Black Oxide Vs Titanium Drill Bit: What Is The differences Between Them

With radical changes in technology, it has led us to multiple options for each and every time we go out in the super store for a tool. IN generations past, a craftsman would go to store, and buy the only kind of hammer that he needs. No variation of hammers to confuse him, or no such fancy features. It was a straight go by then.

But things have changed a lot by then. If we take the same craftsman to store today, he will surely be confused among a fiberglass handle hammer, a hickory handle and many more.

So, is it good?

Well, it kind of depends. If you are sure about the exact type and kind of product you need, this variation of products will apparently help you. And as long as we are concerned about drill bits and their uses, we need to know all the variations of them, and picking up the right one for you.

Titanium Vs Black Oxide: The Drill Bit Variation

Titanium Vs Black Oxide

Drill bits can be classified in two viewpoints- the size and the materials. In this article, we will be talking about two of the most poplar drill bit types, which vary from each other in terms of material.

Basically, there are three types of drill bits in the market-

  • Black Oxide Drill Bits.
  • Titanium Drill Bits.
  • Cobalt Drill Bits.

As they already sound like, the materials are Black Oxide (Compound metal), Titanium and Cobalt. And for now, we will keep this discussion only among Titanium and Black Oxide Drill Bits.

Titanium Drill Bits- An Overview

Titanium is one of the hardest and sturdiest metal ever found. The drills that use titanium as a base material, are HSS bits. With solid Titanium metal base, they use a Titanium Nitride(TiN) coating on it. The process is called electroplating.

For the electroplating, here are some advantages that come with it-

  • It provides a thermal barrier that deduces friction by a lot.
  • Corrosion resistance and more production rate.
  • Increases drill bit lifetime.

Best Used for-

Titanium based drill bits are string and sturdy in nature. Therefore, they are best used in industrial environment where it had to deal with hardened metal jobs.

Black Oxide Drill Bits- An Overview

Rust and Corrosion is two of the toughest problems that prohibits long term drill bit lifetime. Working on to reduce rust and corrosion on drill bits, drill bits with Black Oxide finish had been introduced.

These kinds of drill bits are proved to have 50% longer life than typical HSS steel batteries. Due to the high end Black Oxide material, the offer better durability and speed.

Here is some significant information about the black oxide drill bit finish-

  • The finishes are processed in 950 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It offers low level friction between the workpiece and job.
  • Speeds up the drilling process a lot.

Best Used for-

Black Oxide drill bits are best used in case of metal jobs like Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Oak, Brass, Maple, MDF etc.

Bottom Line

Apart from black oxide and titanium drill bits, the other variants of bits are- the Cobalt Made Bits, Gold Oxide Drills, HSS (High Speed Steel) drills and many more. But if you think of general purpose drilling or specialty drilling, any of Black Oxide and Titanium drill bit is good to go.

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