10 Best Spark Plugs for F150 EcoBoost for 2022

Spark plugs are small in size, but don’t look down upon them. Especially if you ride an F150 EcoBoost, a spark plus is crucial. These plugs can greatly improve your truck’s performance, but you need a good one for that. There are various options available in the market.

So, if you look forward to getting one, then you can follow our in-depth review of the best spark plugs for F150 Ecoboost. These are the best ones available in the market.

We have gone through countless products and judged the ones best for your Ford F150 EcoBoost. You can now get the perfect spark plug for your truck.

Best Overall
Motorcraft SP-432 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP-432 Spark Plug

  • ​Has a double-platinum build
  • ​The spark plug is very sturdy
  • ​Can be used roughly
  • ​Great for cold starts
  • ​The price is affordable

10 Best Spark Plugs for F150 EcoBoost

There are plenty of similar products out there, and we have found the best ones suitable for your ride. These spark plugs are the best ones available, and you will get amazing performance from any of them.

Best Spark Plugs for F150 EcoBoost

1. Motorcraft SP-432 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP-432 Spark Plug

If you want the best performance available but don’t want to spend the extra money, you are not alone. A double-platinum spark plug can highly boost your overall performance, while being affordable.

Not many sparks plug out there can offer very good performance and overall durability. It is mainly because of rough usage. These plugs wear out very quickly. However, that is not the case with the Motorcraft SP-432 spark plug.

This spark plug has a very durable build. If you are worried about getting a bad plug, relieve yourself because this one has a great build. It makes your truck run much more efficiently and boosts the overall performance. Sounds pretty great, right?

If you want the best spark plugs for Ford F150 Ecoboost, they must have good longevity. So, you don’t have to change them every now and then. Having a good build quality complements the overall longevity of a product too, which is pretty neat.

Also, a double-platinum build is not very weak, if you were wondering. If you want a spark plug that’ll be good enough for a very long time and improve your truck’s overall performance, this one is it.

  • ​Has a double-platinum build
  • ​The spark plug is very sturdy
  • ​Can be used roughly
  • ​Great for cold starts
  • ​The price is affordable
  • ​There is no additional packaging
  • ​May bend after prolonged use

2. Bosch Automotive 9616 Spark Plug

Bosch Automotive 9616 Spark Plug

Your truck’s spark plug has to deal with a lot of rough usage. It’s tough to protect its quality over time. A truck’s performance depends a lot on the spark plug. If you have a fragile spark plug, you won’t get the expected performance from your truck.

A durable build is very important for a spark plug. If you want a spark plug that lasts a long time, you might want to consider getting the Bosch Automotive 9616 spark plug. It has a double iridium build. So, no complaints about the build quality.

If you know spark plugs, you know that iridium spark plugs are the best quality available in the market. They are not only strong but also very efficient. You get fantastic performance from them.

This plug has a 360-degree continuous laser weld, which fuses corrosion-resistant iridium to the ultimate durability base. If you want great fuel efficiency and performance, this product will be perfect for you.

It costs more than other products, but the durability is outstanding. It is completely worth the splurge. If you drive your truck every day and use it a lot, you will love this spark plug. It can make your riding experience much better.

  • ​The durability is outstanding
  • ​Excellent fuel efficiency
  • ​Can deal with rough usage
  • ​You get enhanced ignitability
  • ​Will last for a long time
  • ​The price is more compared to other products
  • ​It may cause misfires

3. Genuine OEM SP580 Iridium Spark Plug

Genuine OEM SP580 Iridium Spark Plug

The first thing you have to do when you get an accessory for your truck is to install it. First impressions matter a lot when you buy something you plan on using for a long time. If the product is difficult to install, it is very normal to feel frustrated.

In case of spark plugs, it is very noticeable. That’s because you have to open up your truck to install it. For the easiest installation possible, consider checking out the Genuine OEM SP580 iridium spark plug. It has the easiest installation process.

Versatility is important. If a spark plug can fit in various vehicles, it will most probably fit yours easily too. This is what you get from this product. It can fit a lot of other trucks too.

The process is very snappy, and you don’t need to get a professional to install it for you. It is easily doable by yourself. You have to work a bit more, but you can save the extra cost of calling for help.

So if you don’t want to go through the hassle of calling a professional, this product will be perfect for you. The installation steps are very easy, and you can quickly figure it out.

  • ​Installation process is very easy
  • ​You get amazing durability
  • ​Very fuel-efficient
  • ​You can start your truck quickly
  • ​There are no misfires
  • ​The price is a bit high
  • ​It is not very consistent

4. Motorcraft SP-479 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP-479 Spark Plug

If you are a beginner at driving but still want the best performance out of your truck, you don’t have to get over the top, expensive accessories. There are plenty of affordable spark plugs available in the market. They all have one issue in common.

Manufacturers cut a lot of corners to make the product inexpensive. So, you end up with a bad quality product most of the times. Finding a high-end spark plug with an affordable price tag may be hard, but not impossible. Let us introduce the Motorcraft SP-479 spark plug.

For the price, it is a very high-quality product. The longevity of this spark plug is, in one word, impressive. You can get 60,000 to 100,000 miles out of it. That is a long mileage. The overall quality of it is very impressive too.

Surprisingly, you are getting a lot out of one product. The durability is great, and it has a high resistance to erosion. It can give your truck a quick head start, no matter the weather or the truck’s condition. That is always very reassuring to know.

This spark plug will be perfect for anyone trying to improve their riding experience. If you are a newbie, you don’t need to spend too much on a spark gear. This product is good enough for any average user.

  • ​The price is very affordable
  • ​You will be getting good mileage
  • ​Durability is good enough
  • ​Has a coil-on ignition system
  • ​Provides optimum engine performance
  • ​It is not very consistent
  • ​Not suitable for rough use

5. Motorcraft SP-534/SP-580 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP-534_SP-580 Spark Plug

It is not wrong to desire the most premium product in the market. High-end products give you the best of everything. If you love trucks, you would love a high-quality spark plug. It is a complete game-changer.

If you want the best riding experience from your truck, there is no other option than getting one of the best spark plugs available. For that, we highly recommend the Motorcraft SP-534/580 spark plug. This product is one of their high-end spark plugs.

Your Ford F150 EcoBoost is designed and built to tackle the harshest environments, while providing a comfortable ride. The spark plug goes through a lot when you use it roughly, especially for the F150 model.

So, you need a product which will be able to handle the pressure. This plug has an amazing build quality that gives you the ride you deserve. Everything about it speaks premium.

This spark plug can start your truck in no time, and give you a very efficient ride. Even though you pay for the premium, the features you are getting are nothing short of outstanding. The deal is completely worth it.

  • ​Build quality is great
  • ​Very consistent results
  • ​Safe from any erosion
  • ​The longevity is great
  • ​You can easily tackle rough rides
  • ​The price is a lot
  • ​It could have better packaging

6. NGK (6509) LTR6IX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug

NGK (6509) LTR6IX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug

If you live in colder areas, you probably know how difficult it can be to start your truck in the freezing winter. Taking good care of your truck is more important in such a weather, or it might break down. The truck needs to start fast, and then keep everything warm and running.

You can fix the problem easily with a good spark plug. It will keep your truck working in any weather. All you have to do is give the NGK LTR6IX-11 Iridium IX spark plug a try.

This spark plug has an anti-seizing property, which helps the truck in the winter. You can get the best ride from your vehicle no matter what the temperature is.

If a truck like the Ford F150 EcoBoost breaks down due to cold, it would be very shameful.  It is a very powerful truck, and it deserves the best there is.

The spark plug also offers other features. Like other high-end spark plugs’ in the market, you also get fantastic durability.

Also, one great thing about this spark plug is that it is very fuel-efficient. So, you will not be wasting any fuel with this one. If you are in the market for the best spark plug for cold weather, this one is it.

  • ​Has an anti-seizing property
  • ​You can get great cold starts
  • ​The plug is very sturdy
  • ​Offers an iridium build
  • ​The melting point is very high
  • ​It’s not perfect for rough rides
  • ​The results are not very consistent

7. Denso ITV20TT Iridium TT Spark Plug

Denso ITV20TT Iridium TT Spark Plug

Your truck slowly gets damaged over time. The lifespan shortens with every turn in the ignition, which is very concerning. You did not buy a truck for it to break down eventually. Great news is, there are some ways to prevent it.

One of the things you need to do to prevent any damage is getting a spark plug that does not pressure the vehicle. If you want something similar to that, you should get the Denso ITV20TT spark plug.

Like any other high-quality spark plug, it has an iridium build quality. So, you can be sure that the build quality and overall efficiency is top-notch. This spark plug goes easy on your truck and prolongs the lifespan.

Don’t get it wrong, though. Just because it goes easy on your truck does not mean it is not a powerful product. It can do its job very well. The results are very consistent, and you get a good start every time you start your truck.

Weather conditions will not be an issue with this product either. If you are looking for a spark plug that will improve your Ford F150 EcoBoost’s overall lifespan, well, you came to the right place. Make your life much more comfortable now.

  • ​Prolongs the truck’s longevity
  • ​The durability is awesome
  • ​Has a good price tag
  • ​Can be used in any weather
  • ​The fuel economy is great
  • Not suitable for professional riders
  • ​The installation could be easier

8. NGK 7316 TR55-1IX Iridium IX Spark Plug

NGK 7316 TR55-1IX Iridium IX Spark Plug

If you like to be rough, then you know how quickly parts of a truck can wear out. It is pretty normal. Your truck goes through a lot, and you need something very strong to keep up with your riding.

Spark plugs may be small, but their work is important. They can save fuel and keep your truck from dealing more damage than needed. So, getting a good quality spark plug is crucial. You might want to check the NGK 7316 TR55-11X spark plug out.

This product is capable enough to deal with anything you throw at it. The Ford F150 EcoBoost exists so that riders can do very heavy lifting in a small truck. It easily carries a lot of heavy load, and you can ride off-road with no issues.

That is probably why you bought this truck at the first place. So, if you can’t do all of that, then there is no point. Normal spark plugs cannot keep up with this heavy use and, they tend to quickly wear out.

This is why it would be best if you get a powerful product like this one. The durability of this product is amazing, and the overall quality is fantastic. It may be a bit pricey, but you are getting a lot of use out of this, making it very worth the splurge.

  • ​Perfect for heavy lifting
  • ​Suitable for performance enthusiasts
  • ​Has a high melting point
  • ​You get great stability
  • ​Prevents any flashover
  • ​It is not very affordable
  • ​The versatility is not great

9. ACDelco 41-988 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

ACDelco 41-988 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

Fuel efficiency is something we all look for in a truck. It is very important, because no one wants a car that burns through fuel like there’s no tomorrow. The overall expense of that is going to be too much to bear for an average user. Also, let’s not forget about the sheer inconvenience.Spark plugs can save you a lot of fuel if they’re good enough. When a truck starts, it uses a lot of power. Want another way to get it started other than burning through extra gas or fuel? Get the ACDelco 41-988 spark plug.

This product is very popular for how fuel-efficient it is. If you waste a lot of fuel every time you start your car, the overall wastage increases a lot over time. You end up flushing a lot of money down the drain because of it.

It would be best if you get a product that is good at saving fuels, and powerful too. Just because it prevents the use of excess fuel when starting does not mean it is not powerful. It means that the product is very efficient. If you want amazing performance while saving money simultaneously, this spark plug would be perfect for you. The quality and durability are amazing, and you get a cheap price tag too. It is perfect for people who drive a lot.

  • ​Fuel economy is amazing
  • ​Has an iridium build
  • ​Provides stable riding experience
  • ​Can block harmful radio frequencies
  • ​Performs very smoothly
  • ​It does not have good versatility
  • ​The installation could be easier

10. E3 Spark Plugs E3.62

E3 Spark Plugs E3.62

If you are a completely new user, you might not care about the unique features a spark plug offers. All you need from it is to be good enough for everyday use, and not give you any sort of issue in the long run.

Most manufacturers give a product one unique feature and sell it for that. What if you wanted something that is a jack of all trades? If that is the case, you have to check out the E3 E3.62 spark plug. It is one of the best products for casual riders.

This spark plug has a fantastic build, and it can do everything other high-end spark plugs can. You will not be missing out on much. The durability of this plug is, in one word, remarkable. So, rough rides will not be an issue.

It also enhances the power of your truck. You can carry a lot more than usual, and the overall performance will be much better. If you have been using your truck for a long time, you can quickly tell the difference.

You can always finish a lot of work with no hassle whatsoever thanks to this product. The installation is also very easy, and the price is affordable. This deal is perfect for anyone looking for a long-lasting companion. So, why wait any longer? Get one for yourself now.

  • ​The overall quality is great
  • ​It is very durable
  • ​You get good cold starts
  • ​The price is affordable
  • ​Perfect for the casual rider
  • ​The fuel economy could be better
  • ​It does not feel premium

How to Choose Spark Plugs for F150 EcoBoost?

Buying car parts can be very confusing. There is so much information to consider before buying. That way, you can get the perfect one available for you, while not wasting any money.

How to Choose Spark Plugs for F150 EcoBoost

Fear not, because we are here to guide you through the whole process. We will tell you everything you need to know about spark plugs, so your purchasing process can be much easier.

Type of Plugs

There are various types of spark plugs available. They are all good at different things. So, it can be a bit confusing to choose which one to get. You will need something different for the type of riding you do.

Mainly, there are four types of materials manufacturers use. They are copper, platinum, double platinum, and iridium.


This the cheapest option available. Copper is sturdy, but inferior to all the other materials available. It is good enough for regular use, but not more than that. Any casual rider will like it. The durability is alright, and it is efficient enough for most of your rides.

Copper is good for older models. They use copper plugs too. So, if you want to put a new spark plug in your old truck, copper is the way to go.


Things always change up a bit when you have a platinum build. This material is much better and more efficient than copper. The spark plugs get more durable, and can tackle rough usage much better.

You get better fuel efficiency. It can prevent corrosion and wear in the long run, too.

Double Platinum

This is more efficient than platinum. You will get all of the same features, but with much more durability and efficiency. It has a better fuel economy, and will give you a better ignition. Double platinum is perfect for people who want a solid product.

You can enjoy rough rides with less worry now.


When it comes to being the best of the best, iridium takes the cake. The build quality is amazing, and you get a lot of other features too. If you ride professionally, then you will enjoy this a lot. Iridium can deal with higher temperatures as well.

However, since you are getting premium features, you have to pay a premium. That is the only drawback of this material. It costs a lot to manufacture.

Heat Range

Spark plug, as the name suggests, creates a spark to start the car. So, it needs to have a good temperature tolerance. If not, then it can easily take a lot of damage, hampering the overall performance very quickly.

It’d be best if you can find a product that has high-temperature tolerance. Additionally, low temperatures matter too. For the people living in colder areas, cold weather can stop their car from turning on.

So, you need a spark plug that can deal with any temperature and start the car quickly.

Ease of Use

Lastly, you need to check if the spark plug is suitable for your car. A versatile plug will be perfect for most cars. Ensure that you don’t have to dig too deep in your car to change the spark plug.

Most of the time, you can do it by yourself. But you can always call for a professional if needed. However, that may cost a lot. So, it is always wise to get a product that is easy to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Good Quality Spark Plug Cost?

The highest quality spark plugs usually cost more than $9. However, mid-range options are good enough to use too.

Can Spark Plugs Block Radio Signals?

Some spark plugs can block out harmful radio signals. It will be wise to check if the product you are considering offers it or not.

Which Material Will Be Good for Daily Use?

If you want to use your spark plug every day, make sure it has at least a platinum build quality. That way, you can tackle almost anything.

How Can I Adjust the Spark Gap?

Every spark plug comes with a gap. You can easily adjust it with a gapper tool.

Can Spark Plugs Save Fuel?

Yes, good spark plugs have great fuel efficiency. That way, you can always save a lot of fuel over time.

Final Words

Spark plugs are very important for your truck. They can improve your car’s performance by a long shot. However, getting an improved performance will not be possible without the best spark plugs for F150 EcoBoost.

For that, you can follow our guide and choose one you want. All of the products we have reviewed will give excellent performance. It is time to improve your riding experience.