12 Best Grease Gun Reviews 2020 – Buying Guide & FAQ

If you make a top 10 list of things you want in your workshop, best grease gun will surely make it to top 3. I am not joking when I say these things are small but vital components of one safe heaven you can “Garage.”

But, how do you pick one?

You have to consider the ease of use and so you don't fail to pick the best one that would serve your needs perfectly. Remember, grease is like the blood that flows in the joints of your bike, automobile engine, nuts and bolts of your kid’s bicycle, and what not?

So, it is an absolute must that you have to choose a top one for the job. Fortunately, I hope your search ends here. And in this article, we’ll get a “Hawk’s Eye” view on these things. I’ll try to cover everything from how to buy one to a brief maintenance plan tailored to your own tool.

Now let’s set the ball rolling!

Best Grease Gun Picks Comparison:

12 Best Grease Guns for 2019

Even after identifying clear distinctions and factors at play, people can and will make hasty choices when shopping for a grease gun. Simply, there are too many to pick from.

That’s why I came up with a short list of top grease guns through hours of research to help you choose the best among the best. Let us take a look at them.

1. Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Review:

I can understand if you are dangled by budget while cycling through best grease guns on my list. That is why I came up with Lumax LX-1152. Although I didn’t use this myself, one of my friends bought this last year. This turned out to be the best Pistol Grip Grease Gun for him as it walks the walk and talks the talk.


For starters, Lumax LX-1152 has a solid construction of 18-gauge stainless steel. People can expect it to be impact resistant to the utmost degree. Although it has a low price, it is here to serve you for years to come.

The cast iron head is really a powerhouse. This tiny thing can develop 7000 psi pressure per square-inch to lubricate toughest areas of your motorbike’s joints. Obviously, you can use this to lubricate whatever comes to your mind.

It is amazing that this cheap grease pump allows you to load grease in three ways! Alex, my friend, could load the gun through a cartridge, by using the pump, and the suction system that takes the sticky liquid in rapidly.

How convenient! Some of the garage tinkerers might look the other way seeing that the LX-1152 comes from China.

But hey, you’ve got to love the Air Bleeder valve that vents the air from inside the pump. Kiss the “Inconsistent Grease Flow” problem goodbye!

Alex had accidental occurrences when grease flowed out of his GG and he had to clean more than his garage floors. Lumax LX-1152 Pistol Grease Gun fixed the problem for him with the follower road lock.

Now, when he’s done with greasing, he simply locks the tool and not a single drop of grease flows out.

That’s neat!

What Makes Lumax LX-1152 So Great?

  • It is “Super Affordable.”
  • Air Bleeder Valve prevents irregular grease discharge.
  • There’s a lock in place to prevent grease leak when you are not working.
  • The 18-gauge steel makes it durable and long lasting product.
  • You get up to 7000 psi of pressure while discharging the grease.

2. DEWALT DCGG571M1 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion Grease Gun:

Since I did a mini review of a product from DEWALT’s DCGG series earlier, I couldn’t resist including this high-quality grease gun in my list as well.

DEWALT DCGG571M1 might be the best for many of you as it takes performance very seriously. This portable product takes the “Power” up a notch by delivering a whopping 10,000 psi when working at its full potential. Did I tell you the volume this tool pumps at? You can take it to pumping 5.0 oz. per minute.

Handy tool to have when you need a lot of grease to lubricate part of the engine and at a quick time, isn’t it? Thanks to this, I could lubricate pretty much everything be it a delicate product or a raging monster like my bike whenever it needs a bit of loosening up!

I already expressed my fondness for the DEWALT grease guns and this one extends the fandom of mine even further. I mean, with the “Super Extendable” hose that extends to 42-inch, the whole garage becomes my playground.

You know what?

The battery gives you enough legs to use 16 cartridges on the trot with a full charge. Thus, you can use it in commercial setups as well!As usual, it comes with a bright LED light that provides some much-needed lamination when you are working in “Near Dark” conditions. Plus, you have the valve and “Anti Dust” filter to prevent parts from clogging.

Like the other DEWALT model on my Grease Guns’ list, this one is a bare tool as well. You need to get the batteries separately. One difference is the 20-volt power that it needs to run on.

What Makes the DEWALT DCGG571M1 Unique?

  • The battery has some legs as it allows you to use 16 cartridges at one full charge.
  • 42-inch hose gives a user extended reach when mobility is hardly an option.
  • You can put the motor to good use with 10,000 psi of maximum pressure.
  • Comes with various filters and has an innovative screen to show you the stats as well.
  • The pump has sizable volume for greasing any type of object.

3. Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun Review:

For all us garage warriors, Pneumatic Grease Guns are like blessings! We can customize the flow control, the quantity of the grease that we want on a specific point, and a lot more using one of these.

If you have some bucks to spare and want one of the top rated grease guns around, I’d suggest buying Lincoln 1162 best Air Grease Gun for your own mechanical heaven you call “Garage.”

You’ve probably guessed it by now but let me put it nice and clear. Yes! It is one of those highly adjustable automotive grease guns.

How much adjustable you ask?

Well, there’s a trigger that allows you to control how much grease you want on a single spot.

Normal air operated grease guns create pockets of air inside the container. While it may not sound too big of a deal, these air pockets can reduce or even halt the grease discharge in serious cases. It is what we call “Priming” or sometimes, “Air Bleeding.”

Luckily, Lincoln 1162 has a way around the problem! It’s broad pump design and a lengthy 30-feet hose pumps grease at a high speed eliminating such air pockets. As a bonus, you get “Zero” air bleeding.

The long hose and pump give us a minimum ratio of 150 pounds per square-inch. You can pump at the maximum pressure of 6000 pounds per square inch.Just like the previous one on my list.

Having this range helps with various greasing applications from loosening nuts to lubricating complex engine parts quickly. That is what makes this one of the best air grease guns around.

A Quick Look at Lincoln 1162 Features:

  • The thing that immediately impresses you is the intuitive design that reduces Air Bleeding.
  • Lincoln 1162 features an automatic trigger system allowing users to customize grease flow.
  • You can either purchase the air grease gun alone or the full package that includes coupler and a gun holder.
  • The grease pressure can get up to a maximum of 6000 pounds per square inch.
  • 1-year warranty safeguards you against damages and machine malfunctions.

4. DEWALT DCGG570B 18V Cordless Grease Gun:


Whether you are a hobbyist or a serious “Garage Person,” chances of you not hearing about a DEWALT product is “Zero.” You must have come across a product from this brand one way or the other.

Well, I’ve been a fan of DEWALT for a long time now and DEWALT DCGG570B hits a Home run when it comes to a grease gun. Honestly, this might be the best cordless grease gun around at this point in time.

Why am I so vocal about this tool?

The DCGG570B comes with a motor that delivers 9000 psi of pressure to power ratio. The grease flow can be really fast. Furthermore, I found the speed trigger handy when working with different parts of my motorcycle.

I’m quite impressed by the pump as well. DCGG570B pumps grease out at a rate of 5oz/minute. Yeah, that’s quite a speed when you need when you need quick greasing.

We all come across some cramped areas of our motorcycle or automobile that are “Hard to Reach.” DEWALT DCGG570B can grease those areas pretty easily thanks to the “Super Long” hose of 42 inches. This hose is flexible and can cover a lot of ground when you are working on grease fittings outdoors with a portable power source.

You have a 14.5-ounce cartridge to work with which is pretty standard. The interesting part is, I noticed an “Air Bleeder Valve” that takes care of priming whenever you change the cartridge for a new one. Say good bye to air pockets! DEWALT DCGG570B isn’t done yet! This one comes with an “Anti-Debris Filter” that does what the name suggests and prevents the internal mechanisms clogging due to dirt and dust particles.

Thanks to the “No-mar Foot Design” I can keep it beside me on the floor and store it in my wooden cabinet worry-free. It doesn’t even put a single scratch on the floor.Plus, it features a fancy strap that enhances the portability aspect of the grease gun.

Prominent Features of this Grease Gun:

  • Automatic “Speed Control” trigger allows you greater control.
  • Standard cartridge of 14.5 ounces makes sure you never run short when you need grease.
  • It comes with “Anti-Debris Filter” to prevent dirt from entering the system and clogging the grease.
  • A valve is in place to help with priming and eradicating air pockets as well.
  • The hose is 42-inch long; you can reach further with it and to the tough areas as well.
  • DEWALT DCGG570B is portable and doesn’t scratch the surface you put it on.

5. Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun Review:

 Lincoln Industrial

As far as grease guns go, Lincoln 1134 Heavy Duty is the best choice when you want a durable garage tool. Thanks to the heavy cast head of the greasing gun, people will find it durable than the others in its league.

Plus, it has a jam-proof mechanism. Meaning, Lincoln 1134 doesn’t let the plunger bind.This prevents clogging and when you are greasing motorcycles or cars, this is one trait you will love to have in your grease gun.

The plunger doesn’t bend as well. This prevents grease from getting stuck in the pipe when you pull the trigger. As we know, grease tends to get stickier and starts to hinder additional grease from coming out the nozzle with time. With proper mechanics in place, fluidity won’t be a problem.

The follower spring of this heavy-duty tool is something else! When people pull the trigger, follower spring rocks back and forth with a force that eliminates any air pocket there is.

In other words, grease flow remains constant the entire time one operates the pistol grease gun.Anyone would tell you that cleaning these tools is a hard task to get your heads around.

But here’s the twist.

With Lincoln 1134, you get a “Check Valve” that opens up the inside whenever you need to clean the tool. It goes without saying that the valve itself is very easy to operate.

Do you know that you can use this grip gun to apply lubricants other than grease?

Well, apparently, you can. In this case, the plunger prevents extra lubricant from leaking outwards thanks to its sturdiness.

Highlighted features:

  • The jam-proof mechanism doesn’t let grease clog into the pipe.
  • Thanks to the plunger, the lubricant doesn’t leak.
  • Sturdy body of the tool grants it a long life.
  • There is a follower spring that eliminates air vents while greasing.
  • You have a valve that allows you to clean this tool without a fuss.

6. Plews 30-200 Standard Duty Grease Gun:

Plews & Edelmann

When it comes to handheld grease guns, I don’t mind a product being simple. But it should DO THE JOB. Such is the case with Plews 30-200 Standard Duty Grease Gun. This is as good of a grease gun for hobbyists as it is for serious garage tinkerers.

Plews 30-200 STD piqued my interest for a number of reasons. I hardly have room for using a “Pistol Grip” grease gun in my garage. This one does the trick with the Lever covering the entire length of the barrel. You just load it with grease and pump where you need the grease to be. It is THAT simple.

Hey, you don’t need to go out of your stride to operate it either. Plews 30-200 uses a standard cartridge of 14 ounces that you can get your hands on pretty easily.

Despite being a manual grease gun, it does its job quickly. Moreover, I could spray one ounce of grease with each stroke. This amount of grease is good enough to give you a generous 6000 pound per square inch torque with each push.I don’t know about you but this is pretty fast for me. I could lubricate my tools in quick time.

The USP of this STD grease gun for me is that aiming this thing is a no brainer. Also, I could pin point a spot and apply lubricant to THAT EXACT SPOT without breaking much of a sweat.

Features I Found Handy and Dandy:

  • This handheld grease gun gives you greater flexibility since you 14-have to apply grease manually.
  • This little wonder comes with a 14-ounce cartridge is pretty easy to get your hands on.
  • Deploys one ounce of grease per stroke.
  • One push of the lever gives you 1000 pound per square-inch torque which in turn allows me to go about greasing stuff quickly.

7. Lincoln Lubrication 1844 18 Volt Cordless Grease Gun:

Lincoln Industrial

Lincoln Lubrication 1844 just might be the best battery powered grease gun on my list. Sure, it may be a tad bit expensive, but be assured, it is totally worth every penny you pay. You’ll find the “Battery” part interesting as the 18-volt batteries give you enough legs to work with 10 standard cartridges at full charge. Plus, you don’t have to buy the batteries separately. A pair is always included in the package.

I’ve seen friends struggling with the speed control mechanism these tools offer. To simplify your life, Lubrication 1844 from Lincoln comes with “Two” distinct speed variations.

One of them works for occasions where you need to grease things at high-pressure giving you the maximum pressure of 7500 psi. The other variation works when you need grease-flow to come out at a high volume that measures up to 10 oz per minute.

When I first saw Lincoln Lubrication 1844 in action over at my friend’s house, I thought it to be heavy. Especially with so much going on inside and the size, it had to weigh high on the scales. To my surprise, the composite body made it lightweight and easy to maneuver as well.

Yet, doesn’t fall short in case of durability and stability. The grease gun scores high grades when it comes to the motor as well. It is a “High Torque” motor that can take on working conditions that most tools won’t even survive in!Just to complement the package, you get a comfortable gripping system and a nice carrying case that is “Impact Resistant.”

Interesting Features of the Grease Gun:

  • The 18-volt battery opens up so many options to be utilized in 120v output.
  • Composite body protects it better without adding too much weight into the equation.
  • It has the PowerLubers that can lubricate anything you throw at this machine.
  • Lincoln 1844 has dual function system that allows to achieve highest pressure of 7500psi and highest greasing volume of 10psi respectively.
  • This “Battery Powered” tool lasts 30% more with 10 cartridges with one full charge which makes it one of the top grease guns around of today’s date.

8. Lincoln Lubrication 1133 2-Way Loading Lever-Action Grease Gun:

 Lincoln Industrial

Lever Action Grease Guns may force you to do some manual labor, but they are worth the effort you put on them. Although I am not frequent with such handheld grease guns, I try to use them as often as possible. Among others, I have stacked Lincoln Lubrication 1133 in my workshop.

As with most lever-operated greasing guns, I found the rugged head quite useful. Lincoln 1133 has enhanced stability and durability thanks to the construction. The pump head won me over with the simplistic yet functional design.

This little grease gun has a heavy-duty spring built in. this spring also is backed up by a follower. These two do a great job of priming your tool. As a result, you won’t face the trouble of the hose being blocked by grease. There won’t be irregular grease flowing as well.

Just to add an extra layer of safety, manufacturers went for a jam-proof mechanism. It is based on a toggle system so we can turn it on and off by ourselves. This little function prevents lubricants from bypassing the cylinder and oiling up the whole tool for us to grab.

As far as cleaning goes, this grease gun takes care of it as well. I loved the vent that can be loosened and tightened to let off internal pressure. As such, you won’t have to disassemble the whole thing to clean what’s inside. Neat I’d say!

Points that Made Me a Fan of Lincoln Lubrication 1133:

  • This handheld grease gun gives you maximum pressure of 7500psi.
  • The volume at which this thing pumps grease is 16oz with the standard cartridge of 14.5oz.
  • The heavy-duty construction saves it from internal and external damages.
  • Effective Jam-proof mechanism prevents grease from getting out.
  • Lincoln 1133 features a valve that helps you clean the tool without actually tearing it open.
  • There is a spring in place to help you in the “Priming” of the greasing tool.

9. GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun with 18" Hose and Extension Pipe:


As we move further down the list of top rated grease guns, Grease Tech Premium deserves a mention at this point. Pistol Grip Grease guns have never been more elegant and functional than this model from GreaseTek. Many call it the “Wonder” within such tools. For me, it is my life saver amidst the heavy workload over at my workshop.

No, it is not your “High-End” grease gun by any means. But I called it a life saver, didn’t I? It helped a lot when I first started out with my workshop over a few years ago. With a price tag of less than 50 dollars, it is your “Go to” tool if your wallet is too tight.

Despite being a cheap grease gun model, the device features a priming spring that’s surprisingly well-designed for the price. Also, the grease holder holds 400 cc liquid inside that tiny space which is commendable.

Best thing is, besides the Grease gun, you can purchase the tool with all the necessary stuff without paying the price. The package arrives with a coupler for the hose. It is 18-inch long. So, you’ll have a decent enough reach covering the entirety of a medium workshop.

Of course, you have the “Extension Pipe” as well with the coupler. So, if you choose, you can extend the reach of the greasing gun even further.

No, the price drop doesn’t hinder experience factor while using this tool for greasing. You have Knurled body that aids in gripping as well as. The grip allows you to spray lubricator onto object conveniently.

Also, you can load grease in two different positions using this tool. It offers you greater flexibility when you need it the most. Thanks to this, I could relax my hands during heavy workload as well.

That’s not all!

You get an “Anti-Bleeder Valve” to assist with your priming. This is just to make sure there are no bubbles to restrict lubricator flow when you need it the most.

Oh! You get a filter valve as well. This one is rather interesting. It keeps all the debris, the dust particles and clotted dirt away from the inside part of the hose and cylinder that holds lubricator fluid.

Highlighted features:

  • The price is super-affordable and it goes with the performance.
  • This thing is good for 40 strokes with one full cartridge.
  • You get to use this tool in two positions.
  • I love the Anti-Bleeder Valve and Anti-debris valve as well.
  • People can grip it well thanks to the handle and knurled body.
  • With a long hose, it can be extended to great lengths.

10. Lumax LX-1172 Black Mini-Pistol Grip Grease Gun with 3 oz. Cartridge:



It is time to talk about my secret ace.

No, it is not as fancy as the other items or grease guns you know and love.

But it might just be the best mini grease gun out there.

Lumax LX-1172 takes the cake when it comes to its size and convenience while using this little tool as well. You can put it to work anywhere you’d like.The pistol-style grip gives you convenience when you are applying lubricants on objects. Also, I find the small size particularly useful when greasing tough-to-reach places.

Despite it being small in size, it has a contoured lever. It might not look the part but the lever helps you exert more pressure than usual. So, a word of thanks to the manufacturers.

Now, it is a given that this grease gun won’t support traditional cartridges. Don’t worry! You’ll have 3.2-ounce mini cartridge at your disposal for quick operation. The loading system is pretty simple. You can load the greasing tool in two ways.

This little tool has been of help to me for over three months now. It is portable and hassle-free to operate. That is why I can take it along during my vacations in my RV. If you need a quick greasing job done, depend on it with your eyes closed. Lumax LX-1172 Mini Grease Gun is ideal for farm tool greasing as well.

Things That Interested Me:

  • Despite being small, this tool is sturdy and durable thanks to cast alloy construction.
  • The “Pistol-style Grip” helps you disperse more lubricant than you normally think you can.
  • The size makes it portable and you can carry it wherever you like comfortably.
  • You can use it in RV, automobile greasing, and for small farm tools as well.
  • Costs you next-to-nothing.

11. Alemite 500-E Grease Gun:


As I move onto the penultimate product on my list, it is one of those “Lever Style” greasing tools again. Alemite 500-E comes with an impressive track record when it comes to grease output.

At its maximum, it delivers grease at 10,000psi pressure. Incredible pace, isn’t it? Add the fact that this greasing tool has an aluminum cast head. The head makes Alemite 500-E both lightweight and durable at the same time.

This is possibly one of the most versatile tools I’ve come across with 16oz. capacity. I like how efficient this grease gun is too. It can pump out 1oz. worth of grease or oil in 21 strokes.

Wondering what you can do with this tool? You can grease your automobile, lubricate motorbike parts, and even take care of the parts needed for construction.

Because it is a manual grease gun, the cartridge is standard with 14oz. capacity. Don’t worry, loading the cartridge into the cylinder body won’t be too much of a fuss. You can load it in three ways.

I prefer the traditional way of “Changing the Cartridge.” However, I’ve seen people use the suction method to good effect too. It is a process where you suck the air out of the pump and in process, the grease gets in.Then there is the third way which uses Alemite Loader Pump.

This is the fastest way to do a refill.With Alemite 500-E, you have a nimble 18-inch hose to help you reach difficult places. You have rigid extension with a rigid extension with one nozzle as well. This allows you to grease larger objects. I felt it was easy to grip as well using the vinyl cover on the handle.

Highlighted features:

  • The mechanism helps you to get standard grease output.
  • 18-inch hose gives you an extended reach.
  • You can load grease in this gun in three ways.
  • There is a bleeder valve that prevents air pockets from building up inside the cylinder.
  • Vinyl cover makes it easy to grip.

12. Astro 101 Mini Grease Gun with Needle Nozzle:

Astro Pneumatic Tool

I’m about to end my list of top grease gun with this recommendation for you guys. Astro 101 is perhaps the best mini grease gun that has a “Needle-Style” nozzle. Using such a small greasing tool has its perks as well.

For instance, it is lightweight. My friends and I have our own difficulties operating heavy grease guns as they pull down on us. As a result, we fail to grease comfortably. This tool is so small that I could operate it “One Handed.”

The “Needle Nozzle” is easy to maneuver as well. The small size of it allowed me to grease or lubricate intricate parts in addition to standard objects.If you are willing to lubricate “Air Tolls,” this is the tool you should buy.

The lubrication process is like normal tools. The cylinder of this tool holds 3 oz. of grease. If I were you, I’d have used it in case of small tools for better results. Lubricating parts like MTB cranks.

Things That Interested me about this Mini Grease Gun:

  • Perfect greasing tool for intricate objects.
  • Holds small amount of lubricant and is suited for emergency on-the-spot jobs.
  • Pours precise amount of grease with the small needle nozzle.
  • You can operate this with just the one hand.

Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying a Grease Gun

Yeah, I know. Grease guns do quite a lot to speed up your maintenance jobs. Whether it is a car or a small DIY project, having the perfect tool around to lubricate the joints makes all the difference.

But here lies a question: “Which is the Perfect tool for you?”

Well, to be honest, it is the one that satisfies your needs to the utmost degree. Also, you can identify one if it ticks the following boxes on your checklist:

Ease of use:

You know what is the trickiest part of all?

It is when you can’t figure out what exactly you need a greasing or lubricator tool for. Determining your work pattern is the most basic thing one needs to do. Choosing a grease gun that suit your applications comes later.

For example: if you are looking for a tool to lubricate your DIY equipment, a “Mini Grease Gun” should be the tool for the trade. Many of us value portability more than anything else. Cordless and battery powered ones will most likely suit your needs.

For garage and workshop owners, a good mix of manual and automotive grease guns should do the trick. Large scale jobs need a grease gun you can find.

Features you need:

While you need to determine the usage of this tool, you need to figure out what sort of perks and features you want in your grease gun as well.

Not all grease guns or lubricators come with the same level of efficiency and benefits. Not even within the same brand. Depending on your workload, you need to figure out the how much grease you need per day. This in turns determines just how big or spacious the cylinder of your tool would be.

If you own a workshop, for example, you’ll need a grease gun that has a high lubricator intake and not the regular ones that use standard cartridges.

Professional garage owners prefer perks like an extended reach, small nozzles that reach hardest corners, high-pressure grease disperse, and more. These are gems you get with high-end grease guns. They can cause you few extra bucks but are worth the price tag.

Performance You Expect:

I’m experienced enough to spell out the differences between a conventional greasing gun and one for commercial use. Based on the purpose you are using it for, the performance graph can vary.

Whatever the case, my advice would be to have a look at how quickly and efficiently a grease gun can be loaded. Also, the accuracy of the tool also comes into play.

Me, personally, I monitor the grease quantity in the cartridges that these things use. The more, the better. Loading grease should be a breeze when you are working. Spraying the lubricant too late while you are busy loading the stuff can ruin most delicate jobs.

Do you know what is the easiest way of gauging the performance level of your greasing tool? Well, you have to go on grease gun reviews and manufacturer’s reputation.

Accessories for a Grease Gun

Let us look at some of the essential components that you will need to use with a grease gun.

1. Lumax LX-1416 Silver 18G 1-1/2" Long Stainless Steel Grease Injector Needle with Cap:

This is a grease injector needle, which is quite useful when using the hand-operated guns. When you need to lubricate places that are very tight and hard to reach, the grease injector needle comes in handy to ensure that your application is accurate.

This would be ideal for places like universal joint as well as sealing bearings. Application of lubricants will be much easier and it will help you hit the right target.

This particular model is 18 gauge and is 1 ½ inches long, which gives you a good reach. It is made of stainless steel and has the grease fitting to make it connect to any grease coupler that you are using. The protective cover will be useful when working on the tight places, which are somewhat difficult to access.


  • The Lumax LX-1416 grease injector needle is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable and rust-free
  • The grip is knurled and this will allow you to connect to the coupler and disconnect without any difficulty
  • There is a protective cover that will make it easier to lubricate tight places, without compromising the functionality of the injector needle
  • The 18 gauge needle, which is also 1 ½ inches longs is suitable when you need to lubricate places like universal joints and sealed bearings
  • It is equipped with the standard grease fitting, allowing you to apply your lubricants on Vans, RVs, 4WDs and other industrial equipment

2. LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler:

The LockNLube grease gun coupler is designed in such a manner that it will ease the frustration of greasing any machines. It comes with a sliding sleeve locking system, which is patented, will lock on and as such, your seals will not leak. This is one of the best solutions to manage any wastage of lubes. With this model, you can forget the struggle with couplers that are stuck.

The advantage with this one is that when it locks, you can use both hands to pump the grease, which will be much easier. With this coupler, you will lubricate your machines, exactly where they need to be lubricated. You will not have to worry about the mess of the lubricants going on the machine, as they will go in.

best Grease Gun Coupler Features:

  • This coupler will fit on any standard grease gun as it is 1/8 inch fitting. You can use with SAE and Metric Zerk fitting
  • There is a unique and patented lock design, which ensures that the coupler stays on, when in use, which ends your frustration and greasing worries
  • The safety lock is a great advantage as it frees both hands to be able to pump the grease
  • With this coupler, there will be no wastage and messes created as it will ensure that all the grease goes into the machine and not on them

3. Dewalt DCGG5703-42 1/8-Inch NPT Grease Gun Hose :

For the grease gun to work as required, you will need to have a grease gun hose assembly. The DEWALT DCGG5703 is one of the best that you can have, as it is designed to work well with as a replacement hose. 

This grease gun hose is quite flexible and comes with reinforced ends. It will give you a good grip when you are pushing into the fittings.  You will use the hose on a manual grease gun and will require minimal effort.

If you want to apply lubricants to tight places that are have fitting, which make it hard to access, this hose will be quite useful. This is an industrial tool that has an uncompromised performance. This will make the use of your grease gun much easier and convenient.


  • This DEWALT grease gun hose assembly is 42 inches long, which gives you adequate length when working with a grease gun
  • This is ideal for hardened applications as it has a maximum operating pressure of up to 10,000 psi
  • Due to the flexibility and the extended length of the grease gun hose, you will be able to apply the lubricants on machines with hard to reach access fittings

4. Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Grease:

Finally, the grease gun would be useless if you do not have grease to apply. To be able to get the best results, you will need to find high quality grease and the Valvoline Synpower is one of the best on the market. 

This is a synthetic grease that is made to provide protection for high and low temperature. It is multi-purpose and is a heavy duty grease for industrial and automotive use.

Valvoline SynPower is formulated using lithium complex, which is thickened in a synthetic base fluid, moly and other high quality additives. Ultimately, you will be able to provide superior protection from extreme temperatures and heavy loads, for all your machines and automotive. 

This is a pressure fortified lubricant that will be used to ensure that all the parts are running smoothly, without any friction.


  • Valvoline SynPower is designed to provide protection for both low and high temperatures over the common greases
  • This is a synthetic grease for automotive, and is formulated to work with European, Japanese and American vehicles
  • The moly fortification and use of premium additives in the formulation of the synthetic grease makes strong enough for incredible resistance to very heavy loads
  • This is a lithium complex grease, which is fortified for extreme pressure

Types of Grease Gun You Might Encounter

Remember I mentioned grease gun has as many as 5 variants or types? In case you weren’t following, these types are:

  • Air Grease Guns.
  • Grease Guns with Pistol Grip.
  • Lever-Action Grease Guns.
  • Cordless Ones, and
  • Pump Grease Guns.

Let me explain to you how each of the tools works

Air Powered Grease Gun:

Air Grease Guns are the heavy hitters when you think of it. These tools pack immense power as they are attached with air compressors. As usual, you’ll have an extended hose that will force the lubricant out.

Typically expensive, these tools are more suited for commercial gigs and not DIY projects. Usually, these things come with a hefty price tag attached.

Pistol Grip Grease Gun:

Pistol Grease Guns are more common. The unique feature about these tools is that you can operate these with one hand only. Just like a Pistol. For all you comfort lovers, I suggest using this tool for your DIY projects and areas where you need a bit of flexibility instead of power.

Pistol Grip Grease Gun

We are not trading any characteristics. Instead, this simple tool will allow you to get through the task faster with less fatigue.

Oh, and you can cycle through different speeds with by pushing the trigger.

Lever-Action Grease Guns:

Besides the “Pistol” grips, you have Liver Action that are very much popular among users. Part of the popularity is due to the ease of use. You just need to pull or push the lever to load the grease gun and push the lubricant out.

Want to customize the force with which you are spitting the grease out? Just push the lever to varying lengths and you’ll be fine. However, be sure to position the tools’ nozzles correctly and keep the hoses in perfect position to make sure you don’t mess everything up.

Cordless Grease Guns:

Nothing beats portability in my book! That’s why I love the cordless variant of greasing guns. They offer you portability using the battery as the power source. You’ll not have to depend on your hands to push the grease out. Batteries will do that for you. With varying force too if you choose. I call this convenience.

There’ll be no cords limiting you! Also, you will get the tools you need to replace or recharge the battery too. These tools are great when you are outdoors working on gigs for your clients.

There are lightweight, and battery powered greasing guns that you can pick for yourselves.

Hint: I’ve got a few of them on my list of recommendations.

Pump-type Grease Guns:

Or I should say a handheld grease guns. These things require you to operate a pump at the top area of the grease gun. The air will go in and build up pressure inside. The pressure will carry grease or lubricant out the gun.

Now, these are the trickiest grease gun there is if you are a newbie. Handling one of these tools of this kind needs "Added Skill." I’d not advise you to use these things unless you are absolutely sure what you are dealing with.

How to Load a Grease Gun Properly?

No matter how reputed your greasing gun brand is or how pricey it is, you won’t get a cent percent output if you don’t handle it right. A big part of “Handling” requires you to be focused and to load the tool properly. Getting the lubricant inside is a tricky business. It can make or break your gig.

One wrong step and you are through. Trust me, the mess that results from it takes nearly a day or two to clean up. That is why you need to know how to “*** Up” or “Load” the tool. Let’s take a look how you can load a cartridge into a grease gun.

  • You need to turn the cartridge holder clockwise and the dispenser nozzle counter-clockwise to take the depleted cartridge out. If it is too stiff, simply use elbow grease to loosen it up.
  • There should be a metal handle where the cartridge is located. Pull it out. You should see a plunger rod. Pull it and take any leftover grease out of the cylinder. Take the plunger rod out as well.
  • Next thing would be to securely the piston rod sideways and prevent it from moving forward.Grease Guns out of the lot have a mechanism that lets the piston retract to a suitable position automatically.
  • When you are done setting up the piston rod in place, take the cartridge out. Then, wipe the barrel for any grease spills.
  • Make sure you have a new cartridge by your side. Remove the plastic cap from the new cartridge at hand. Then push it in the barrel. You’ll find a metal seal. Discard that seal as well.
  • Once you insert the new cartridge and remove the metal seal, attach the nozzle at the end of the barrel. While you are turning the nozzle tight, make sure to pump the grease. It will take the air out and make greasing easy on your part.

How to Maintain the Grease Guns?


We’ve covered the top rated grease guns’ list.

We’ve done the buying guide.

I’ve even gone through the “Cartridge Loading Procedure.”

What’s left?

Oh I get it! Let me give you some of my grease gun maintenance tips just so you can prolong the lifespan of these tools by a few years. Try and follow the tricks on my list below:

  • Each Greasing Gun has a calibrated grease quantity. Pay close attention to that to measure how much grease you need.
  • Few of the grease guns might only perform well with certain types of grease or lubricants. Find out which lubricant works best for yours. You’ll be able to bring out the best in your tool.
  • Proper cleaning is necessary. Make sure you do the “Cleaning” routine beforehand and after using your tool. Clean it with a cloth. Keep it under wraps when you are not using it.
  • Do a test run first before you apply lubricant to anything. Make sure the juices are flowing correctly so that your greasing tool doesn’t dump you midway through your task.
  • Most people ignore this but you need to store your greasing tool in a horizontal position to avoid leakage. Please make sure that you put everything together before using. After you are done with it, be certain to depressurize the thing to avoid grease spilling.
  • Go through the manual letter by letter. Study grease gun’s nooks and crannies even before you use it. That way, you’ll be able to troubleshoot many of the problems yourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a grease gun?

A grease gun is just a regular workshop equipment that people use to apply lubricants. The gun applies lubricants via a small opening to particular points, normally on grease fittings. There are conduits at the small opening’s rear side, which direct the lubricants to where they’re required.

2. How should I store a grease gun?

Store the grease gun’s cartridge tubes upright all the time. If you leave the cartridges in the gun, be sure to depressurize the gun. Also, wipe the grease gun clean with a piece of cloth to eradicate impurities, then store it horizontally in a cool, dry, and clean place.

This will prevent the lubricants from bleeding out.

3. How do I load my grease gun?

Loading a grease gun correctly helps stop accidents like malfunctions and leakages. Here’s how to go about it:

If you’re using a reservoir grease gun, follow these steps:

  • Detach the gun’s head from the barrel
  • Fill the barrel and separate it from the grease vessel
  • Connect the barrel and the gun’s head, then try and see if the gun works now

If, on the other hand, you have a cartridge gun, follow these simple steps:

  • Take out the cartridge
  • Remove the nozzle rod entirely from the barrel
  • Set the fresh cartridge in the barrel
  • Attach the barrel plus the head and test if the gun works

4. What powers the grease gun?

A grease gun can be powered in three ways – by air, electricity or hand. The advantages of each powering method depend on your personal preferences and the nature of application you’re doing.

If you’re doing a small project, a hand powered gun would be okay but if you’re doing a large project, a gun powered by electricity would be more appropriate; it would make your work easier.

5. What’s the best lubricant to use with grease guns?

As the gun’s name suggests, the best kind of lubricant to use is grease. The best thing about grease is that it will hold onto your machine’s moving parts and unlike oil, it won’t leak away easily.

It’s crucial that you know how to watch out for under greasing and over greasing, along with how frequently to apply the grease. This will help extend your machine’s life.

6. What type of hose should I use?

There are two major types of hose – flexible and fixed. You should base your choice of a hose type on the kind of grease fitting the machine you’re lubricating has.

For instance, if the machine has a grease fitting that is difficult to reach, I recommend using a flexible hose. But if your gun is a lever-style, meaning that you normally pump the lubricant with both hands, a fixed hose is indispensable.

7. How is the gun’s lubricant output measured?

The gun’s output depends on various factors, such as the type of gun being used, its make and model. With that said, the output ranges somewhere between 0.5 and 3 grams.

To get around the inconsistency, you should calculate your gun’s output based on each stroke.

Simply pull ten consistent strokes into a calibrated scale. Take the value of the grease on the scale and divide it by ten. What you get is your gun’s output per stroke.

8. What are the signs of under and over-greasing?

Under greasing simply means applying too little grease on the machine. The main sign of this is starvation of the bearing, which leads to wearing and intensified contamination.

Over greasing means applying too much grease. The signs are ruined seals, raised heat production, elevated consumption of energy, and increased oxidation of grease. 

9. What connection adapters are used in grease guns?

Most guns come with standard adapters like the hydraulic coupler, which is very common.

The 90° adapter is perfect for grease fittings in cramped areas with bends.

If you’re applying grease to a tight space, you need a needle-end adapter for precision.

10. What do I need to load a grease gun?

The items you need for loading your grease gun depend on whether you are using a reservoir or cartridge gun.

If you’re using a reservoir gun, you will most certainly need gloves to avoid smearing the grease everywhere including on your clothes.

If, on the contrary, yours is a cartridge gun, you will need an apron and a piece of cloth.

Our Verdict

Can you imagine how long this guide has been? It is already a humongous guide and I don’t want to drag it any further. Let me just say, best grease guns are hard to come by. You need to look really hard to find one. I hope my research will help you find your true soulmate in a garage.

If you are running short on time, pick one from the recommended brands. My shortlist is a good mix of greasing tools that are top-notch yet very affordable when you think of it.

Be sure to use such a tool properly and run regular maintenance. With the right brand and proper maintenance, the tools will last a lifetime!

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