Can You Drive Without A Serpentine Belt?

Can You Drive Without A Serpentine Belt

In 1974, the world witnessed an invention, the creation of a serpentine belt, that has revolutionized the automotive industry. The Ford Mustang, released in 1980, was one of the first vehicles with a serpentine belt. Since then, auto manufacturers have installed the belt in almost all vehicles. One of the most popular questions relates to …

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How to Stop Serpentine Belt From Squeaking? Fast and Easy

Stop Serpentine Belt From Squeaking

Have you ever encountered a situation when you are driving your car on the road in the hustle-bustle of everyday traffic, and suddenly the vehicle starts producing squeaking noises? Like, it is also so frustrated with this terrible traffic and endless wait on the traffic signals to make its way through to the destination. But …

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What is a Serpentine Belt and What It Does For Your Car? – Cargister

What'S A Serpentine Belt

Serpentine Belt in a car is a high-quality rubber belt with one side rough and another side smooth (smooth being the outer or visible side), placed to drive the components of the engine mounted on the periphery. The belt serves as the one key driver for the engine parts like water pump, battery alternator, air …

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When, How Often and How To Replace Serpentine Belt? – Cargister

Replace Serpentine Belt

Cars are no longer a luxury to own. They are now a necessity to have. However, there is a need to understand what your car needs and how long some parts ought to last. Importantly, you need to know how to replace some few parts. One of such parts is the serpentine belt. The question …

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How Tight Should a Serpentine Belt Be? [Answered]

Serpentine Belt Tightness

What is a Serpentine Belt? A serpentine belt is a long, robust rubber belt that transports power to the engine accessories. Major parts of the engine like the alternator, power steering, air conditioning compressor, air pump, and water pump. The function of all these items relies heavily on a working serpentine belt. In other words, …

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Serpentine Belt?

Serpentine Belt Cost

Serpentine Belt is a critical accessory in the engine system of a vehicle. It drives the parts of a vehicle which are responsible for vehicle movement on the road. Power steering, water pump, and air-conditioner are some of the main parts which run in the car with the help of a serpentine belt. Evidently, if …

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Can You Drive When Serpentine Belt Goes Bad? – Cargister

Drive When Serpentine Belt Goes Bad

­Do you understand your car? Do you know how different parts function and how they act when broken? And, how often do you have your car checked? These are some of the questions that all car owners ought to answer. There are parts that may hinder your car from functioning; especially the serpentine belt. Now, …

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