Best Tires for Toyota Highlander: Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

If you drive a Toyota Highlander and want to upgrade your tires, this guide is for you.

Most people usually feel confused about the best tires for Toyota highlander to buy. This is because it can be hard to get a tire that will fit your specific Highlander model well, without compromising its road handling capabilities.

Luckily, we have spent days searching the market for highly-rated tires for the Highlander. Discover our final listing below to find the perfect tire alternatives for your Highlander model.

Our best tires for Toyota highlander:

1. Achilles Desert Hawk UHP all_ Season Radial Tire

Looking for the best tire for Toyota highlander 2013? If yes, this Achilles Desert Hawk UHP tire is a great choice. The premium quality tire comes designed to deliver comfort, appeal, and all-year-around traction.

It boasts of excellent performance in all seasons. This is made possible by the directional tread design that excellently delivers the traction that offers maximum traction in both wet and dry conditions.

The tire is designed with a solid center rib to provide straight-line stability plus improved high-speed handling.

The tire’s double-wide circumferential and lateral grooves that join hands to efficiently channel water in wet conditions and minimize the chances of hydroplaning.

This helps cement the tires to the road, regardless of the weather. And you can ride safely to your destination without worries of sliding and possibly getting yourself into a crash.

Unlike most of the tires out there, this Achilles is made to last. It not only features premium quality materials but also features rim guard protection that prevents wheel damage that other tires go through.

If you want a great alternative tire for your Highlander 2013 model that performances excellently on both wet and dry tracks, grips exceptionally, operates quietly and comes at a great price, give this Achilles premium quality tire a shot.

Highlighted Features:

  • Directional tread design
  • Solid center rib
  • Rim guard protection
  • Double wide grooves prevent hydroplaning
  • Stylish looking tires

2. Michelin Defender LTX M/S All- Season Radial Tire

For a long-lasting tread life, no matter what seasons you drive your Highlander in, choose this Michelin Defender LTX M/S as the best replacement for your OEM tires.

Michelin is a reputable company that boasts of 125plus years of innovation to give you top-notch tires that solve all your driving needs.

The Defender is built to enable you to smoothly drive in all seasons. It excellently performs in dry, wet or even snowy weather.

Michelin uses proprietary Evertread compound that boasts high-density active sipes to enable the tire to stay at the top of its game in harsh weather.

It comes equipped with well outlined lateral grooves that help facilitate proper water drainage in wet driving conditions.

Michelin also injected their MaxTouch construction technology in this tire to help even the force over the surface of the entire tire—helping improve its grip at the corners, braking performance and added durability.

Best part? This tire comes with a fabulous 70,000-mile tread warranty, further justifying its place as one of the most durable tires for Toyota Highlander.

To sum it up, Michelin Defender is the top tire for taking your Highlander through wet and damp conditions. On the freeway, it delivers high-speed stability, even with the heavier Highlander V6 models. And it feels comfortable and operates quietly on the road.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 70,000 mileage
  • Lasts 10% longer in severe conditions
  • Excellent wet and snow traction
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 3-year flat tire assistance

3. Firestone Destination LE 2 All-Season Radial Tire

The Firestone Destination LE2 boasts of its place as one of the Firestone’s highway all-season tire and a popular tire for Toyota highlander owners.

It was specially built for light-duty pickups, crossovers, vans, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), so it’ll perfectly fit your Highlander.

Designed for all-season performance, this tire will offer you a comfortable and quieter ride than your original Highlander wheels, even in winter conditions.

Its construction involves a silica-enhanced light truck compound that’s molded into symmetric tread design to help it exception grip the road in dry, wet, and wintry weather.

A quick look at this tire, and you’ll easily notice its notched shoulders. These are then backed by continuous ribs and work together to promote your Toyota Highlander handling on dry roads while ensuring even wear and extended tread life.

Something else you can’t easily miss when looking at this tire is the circumferential and sweeping grooves running across its footprint. Needless to say, this helps evacuate water, prevent hydroplaning, and boost traction on wet roads.

Still at it, the tire features cross grooves, zigzag sipes, and stepped inside should rib blocks that work together to provide biting edges that offer excellent traction in snow.

The Firestone is also built to last longer than your OEM tires. Its internal structure comprises twin steel belts with spirally wrapped nylon reinforcements. The deliver strength, evenness, and durability that will see the tire through a 60,000-mile treadlife.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built for all-season performance
  • Wide circumferential grooves
  • 60,000-mile limited treadlife warranty
  • Closed shoulder blocks for dry road handling
  • Unique cross grooves & zigzag sipes for winter performance

4. Cooper Tire Evolution HT All Season Radial Tire

Cooper Tire 90000029110

The Cooper Tire Evolution HT is proudly made in the USA as the perfect companion for crossover or SUV and offers an ideal fit for the 2015 Toyota Highlander. It delivers excellent traction in dry, wet, and winter weather conditions for a more extended period.

One of the main reasons we featured this all-season tire on our list is that it has a unique tread design. This is matched up with the manufacturer’s Cooper’s StabilEdge technology to help minimize tire noise and improve rider comfort. The new technology also helps enhance grip-ability and stability while ensuring even tread wear.

Another reason that sets this tire from its competition is the 3D micro-gauge sipes. These are situated around its tread and go with the wider circumferential grooves. And together, they help boost the tire traction on wet roads while reducing the dreaded hydroplaning if you get caught up in a heavy rainstorm.

Note that this tire currently comes in sizes 16-20 inches and has T and H-speed rating options. It’s backed by a 60k miles warranty.

Overall, the Cooper Evolution ticks all the boxes for excellent traction in wet/dry/wintry conditions, smooth and quieter ride, excellent handling, and longer lifespan.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tread design minimizes noise and improves user comfort
  • 3D sipping for better wet and snow grip
  • Optimized water channels reduce hydroplaning
  • Wide, lateral shoulder grooves
  • 60000 Mile treadlife Warranty

5. Toyo Tires Open Country A20B All Season Radial Tire

Toyo Tires 301980

So you own a Toyota Highlander, and you’re having a hard time choosing the perfect replacement tire for your vehicle? If that’s you, this Toyo will only fit your Highlander well but will also enhance its performance in all riding conditions.

The tire combines a low profile design plus a large rim diameter to enhance the appearance of your Highlander. Like all the other tires we have featured in this list, this model also has the all-season versatility, including in light snow.

It boasts asymmetric, variable pitch tread design that helps contribute to a quieter and more comfortable ride. It also comes with two highly visible deep evacuation grooves that help evacuate water in wet conditions. And this results in straight aquaplaning and better handling performance.

Another reason why these tires are rated as one of the best tires for 2012 Toyota highlander is the wear-resistant tread compound they’re designed with. This helps extend tread life and durability.

Other notable features you’ll get from this tire include a stability rib in the shoulder area to help ensure even shoulder wear and full-depth multi-wave sipes that minimize irregular wear and provide a smoother and quieter ride. These unique sipes also help with wet and snow traction as the tire wears.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-wave sipes pattern
  • Dual deep evacuation grooves
  • Stability rib in the shoulder area
  • Wear-resistant tread compound
  • Symmetric, variable pitch tread design

6. Cooper Evolution H/T All- Season Radial Tire

Cooper Tire 90000029120

The Cooper Evolution H/T tires are a budget-friendly investment for Toyota Highlander 2014 owners looking for a tire that provides a smoother and quieter ride and has a longer treadlife than their current set.

Cooper, the manufacturer behind this tire, employs high silica, all-season compound molded into symmetric tread design to help ease rotation and ensure even wear.

The tire tread pattern features specially positioned elements that help minimize the annoying tire noise. The tread profile does a great job preventing uneven wear that leads to increased noise.

The high-silica tread compound is also responsible for delivering grip in damp conditions. And like all the other tires mentioned above, it comes with optimized, wider water channels that efficiently evacuate water to prevent the occurrence of hydroplaning.

Just like the other Cooper tire we discussed earlier, this model also comes with 3D micro-gauge sipes. These provide biting edge so that your Highlander can perform well in slipper (snow and wet conditions). Moreover, these sipes allow the tread elements to interlock for increased stability and higher surface area contact with the road.

Get these awesome looking Cooper Evolution Tires today if you want to enjoy a smooth and quieter ride in your Toyota Highlander 2014 model without breaking the bank.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3D micro-gauge sipes
  • Wider water channels
  • Wide, lateral shoulder grooves
  • Durable, long-lasting construction
  • 60,000 miles treadwear warranty

7. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus All-Season Radial Tire

Bridgestone 452

If you have been looking for the best tires for Toyota highlander 2016, your search ends here. The Bridgestone is a great tire designed for fit light-duty trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. It’s engineered to deliver all-season performance quietly and comfortably, regardless of the terrain.

Like all the tires in the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza series, this model features the manufacturer’s UNI-T technology to help increase rider comfort and control.

In addition to this, the tire features UNI-T AQ II technology. This unique tech involves dual layering tread compounds to help resist the tread rubber hardening that results from heat produced after covering miles.

As the tire wear, the underlying high-grip rubber gets exposed and helps offset the heat and wear on wet driving conditions.

Another thing that places this tire above its competition is its symmetric tread pattern. This comes tuned for noise and ride, assuring you of maximum comfort.

Other noteworthy features of this tire include the large shoulder blocks, continuous center rib boost for increased responsiveness and highway stability, wide circumferential grooves, and lateral sipes and notches for wintry weather traction.

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers all-season performance
  • Delivers all-season performance
  • Made with an eco-friendly tread compound
  • Fading-resistant sidewalls
  • Optimized casing & footprint design for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • Backed by 80K miles treadwear warranty

8. Nankang SP-9 Cross Sport all_ Season Radial Tire

Nankang 24376003

A good all-season touring tire at a decent price? That’s the Nankang SP-9 Cross Sport tire! This is an all-purpose tire made for the present-day crossovers and SUVs.

It’s proudly designed by the Taiwan-based manufacturer, Nankang, for excellent quality and affordability.

When you install these tires on your Toyota Highlander, you’ll be in for better traction, higher comfort levels, and extended tread life.

Nankang uses an all-season tread compound for this tire to enable it to handle all seasons with ease. Its asymmetric tread pattern incorporates larger outer shoulder blocks with angled grooves to help deliver lateral grip when riding in dry road conditions.

Thanks to these tread blocks, you’ll experience better handling and steering even at highway speeds.

With the tire’s circumferential grooves plus thin sipping throughout its tread, you can rest assured that it’ll excellently evacuate water and provide better wet traction. Besides, this design will help with better lateral grip and improved traction that translates to overall better handling.

The Nankang SP-9 Cross Sport makes the perfect all-year-round daily driving tire for your Toyota Highlander. Its attractive price tag places it on top of the list of quality, value-priced tires you can get on the market today.

Highlighted Features:

  • All-season touring tire
  • Shoulder blocks boost cornering grip
  • Asymmetric construction improves handling
  • Wide lateral grooves for wet traction
  • Tread design helps reduce noise
  • Backed by 50K mile warranty

9. Toyo 301980 Open Country A20 All-Terrain Radial Tire

Toyo Tires 301980

This Toyo will make the best tire for Toyota highlander 2010, 2016, and 2017 models. It’s a budget-friendly, all-season tire that will enable you to enjoy a silent and comfortable ride on various surfaces.

The tire comes with a total of 4 deep grooves that help evacuate water in wet conditions. This helps keep off hydroplaning and improve your traction and handling in wet weather.

It also features a non-directional tread design that works with the round shoulders to boost your vehicle handling and control experience.

Its shoulder block sequence will firmly grip various surfaces and give you better steering responsiveness and stability when driving your SUV.

If you want replacement highlander off-road tires, you’ll also like how these Toyos hold up to just any surface. You can hassle-freely drive them in wet, snow, and even ice conditions without encountering any hardships.

Note that these Toyos are even used as OE tires on some 2WD and 4WD light and medium-duty crossovers and SUVs, including the Highlanders. This further indicating their high reliability and suitability for use in your Toyota Highlander.

Toyo will perfectly fit the needs of all Toyota Highlander 2010, 2016, and 2017 owners looking for a replacement tire that can handle all terrain at a reasonable cost.

Highlighted Features:

  • All-terrain touring tires for SUVs
  • Multi-wave sipes pattern reduces noise
  • Shoulder area features added stability rib
  • Wide circumferential grooves
  • Extra-long treadlife

10. Milestar MS934 All Season Radial Tire

Milestar 24377001

As we near the close of our list of top ties for Toyota Highlander, we have the Milestar MS934.

This is a solid budget tire designed to offer you dependable all-season performance, better handling, and a more comfortable riding experience. 

It works wide with a wide range of crossovers and SUVs, including Highlander, and comes in T, H, or V-speed ratings too meet your high-performance needs.

One of the most notable features of this tire involves its rounded shoulders with larger tread blocks. This enhances dry pavement traction and offers you increased cornering power.

Armed with the circumferential grooves plus extra sipes around the tread, this tire is a real beast on wet riding conditions. It perfectly excels water to minimize the effect of hydroplaning and the dangers it might come with.

Regarding the construction, this tire is also made to last. Its inner structure features twin steel belt design for maximum strength and durability. Not to forget, it delivers more even treadwear and an extended tread life than your factory highlander tires.

Overall, if you want a quality, reliable, all-season tire for your Toyota Highlander at a budget-friendly cost, choose Milestar MS934 tire.

Highlighted Features:

  • Angled and longitudinal sipes for longer treadlife
  • Wide ribs enhance steadiness and handling
  • Water-dispersing grooves reduce hydroplaning
  • H, T, and V rated speed performance
  • Backed by 50,000 miles warranty

11. Firestone Destination LE2 All- Season Radial Tire

Firestone 002360

For all the owners of Toyota Highlander 2018 model, you can’t go wrong with the Firestone Destination LE2. The affordably priced tire comes designed to offer year-round performance in addition to a quieter, comfortable ride.

The tire features silica compound, which gives it the feel of a softer rubber compound with a better grip on the road while preventing your tire tread from wearing too fast. Mind you; this tire features a treadwear warranty of up to 60,000 miles.

We also like that this tire comes optimized with sweeping slots—a unique set of circumferential grooves that quickly evacuate water from under your tire. This helps eliminate the effects of hydroplaning while dramatically boosting your Highlander’s wet conditions performance.

Also worth mentioning are the zigzag patterns that work closely with the stepped inside notches to provide an army of biting edges to enable your SUV to handle snow and ice exceptionally well.

If your current tires are making too much noise and annoying you, this Firestone model will also solve your problem for good. It comes “tuned” in such a way that the noise generated by its tread blocks cancel each other and ensure a quieter ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • Optimized noise sequencing for quitter rides
  • Stepped inside notches & zigzag sipes for winter performance
  • Circumferential grooves for wet performance
  • Continuous closed shoulder blocks for dry performance
  • Long-lasting tread compound
  • Up to 60,000 treadwear warranty

How Long Should Tires Last On a Toyota Highlander?

Knowing how long your tires last is crucial for every vehicle owner. You’ll get to replace them on time and avoid the safety hazards that come with driving your Highlander with worn-out tires.

That said, the general rule states that you should replace your tires after approx. every 25,000 to 50,000 miles. The NTHSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) recommends replacing your tires after a maximum of 6 years, with 10 years being the absolute maximum.

Going through your vehicle owner’s manual will give you a more specific recommendation from the vehicle manufacturer.

Most Toyota Highlander owners tend to agree that the manufacturer is notorious for equipping the vehicle with cheaply made tires.

In most cases, the original manufacturer (OEM) tires last for about 25,000 miles—where they get totally worn out and drastically lose their traction, prompting a replacement. (Source)

The good news, however, is that replacing the OEM tires with a better quality set will see them serve you for a pretty long period of up to 60K miles or more.

All the tires we have featured in our list above promise you a longer tread life and come backed by the manufacturer’s treadwear warranty to assure you of the same.

How To Buy The Right Toyota Highlander Tires?

It’s not unusual for newbies as well as experienced vehicle owners to get confused when it comes to choosing the right tires for Toyota highlander.

If you’re feeling lost right now, this section will walk you through some helpful tips that will make the selection process smoother for you.

What’s your driving style?

Think of your driving style when purchasing a new set of tires for your Toyota Highlander.

Are you the adventurous type who likes hitting off-roading all the time? If yes, you’d be better off looking for all-terrain tires that can stand up to rough road aspects such as sand, gravel, stone, dirt, etc. These tires usually feature stiffer sidewalls and wider tread patterns to minimize punctures and boost your vehicle stability on those rough roads.

What if you’re a long-distance commuter who never takes their Highlander out of the highway? Or you usually drive around the city? In this case, you’d want to invest in highway tires that offer you a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride.

Where do you plan to drive your Highlander?

If you want to get the right type of tires for your Highlander, you should also define the conditions in which you plan to drive your vehicle in (or where you live). And the type of weather that’s likely to catch you by surprise.

For instance, if you live in states that experience all the four seasons in a year, then it’d be wise to go for all-season tires. These tires will enable you to hassle-freely take your vehicle through conditions such as rain, sun, and even light snow.

Though the all-season tires are the most popular among highlander owners, some drovers might opt for other tires to help maximize their vehicles for various conditions. For instance, you can opt for summer tires to give you a smooth driving experience in warm weather or winter tires for areas that experience freezing snowy winters.

Check the tire brand.

It’s also important to check the manufacturer of the tire you’re about to purchase.

Just like in any other automotive parts, the tire market is filled with multiple brands. And, obviously, some manufacturers rank way above the rest for their quality and reliable products.

Some of the TOP names that reign the highlander tires market include Bridgestone, Firestone, Toyo, Pirelli, Nitto, Goodyear, Yokohama, Michelin, Continental, and Cooper.

What about the tire size?

One way to ensure you pick the right tire for your vehicle involves checking its size. As you’re already aware, these tires come in varying sizes. And choosing the wrong type for your vehicles will result in fitment issues that can significantly affect how your vehicle performs.

The size of a tire is usually indicated on its sidewall in the form of a short series of numbers.

Remember tire treadlife

Another important consideration when looking for good Toyota Highlanders tires involves checking the treadlife info. The treadlife info to focus on is the treadwear rating and tire mileage warranty.

Like the tire size, you’ll also find the treadwear rating at the side of a tire. And the higher the rating, the longer your tire will likely last.

You should also check the tire treadlife warranty/protection. This will give you a clearer picture of the expected longevity of the tire.

What usually happens is that if your tire gets worn out before the guaranteed mileage in the warranty, then you automatically qualify for a credit of the percentage of miles your tire came up short.

In your next tire purchase, you can claim this credit so that you’ll spend less on your replacement tire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size tires fit a Toyota Highlander?

The perfect size of tires for a Toyota Highlander depends on the specific model of your vehicle. As you already know, the Highlander models range from the year 2001 all the way up to 2020 (at the time of writing this post).

Each year has a series of models that use specific tire sizes. One of the latest 2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid LE model uses tire size: 235/65R18. Use this chart to check the tire size for your specific Highlander model.

Q: What should the tire pressure be on a Toyota Highlander?

The tire inflation pressure for Toyota Highlanders ranges from 30 to 360psi, depending on the year of manufacture, trim, and the OE tire sizes.

We recommend you use your owner’s manual as the primary source to check the recommended tire pressure specific to your vehicle model.

Q: What do the numbers on the side of my Toyota Highlander tires mean?

The numbers on your tire for the Toyota highlander side usually express the size of your tire. Knowing how to interpret the short series of numbers is crucial when selecting the right size of replacement tires.

Let’s outline what a typical number series on Toyota Highlander 2020 Hybrid LE model means…

235/65R18: The first number (235) stands for the width of the tire taken at its widest point (in millimeters). The second number (65) stands for the aspect ratio and indicate the height of the tire sidewall as a percentage of its width.

The letter R indicates radial-ply construction. And the last number (16) stands for the wheel diameter (in inches).

Q: How do you make your Toyota Highlander tires last longer?

Here are some helpful tips to make your tires last longer:

Regularly monitor your tire pressure.

It’s a good practice to check your tire pressure regularly, say monthly, or whenever the tires experience a sudden pressure change.

Improperly inflated tires tend to wear unevenly and raise your chances of popping a tire when driving.

Check where you ride.

Another simple practice that can increase the lifespan of your tires involves checking the surface where you ride them. Be on the lookout for potholes, curbs, and road debris, etc., as these can make your tires wear faster.

Regularly inspect the tire tread.

It’s also crucial to inspect your tire tread for wear more regularly. The simplest way to do so involves using the penny test (watch the video below).

If you find out that your highlander tires are wearing unevenly, you’d want to get them realigned. If you discover that the front tires are more worn than the rear ones, consider getting them rotated.

Drive slowly

Yes, if you’re used to the habit of always driving your Highlander faster, then you should be sure to replace your tires sooner! The problem with driving your vehicle fast is that it increases the road-tire friction, causing the tire to wear faster. Fast starts/stops and sharp turns can also shorten your car’s lifespan.

Q: Can I run Toyota Highlander on run-flat tires?

Absolutely! You can use run-flat tires on your Highlander as they allow you to slowly drive for a shorter distance, even after getting a puncture that leaves them without air pressure.

This means you can still make it to the nearest repair facility to have the wheel fixed instead of doing the roadside tire changing.

Final Verdict

Shopping for the perfect replacement tires for Toyota highlander can be a pretty overwhelming experience when you don’t know where to start or what to look for in the many tires out there.

But when equipped with the right info, you’ll have a smooth experience getting a tire that perfectly fits your specific highlander model and improves its performance.

In this guide, we have just outlined some of the most popular, top-rated tires that fit various models of highlanders.

Study this list to find the best tire that fits your vehicle and meets your unique riding needs.

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