, before moving on to the main section, let’s get familiarized with these two radios separately after checking a few top CB radios on the market.

What is a Walkie Talkie?

The walkie talkie basically is a two way radio transceiver, and it is also known as a handy talkie or handheld transceiver. Walkie talkie used to communicate with one team to another team at the same time in a short distance.

With the help of its push to talk button, it is easy to control and talk to each other. Once it was once used extensively in the military or defense sector, but it is now widely used in the personal field.

What is CB Radio?

The CB radio, also known as Citizens Band Radio, is designed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for public use. It was invented in the 1970s, but its popularity is still there. The CB radio is very common for communication with various vehicles, including cars, trucks, and other off-road vehicles. But most of the time, it is seen to be used in the field of professional work. However, it also has many advantages which we will discuss later.

Walkie Talkie VS CB Radio

Main Difference Between CB Radio vs Walkie Talkie

In this section, we will analyze the main similarities and differences of CB radio vs walkie talkie. Let’s see.

Transmission Range

The main features of any radio or talkie are its transmit range. So the massive difference between walkie talkie and CB radio is mainly in the transmission range features; in this case, CB radio is much ahead.

Walkie-talkie’s transmission range is around two to three miles, while a CB radio’s transmission range is 20 miles and more, which is several times more than a walkie talkie. CB radio is also a perfect medium for long distance communication, as it has been built very strong, that’s why it can be used without any interference.


Again in terms of channel, the CB radio has a lot more ahead than a walkie talkie. CB radio has around 30 channels to communicate, but some best CB radio’s channels and frequency are more than 35 channels. On the other hand, walkie talkie has around only 8 channels.

Price Range and Usability

The walkie talkie is now commonly used for personal use. It is especially popular for using a tour guide or a team nearby to communicate with another team. Many brands have also specially designed walkie talkies for kids to use so that they can have fun with other neighbor kids.

On the other hand, CB radio is mainly used for professional or commercial purposes. In case of maximum off-road driving usage, it is to communicate with one driver to another driver. CB radio is much more expensive than a walkie talkie, but CB radio’s improved range capabilities and durable construction make it much more worthy.


The walkie talkie is basically as compact and portable like a phone, which makes it very easy to carry with you anywhere, as well as its compact size makes it easy to use for anyone.

The CB radio has various most useful features, but in terms of portability, the CB radio is far behind than walkie talkie. It is designed to be placed and connected on the dashboard of a truck or car, due to which CB’s maximum model in terms of size is very large and cannot be carried with a person.

Emergency Contact

It is an important feature, which is very important in critical times. The great thing is both walkie talkie and CB radio have this useful emergency contact or SOS feature, which you can use in case of risk.

Walkie Talkie

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How far can a walkie talkie reach on average?

The walkie talkie has different models and different ranges. However, the range of most of the walkie talkie models on average is 5 to 7 miles. Perfect for personal use in hiking, camping, or any project.

But if you want more range, for example, 25 to 30 miles, then you have to spend some more money, on the one hand, you can hear the sound more clearly, and on the other hand, you get a lot more features.

Can a two way radio communicate with a CB?

The short answer is “Yes.” CB can communicate with two way radios. CB radio offers private two way radio communication for both personal and business use.

Are walkie talkies beginner-friendly?

Most walkie-talkie models are beginner-friendly. But, the professional purposes of usable walkie-talkies are very difficult to use for beginners.

However, most manufacturers include detailed user guide books for easy understanding. That’s why we will recommend you; if you are a beginner, or want to buy a walkie-talkie for a kid, then you must look at the user-friendly features and a user guide.

Final Verdict:

Which One is a Great Option for You?

We have tried to explain the differences between the main features. Hopefully, you have already figured out which walkie talkie vs CB radio option is the best pick for your communication.

Even then, we say briefly; If you are looking for a radio for personal use or communicating at short distances, then walkie talkie is the perfect choice for you; otherwise, CB is an excellent choice for extensive, long-distance and driving, or off-road driving.

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