Body Lift vs Suspension Lift: What are the Differences?

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Do you want to install a lift kit on your car? When purchasing lift kits, know the available types and what they do. A lift kit is a car adjustment that lifts either the bodywork or only the suspension. The lift kit installation will make your vehicle’s wheel hubs higher so that you can insert …

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Wheel Offset vs Backspacing: What Should You Know?


Do you need to buy another tire for your vehicle? Do you know how to choose the right tight that will fit in the bumpers of your vehicle? It takes some consideration to ensure your wheels and tires fit legitimately in the, without rubbing against the bumper or vehicle parts. Two essential estimations that depict …

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Synthetic Blend Oil vs Regular Oil: What are the Differences?

Synthetic Oil Vs Regular Oil

Do you need to change the engine oil of your car and now wondering which type to buy? Synthetic or regular?. If you compare synthetic and regular oil, the main thing to keep in mind is a mixture of artificially incorporated blends or a regular mineral blend derived from crude oil. The artificial term meaning …

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How to Easily Siphon Gas Out of a Car? – Cargister

How To Siphon Gas Out Of A Car

Knowing how to siphon gas from a car or any other vehicle is important. That said, it is not taught as often as it used to be. Many people think of thieves when they think of siphoning gas, so its popularity has waned in recent decades.  However, being able to siphon gas can be important …

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How to Remove Spray Paint from Car Easily? – Cargister

How To Remove Spray Paint From Car

Are you looking for the best way to remove a spray paint from your car? Indeed finding your car vandalized with a jar of splash torture is a definite approach to putting a damper on your day. This is especially true if, like a happy car owner, you make a considerable effort to preserve its …

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How to Clean an Engine: Step By Step Guide – Cargister

How To Clean An Engine

Are you among those having problems with their engine? Your engine is not working properly and now thinking purchasing another one? No, you should not do that; you can try washing your engine. Do you know why cleaning engine is a nice thing? Most people do not clean their engine often. What they fail to …

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Pb Blaster vs Kroil: Choose the Best Penetrating Oil

Pb Blaster Vs Kroil - Get Everything You Need To Know

Are you wondering what the preferred penetrating oil is? Thinking of Kroil, PB Blaster, or whatsoever? Which one is the best? Is Kroil anything like PB Blaster? You might have heard great talks about Kroil and PB plaster penetrating oils but do not know the difference between them. This article will cover some standing-out aspects …

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Compressor Oil vs Motor Oil: Get To Know Them

Compressor Oil Vs Motor Oil

Have you ever wondered how an oil is made? There are many types of oil, and each one is made in a specific way. Which type do most of us use? Why do we choose the type we do? The motor oil and compressor oil that most of us use is made from mineral oil …

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