5 Best Brake Pads for Chevy Silverado 1500 – Reviews 2020

If you question any experienced truck driver regarding which is more important – being able to accelerate quickly or having the ability to stop swiftly, they will always choose the latter.

Equipping your Silverado 1500 with a superior set of brake pads will not just enhance the overall experience of driving, but will also do its best to prevent accidents from occurring.

That’s why it’s crucial to find the right set of brake pads that will perfectly suit your truck. Now, we know it’s a confusing task to do by yourself. This is why we have carefully searched the market to find the best brake pads for Silverado 1500 specifically. Continue reading to learn about them!

Our Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 

We have picked and reviewed the top brake pads for Chevy Silverado 1500. If you want to learn more about them, continue reading.

1. Wagner QuickStop ZD1363 Ceramic Disk Pad Set

For the first product review, we wanted to introduce the very famous QuickStop ZD1363 by Wagner. This pair of brake pads can certainly be considered as one of the best brake pads for Silverado 1500 for its amazingly long lifespan.

To start off, we wanted to shed some light on the material used for the brake pads. By using ceramic and clever design, Wagner has managed to create a brake pad kit that will not create a lot of noise or vibrations.

The usage of ceramic also significantly reduces the chances of wear and tear with prolonged use. And the addition of brake lubricant further helps to keep the gadget fresh and intact for an incredible period of time.

These brakes pads are created for the front brakes of your Silverado 1500. We found the installation process very swift and easy. You will be happy to know that these brake pads were made with keeping the OE standards in mind to give you the ultimate peace of mind as well as safety.

What we were extremely delighted about is their pricing. Despite being such a great device that will, without question, fulfill all its duties and remain in great shape for years, it’s being offered at a very affordable price point.

With all these great features and an incredible price range, this brake pad set is definitely not one you should miss out on.


  • Very easy to install
  • Does not produce a lot of noise or sound
  • Includes brake lubricant
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Highly durable
  • Extremely affordable


  • May speak right after installing them

2. Bosch BC1194 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disk Brake Pad

If you are a Silverado 1500 user, then you certainly will not regret investing in the BC1194 QuietCast by Bosch. The BC1194 was specially designed to deliver the user with a premium driving and stopping experience.

These brake pads have been created using a mixture of high-quality ceramic and semi-metallic components. This helped to produce brake pads that not only will provide the vehicle with great stopping power, but will do so extremely smoothly.

What you will love about the gadget is how effectively it changes the experience of riding the truck. You are not likely to experience any discomfort that may have presented itself as unwanted vibrations or noise. In fact, this disk pad has delivered us with the slickest stoppage that we have ever experienced.

To deliver superior stability while also protecting the shim attachments, the gadget features a molded shim technology. Moreover, the shim construction helps to provide insulation against noise production.

One of the best features of this brake pad is that it doesn’t permit dust to accumulate. This helps the brake pads have a longer life than most of the other ones you will find on the market. Furthermore, the rubberized shims also help to prevent the brake pads from getting rust.

The addition of synthetic lubricant makes the installation process quite simple and stress-free. Additionally, the lubricant can be used to keep the brake pads healthy and properly functioning for years.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Will deliver great stability
  • Easy to install
  • Does not create unwanted noise or vibration
  • Long-lasting


  • Will produce a lot of noise if it isn’t installed properly

3. ACDelco 14D1367CH Advantage Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set

ACDelco has made its name as one of the best and most reliable brands that produce brake pads, and the 14D1367CH is no exception. Every part of this brake pad has been designed by keeping quality and user-friendliness in mind. Which is why it can be categorized as one of the best brake pads for Silverado 1500.

These brake pads were made by mixing semi-metallic components with high-grade ceramic. With the help of these materials and by using organic formulas, ACDelco was successful in creating a highly reliable brake pad set.

This combination has allowed the brake pads to efficiently work even if the temperatures are very high. On the other hand, it effectively reduces if not completely stops the brake pads from vibrating or creating squeaky noise.

And this set of brake pads do not require any curing and can be installed straight out of the box. However, before you start working on the installation process, you must know that the set includes an inside and outside shoe. These shoes should be kept as it’s if you want them to fit perfectly.

We honestly loved how well these brake pads perform. Starting from delivering a smooth and precise braking system to reduced harshness, it will provide you with everything you require for an effortless ride.

It is safe to say that this is truly one of those sets that will make you feel ultra-safe – even if you are an adrenaline junkie. The fact that it’s being offered at such a reasonable price point is simply the icing on top.


  • Includes hardware
  • Significantly reduced vibration and noise
  • Created with high-quality materials
  • Very affordable
  • Does not need to be cured
  • Easy to install


  • Might not be as long-lasting as one would hope

4. Power Stop Z36-1363 Z36 Truck & Tow Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Front Brake Pads

Power Stop Z36-1363

In case you are looking for the most powerful brake pads, then you can stop the search. The Z36-1363 Z36 by Power Stop is absolutely one of the most powerful and reliable brake pads out there, especially for a Silverado 1500.

These brake pads have been produced by using carbon-fiber ceramic, which allows the device to have a low dust rating. Besides that, it also helps the gadget to work effectively even if the vehicle heats up.

Now, the carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads also feature a thermal charred pad surface. This feature allows the brake pads to deliver fast and smooth brakes no matter how fast the vehicle was going. On the other hand, the chamfered slots allow the brakes to be free of noise and vibration.

Furthermore, the brake pads come with stainless steel shims that are slotted and chamfered to further ensure that the brakes do not produce any noise or discomfort.

One of the noteworthy features of the brake pads is that it comes with powder coated plates, which further enhances the performance of the device. At the same time, it extends the lifespan of the gadget by protecting it from corrosion and rust.

This brake pad set comes with a high-quality stainless steel hardware kit as well as brake grease. By using these, you will not require the assistance of any professional to get the brake pads installed. At the same time, the brake grease can be used to maintain the brake pads properly. Incredible, isn’t it?


  • Premium quality brake pads
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Fast break-in
  • Designed to be free of noise and vibration
  • Includes hardware kit & brake grease
  • Very long-lasting


  • Requires a little time to break-in

5. Wagner QuickStop ZD785 Ceramic Disc Pad

Wagner ZD785

Finally, we wanted to end our list of product with another amazing ceramic disk pad by Wagner. This is perfect to go brake pads for anyone who is going for great quality brake pads without having to spend a lot.

To start off, we wanted to talk about how incredible these brake pads are to use. From the very start, you will notice how amazingly it restores the braking performance. In fact, it’s likely to give better braking performance than the original braking pads.

We loved how consistent the brake pads are in delivering quality stoppage without causing any unwanted vibration or sound. Moreover, we were amazed to see how much support is provided to the vehicle’s overall brake abilities.

The fitting of these brake pads is unlike any other. And the way it fits on to a Silverado 1500, will make it seem like it was specifically created just for this vehicle.

Now, to further ease the process of installation, the set comes with high-grade stainless steel hardware gear. By using this kit, you will not have to seek help from anyone else.

At the same time, the set also includes OE-style lubricant, which not only comes in aid while installing the brake pads but can also be used to take care of them. As a matter of fact, we would these to be one of the best lubricants that were included in a brake pad set.


  • Stable and even performance
  • Reduced vibration and noise
  • Comes with a hardware kit
  • Includes OE-style lubricant
  • Restores the vehicle’s braking capabilities
  • Extremely affordable


  • No significant cons found

Ceramic or Semi-Metallic Brake Pads for Chevy 1500? 

There are a lot of different materials that are used to create brake pads. Amongst them, ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads are deemed to be the best ones for Chevy Silverado 1500. Let’s take a look at what qualities these bring in, so you can make the best decision for your vehicle.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are created out of blending high-quality ceramic with copper fibers. By using these materials, the brake pads are able to handle higher temperatures without any issues. Moreover, these brake pads deliver quicker recovery after each brake while generating significantly lower dust.

Ceramic Brake Pads


  • Does not produce a lot of noise
  • Delivers cleaner wheels by producing less dust
  • More durable compared to semi-metallic pads


  • Usually more expensive
  • More likely to be a victim of wear and tear than semi-metallic pads
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty towing


Semi-metallic brake pads are created by using fragments of metallic fibers. Now, a good quality semi-metallic pad will consist of finer metallic fibers. On the other hand, cheaper ones will be composed of coarse and large chunks of metal.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

The semi-metallic brake pads are ideal for the colder regions as they are best suited to deal with lower temperatures.


  • More affordable than ceramic pads
  • Gentler on the rotors
  • Can handle heavy duty towing
  • Gives great grip even if it’s really cold or wet


  • Produces a lot of black dust
  • Not as long-lasting as ceramic pads
  • Likely to produce a lot of noise

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked queries regarding the best brake pads:

1. Do I need to replace the rotors if I change the brake pads?

If your vehicle does not show any symptoms such as steering wheel vibrations or pedal pulsation while braking, then the rotor is in good shape and does not need to be replaced.

2. How long do brake pads usually last?

There are no specific timing brake pads to last, it will depend on the usage. A good brake pad is supposed to provide you with at least 40,000-60,000 miles if it is used on gentler roads. However, for a heavy-traffic area or rocky roads, it’s likely to last for 20,000-25,000 miles.

3. Do brake pads ruin rotors?

If you are using cheap brake pads such as low-quality semi-metallic brake pads, they are likely to cause too much friction with the rotors and eventually eat away parts of it.

4. How will I be able to tell if my brakes need to be changed?

If you notice signs such as soft brake pedal, grinding, or squealing noise while braking, steering-wheel shaking while braking, unusual smell around the wheel area or excessive dust on the wheels, then your brakes need to be replaced.

5. Should I go for ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads?

While they both bring a lot of great features on their own, your personal needs will determine which one will be the perfect match for you. But if you ask us, we will suggest you go for a brake pad set that is created by using both ceramic and semi-metallic components.

Final Words

Equipping your vehicle with the right and best pair of brake pads is an essential step to take to ensure your personal safety. By spending some time going through this review carefully, we hope you will be able to select the best brake pads for Silverado 1500.

A tip from us is to always keep an eye out on your brakes, so you know when you need to replace them. Another one will be to properly take care of them to try and enhance their lifespan. Good luck with your purchase!

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