7 Best Catch Can for F150 EcoBoost Reviews

Say, you are driving your F150 to a nearby camping site for a weekend getaway. Suddenly, it starts facing issues in the middle of the road, ruining your plans. The next day, the repair service tells you that your intake valve is dirty, which is what caused it.

It’s an imaginary situation, sure. But these things do happen, and they can be quite scary. The fix? An oil separator or catch can. Don’t panic if you aren’t aware of what a catch can is. That is what we’re here for! We’ll help you find the best catch can for F150 EcoBoost. In this article, I will review the 7 best ones in the market for you.

Let’s get to it!

7 Best Catch Can for F150 EcoBoost

Oil catch cans are meant for catching & collecting the oily vapor your car produces during combustion. They can be very handy and worth using. Read the following reviews to find the one you like.

1. JLT 2011-2019 F150 2.7EB 3.5EB 5.0 Passenger Side Oil Separator

Our first pick is a JLT oil separator that supports EcoBoost models made in the years 2011-2019. That is quite a big range if you ask me.

It comes with a billet 3-ounce canister made of aluminum, which has factory style lines as well as connections. As already mentioned before, the versatility this oil catch can provide is noteworthy. Besides fitting almost all EcoBoost engines, it also includes the 2.7EB, 3.5EB, and 5.0EB varieties.

Now, the kit itself is very practical. It comes with everything you need, ready to go. The fitting is OEM style PCV, which means you do not need to spend time assembling it up. It comes pre-assembled, ready to go.

The installation process is very quick & simple, too. It takes only a few minutes to get the job done. However, the installation instructions are not very clear, according to some users. JLT promises a detailed instruction manual with its product, but some users still struggled. Not cool, JLT!

Luckily, the installation process is so simple that you will effortlessly understand if you watch a YouTube instruction. You may even figure it out by yourself. Since everything comes assembled and ready to install, it takes about 5 minutes only to get the process done.


  • Fits a wide range of engine models
  • Very nicely built
  • Easy & simple to install
  • Comes assembled & oiled
  • Stops valve coking


  • The installation process is not clear

2. Ruien 0046 Polish Baffled Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can Reservoir Tank

Up next is another aluminum oil tank, made by Ruien. Much like the previous one, this one is universal, too. So, be assured that it will support your EcoBoost, no matter which model it is.

Aluminum is a perfect material for catch cans because they are strong and durable. With a 100% aluminum body, this can be expected to last years, easily. It also has a sizeable capacity of 11 oz., so you do not have to empty this can too frequently. Just install it, let it do its job, and forget it exists for a while.

Checking the collected fluid can be somewhat of an annoyance when you have to take the entire catch can off and unscrew. With that in mind, Ruien made it easier with this model because it contains a dipstick. Now you don’t have to spend unnecessary time checking.

Another amazing feature is the vent. This is a breather kit, which enables any built-up pressure to escape from the top of the can. The escaped pressure, therefore, does not accumulate inside the can, which has a risk of blowing up.

This set comes with all the accessories needed to install. However, the hoses are not very good quality. I would suggest you replace the hoses altogether, with something more well made. This also means the connectors should be replaced. But other than this, the rest of the kit is very good.


  • Fits all EcoBoost models
  • Stylish black finish
  • Lightweight
  • Dipstick made checking easy


  • Hoses are not very well made

3. Vincos Universal 3/8"&9/16" 400ml Aluminum Dual Cylinder Polish Baffled Engine Air Tank Reservoir Kit Oil Catch Can

Looking for a universal aluminum oil catch can that is also very affordable? Look no further! This dual cylinder oil catch can offer everything the previous two did, for a fraction of the price.

It is not always possible to shell out hundreds for additional car gadgets, something that is not an absolute necessity. Believe me, I understand. Does that mean you have to settle for a below-average product? Definitely not! Simply have a look at this beauty from Vincos to understand.

The performance of this oil catch tank is splendid. It catches any moisture and oil collected in the blow-by gas tank. These trapped oil & moisture are prone to making carbon & sludge build-ups inside the intake system as well as the engine. By trapping them in the catch can, you will not be getting any build-ups.

Clean and build-up free, your engine’s life will be preserved, and as the manufacturer claims, horsepower will reach maximum potential.

Moreover, the body is made of high-quality aerospace 6061 aluminum, with an anodized black finish that looks very slick. It is also fully tig welded, meaning there are no chances of any leakage happening. The O-ring gasket helps in this too.

A few users reported finding metal shavings inside the can when it arrived. This can be very dangerous for your engine. So, make sure to thoroughly clean it after receiving to avoid any mishaps.


  • Will be with your budget
  • Can be used either vented or non vented
  • Prevents leakage
  • Can be cleaned very easily


  • Needs to be checked before installation

4. ESPEEDER SYKRSS Universal Aluminum Car Truck Engine Oil Catch Can

The fourth pick is quite stylish, and it’s available in 4 different attractive colors too. So, if you are someone who really cares about the catch can complementing or blending in with your car, you’ll get some options here.

When I talked about universal fit before, I mostly meant universally fitted to only the EcoBoost car line. While that car is our main focus today, I couldn’t help mentioning that this catch can is universal to most cars, not just the EcoBoost line. Yes, you read that, right! This kit is compatible with almost any cars out there.

One thing I didn’t like about this set is the added accessories, namely the hose. ESPEEDER makes it clear that this hose is just a bonus free gift and not a vacuum hose. It is pretty much useless because it cannot stand up to high temperatures and gives off an unpleasant smell.

And the manufacturer recommends replacing the hose with a good quality rubber vacuum one for maximum performance. I really do not understand the reason behind giving a hose in the first place if it is unusable. If you decide to buy this kit, make sure to get a separate hose too.

That being said, the performance of this oil catch can is terrific. Not to mention the beautiful aesthetics it’ll add to your car. It is also very easy to use. I would definitely recommend this for convenience and performance.


  • Universal fit
  • Enhanced durability due to T6061 aluminum
  • Built-in dipstick
  • Has a removable bottom
  • Easy to mount & modify


  • Does not come with all accessories
  • Installation could be easier

5. Mishimoto MMBCC-F35T-11SBE Baffled Oil Catch Can

Want the best oil can specifically be made for a Ford EcoBoost 2011-2014, which can also tackle heavy off-road use? This is it.

We have talked about all the other cans having durable aluminum bodies before. This one is made of the same material, anodized aluminum. Then what makes it different? This one has good quality build through and through.

With a 3 millimeters steel bracket, very supple plastic hoses, and anodized aluminum can, it performs flawlessly. The fitting is reliable, and the exceptional routing arrangement will help your engine work better. Furthermore, the seals work really well.

A few users did seem unhappy with the positioning of the catch can, however. It is placed in a rather inconvenient position in the car. Draining it is not very easy either because of the position.

Having said that, do not underestimate the 12-ounce fluid capacity this can offers. It can handle so much blow-by that you will not have to even think about draining for a good while. The two-fold system helps the capacity last even longer. So even if it is a pain to drain, you won’t have to deal with it too often.


  • Has thick steel brackets
  • Stock style quick disconnect fitting
  • In-line check valve
  • Direct fit for the mentioned models


  • The location of mounting is not optimal
  • Draining is tough

6. EIGIIS Universal Car Dual Cylinder Polish Baffled Engine Oil Catch Can Kit Reservoir

EIGIIS is known for affordable products, and this one is no different. If you want a decent product that can do the job, this is it.

It is very tough to find another catch can at the price range of this one. For the price, you also get exceptional value. It definitely works and does a good job too. The amount of oil it saves will surely amaze you. If you are on the fence about spending too much on an oil catch can, try it.

I can guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised at the results, and will be glad that you gave it a try.

To cut costs and offer this product at such an affordable price range, the manufacturer had to cut costs at the accessories. So, you will have to end up buying the extra parts for it to work as well as it can. The hose is thin, cheaply made, and not long enough. It might collapse under the vacuum pressure if you try to use it.

The mounting clips are not great, either. So, they need replacing too. Sadly, this is not very simple, either. If you have a little mechanical & fabrication experience, you can get it done, no problem. For complete beginners, it will be slightly tricky, but doable nonetheless. You can always browse the internet for any queries.


  • Affordable
  • Solves blow-by, intake, and air mix issues well
  • Works perfectly if you put the effort
  • Saves quite a good amount of oil


  • Installation is not very straightforward
  • Needs extra parts to work well

7. ESPEEDER SYKRSS Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can Polish Baffled Reservoir Tank

I am ending this list with another ESPEEDER SYKRSS product. Much like the previous one, this one is very aesthetically pleasing and affordable too.

The balance of the price for performance is terrific with this one. And the overall quality and design of the can itself pleased me. The high quality anodized T-6061 aluminum provides strength and sturdiness. With this, you will get better mileage, longevity, and performance from your engine.

It is also universal to almost every car, which is always a welcome feature. You can choose from 5 different color options, too.

For the price, ESPEEDER put some really great attributes in this catch can that I did not expect to see in a value product. The O-ring gaskets help with preventing any leaks. It also has a built-in dipstick, which is super handy. With this, you can very easily check the fluid level any time you want.

Furthermore, it also allows for 2 types of installation. You can install it vented or sealed, your choice. It also has a removable bottom, so you have an easier time draining.

As perfect as this catch can is, there is still some room for improvement. The hose provided is not usable. It needs to be replaced. The mounting bolts that come with need a hex key, which the owner may not have at hand. These should have been replaced with regular flat or Philips screws.

You also need a thick washer to mount and replace one of the original mounting bolts. It does not have any filtering media either. That being said, I can’t complain about the price. Many of the small fixes can be done anyway if you have some mechanic tools lying around.


  • A good replacement for higher-end cans
  • Polished, aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Offers vented & non-vented installation


  • The provided hose is unusable

Benefits of Using Catch Can on Your F150 Truck

Usually, the hose on top of your car engine’s crankcase works to relieve pressure in the crankcase made by blow-by. The issue with this hose is, it also allows oil & gunk into the intake manifold from the crankcase, which doesn’t belong there. These oil & gunk can build up inside the manifold, affecting horsepower & fuel economy.

Particularly for direct-injection engines such as the F150 Ecoboost’s, this is an issue. For port-injection engines, the fuel fume works like a cleaner, cleaning off any potential oil build up. But since direct-injection engines shoot the fuel straightly inside the cylinder, there is nothing stopping the grease from building up.

This is where the oil catch can come in. It plugs into the crankcase hose we talked about earlier, and ‘catches’ any fuel, grease, or other contaminants before they can reach the intake manifold. Therefore, the air intake system stays clean. Your engine also works at an optimal level, with nothing holding it back.

Gradually, with an oil catch can, the engine’s longevity also increases. Fuel economy is improved, too. The engine continuously keeps performing excellently. Additionally, the blow-by also causes carbon deposits inside the valve and intake system. A catch can helps reduce such carbon deposits too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best catch cans for F150:

1. What is the difference between a catch can and an oil separator?

At the first glance, they may seem the same. Even though their job is pretty similar, they have a few key differences. An oil catch is connected to the intake & outtake valves of the engine. It catches any fuel vapor that comes from the engine.

On the other hand, an oil separator is connected to both PCV & CCV of your engine. They do not only capture the fume but also separate the oil from the air. Moreover, they might also heat the air up to help the engine work better.

2. How often do I need to drain my oil catch can?

There is no straight cut answer to this because it depends on the specific can’s capacity and level of capturing. The bigger the capacity, the less you need to drain it. Lower quality catch cans capture less oil, so they need to be emptied even less.

3. Does an oil catch can add horsepower to my engine?

There is no scientific evidence that it does. However, without an oil catch can, your engine will slowly get clogged up by the gunk, preventing horsepower from reaching its fullest potential. With a catch can, that will not happen.

4. Do I really need an oil catch can?

Particularly for the F150 Ecoboost engine, yes. Why you need one has already been explained above.

Final Words

You’ve reached the end of this article. I hope my article has been helpful to you in finding the best catch can for F150 EcoBoost. Personally, I liked the Ruien and Mishimoto catch cans the best. The rest of the list is pretty good, too. I hope you liked one from our list!

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