Best Locking Lug Nuts 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

When your car has expensive rims, you can save a lot of worrying by guarding them with simple locks. These locks keep your wheels safe from thieves, and the best part is you only need one for each wheel.

While many people feel it’s a hassle to use them since you need to keep the key in-check, but that’s not really difficult if you’re careful not to lose them. And definitely worth not risking your precious wheels. Since these locks have only one unique key, your wheels are as safe that they could possibly be.

As you’re willing to go the extra mile for your favorite car, we have listed the best locking lug nuts for you.

Best Locking Lug Nuts Reviews

In this review, we have researched the various brands to list down the four top lug nut locks, which will keep your wheels safe.

1. Gorilla Automotive Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks

When it comes to your favorite ride, we know you only want the best, and so does Gorilla Automotive. They have been the go-to automotive choice for many years, and they keep serving the finest tools to keep their customers happy.

Not many prefer using locks on their wheels, but that hasn’t stopped Gorilla from innovating some of the best lock lug nuts out there.

With their precise fit that will secure itself in your car wheels, it's hard to criticize them. They use cold-forged hardened steel to get the exact shape and size needed. But more than that, these locks have a solid feel, and you can praise their good build instantly. On top of quality build, its price is also within reason.

These also come in four different sizes. So, finding the right fit shouldn't be an issue either. Each set contains 4 lug nuts, and as you only need 1 for each wheel, it's the perfect amount to have.

But the main reason to purchase this is indeed the security it provides. It's no secret wheels are the easiest to steal, so if you have even fairly nice rims, you need this lock.

What makes this a top pick is its two-fold security. It uses a free-spinning sleeve to give external protection. Not only that, it even has a very narrow groove to add to the security.

No socket wrench can undo the lock once it’s been set. Only its own unique key will be able to unlock it. Which is why it’s of equal importance to keep the key somewhere safe and stationed inside the car. 


  • Twofold security with a free-spinning groove
  • Has a very narrow groove for added safety
  • Reasonable price
  • Good build and cold-forged steel


  • Can rust over time

2. McGard Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Lock

McGard is known for their wheel locks. They have some of the best designs and finest locks that you see in the market. Moreover, these designs are available for most rims out there. As they specialize in it, you are sure to find the right model for your car with them.

They use a variety of computer-designed keys to make sure the lock is unique and exclusive. So, unlike the concern with many locks, where keys from the same brand will work on different lug nuts, it won’t be an issue with the McGard Wheel lock.

Furthermore, their exclusivity and various design also show their sincerity, making them one of the most trusted brands.

As you know, while many lug nuts rust in the long run, this one is capable of outliving them. It is plated with a triple-nickel chrome to make sure it doesn’t get oxidized. It even looks very posh and stylish when you attach it to your wheels.

In terms of construction, it has an alloy steel construction giving it a strong form to withhold against standard wrenches in case thieves try to steal it. No wrench will be able to unlock it without its own key or maybe power tools that stealers don’t usually carry.

Another reason to love the McGard locks is they are very simple to intstall. All you need are the locks, keys, and a standard lug wrench. They have made the process straightforward with enough instruction and video instruction to make installation a child’s play.

Finally, you get five locks and one key in each set. So if you have an extra wheel behind your jeep, you can lock it too. But the only thing you need to be careful of is ordering a faulty batch. Some users have complained of receiving locks that snap. 


  • Extra lock for your spare tire
  • Easy to follow the installation instruction
  • Looks neat and sturdy
  • Has an allow steel construction


  • Might receive a faulty product on delivery

3. Gorilla Automotive Chrome Acorn Gorilla Guard II Wheel Locks

Nothing reassuring than a brand that knows what it’s doing. The Gorilla automotive is the most sought after brand of automotive tools. Owing to their vast collection of locks, they come into our lists for the second time.

The best thing about this one is its hardened steel construction, making it next to impossible to break. If you live in a shady neighborhood, with thieves having the tools to break and steal stuff, this lock is for you. It's hard and sturdy structure makes it impossible to crack, and the exclusive locks keep them secure.

What they have gotten right in comparison to their many previous products is they have added a triple chrome plating.

Users of wheel locks have previously shown dismay over the durability of the locks, so to make them more durable and sturdier, these locks are made from good quality materials. The triple chrome plating makes it resilient and robust.

Further, to keep the key unique, it is registered to the owner's specifications. So that if the key is lost, the owner can use his own registration number to have it remade or identified.

This is actually very helpful, as these locks have only one key, and the keys being so small can get lost on any given day, so having the unique number helps both the maker and the car owner. Otherwise, they'd have to go through all their keys to find the right match.

However, do make sure they fit with the wheels of your car. Many have issues with the size not properly fitting with their rims. Finally, if you consider how it’s priced just under $20, then surely this is one of the best lug nut locks you can find.


  • Durable and resilient
  • Uses hardened steel for solid form
  • Each key registered to an owner
  • Affordable price


  • Some have faced problems getting the right size

4. White Knight Matte Black Wheel Lock

White Knight 40400SMBT

Just like their name suggests white knight is here to be the knight for your wheels. Saying they have variety is not enough because aside from having a lock for any kind of wheel, they have it in a bigger color distribution than any other brand.

We love our cars. Enough to paint them over with our favorite colors. And who'd want to have that ruined? Well, with the white knight there, you won't have to worry about it. They can provide you wheel locks of almost any shade, ranging from the classy matte black to glossy pink.

But they are more than the shades. These locks are available for every size, but it will be your job to determine the size that you need. Once you get the right size, it will fit the wheel like a puzzle.

Wheels are most at risk in winter after you put on your winter wheels, so you need only the finest locks to keep your new wheels safe. To say this will suffice is the least, but what makes them even more profitable is you get a replacement for your lug nut without any trouble. To, adjust these lug nuts, make sure you use a proper wrench.

This comes in a pack of 4, but the price you get this for is well within budget. Many purchasers feel that buying wheel lock is an extra investment because their rims aren't that expensive.

But with the price that you can get this at, the investment won't be a decision that takes too long to make. Further, it is very easy to install with specific sets of provided instructions.


  • Easy installation process
  • Available in a variety of color
  • Inexpensive locks
  • Fits perfectly into the wheel


  • Getting the size right might be hard

Buying Guide

As we are still new to appreciate the usefulness of a wheel lock, many fail to buy the best locking lug nuts and blame it on the brand. Therefore a proper buying guide is needed alongside our locking lug nuts review if you want the perfect ones for your wheels.


Ordering the right size isn't a leap of faith that you should take. Before you order, properly judge your wheel, take out the lug nuts and see them and then make the judgment.

Cars that have different locks for the same car can make the decision even more confusing, so knowing the right measure is your best bet of ordering the right size.

Also, apart from the size, you should keep an eye on the overall length of the lug nuts, because you only replace one, if the locks are a bit too different than the others, it will stand out in an unwanted way. Hence, both the size and shape need to be properly determined before purchase. In case you're clueless about it, our opinion would be to buy from an automotive store.


You don’t want to end up buying a flimsy lock as it will not serve the sole purpose of safety. If the lock doesn’t even need to be breached and the lock lug nuts are simply cracked, then there is no point in installing it in the first place.


Hence, we recommend buying hardened steel or allow material that can’t be cracked open without using power tools.


If you buy from a no-name brand, chances are you will end up with a product where any random key can be used to unlock it. Hence, using products from brands that register each lock to a unique ID, can save you from stolen wheels.

Also, in case you lose the key yourself, you can use the ID to show you're the owner and get a new key.


Buying a lock that costs more than the wheel is a bit far fetched. Also, this lock does provide protection, but they're not unbreakable. Hence, the ideology that 'the more you spend, the better product you get' is not entirely appropriate in this scenario.


In order to buy the best lug nut locks, you need to know the answer of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding lug nuts. Let’s get to know them.

  1. Where to keep the keys to not lose them?

Keep it inside the car. Preferably in the glove box, so that it’s easy to find.

  1. Do they have locks for every wheel?

There should be a size for all wheels with lug nuts.

  1. Are locking lug nuts necessary?

It is very difficult to remove the locks without its own key, making your wheels very safe. So, for the safety of your wheels, yes.

  1. Can you replace keys?

Yes, in most cases, you can find replacement keys if you lose it, but the process is tedious.

  1. How to get the size of the lug nuts?

Use a measuring tape and measure the width of the lug bolt.


In this locking lug nuts review guide, we discussed and named the best locking lug nuts available on the basis of their functionality and durability. Therefore, we hope your decision on buying one will be easier.

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