Best 8 Inch and 6 Inch Jointer Reviews for The Money!

It might seem convenient to go and buy your furniture from a retail store. But you might be a soul who finds pleasure in woodwork and creating furniture for yourself at home. This is a skill that is useful, and the end product is usually very satisfying to have.

The skill of woodworking needs experience as well as the proper set of tools to work with. If you are getting serious about it, you have to get a jointer at one point.

While a planer will allow you to cut the wood according to your preferred thickness, only a jointer can get you the flatness you want on your wood.

Jointer Sizes: What You Should Know

A jointer will have several parts of components in it. There is both an outfeed and an infeed table along with an adjustable fence. Also, a jointer will have the means to lower and raise the latterly mentioned table for setting up the cut depth.

The knives usually are secured in a cutter head that rotates. This cutter head is situated in between the outfeed table and the infeed table. These jointers tend to be large in size and heavy, but they are required to be accurate.

To properly work, the tables of the jointer need to be coplanar (having no twist), very flat as well as parallel. The fence needs to be flat and straight too. We will talk about jointer sizes or knife lengths below.

Why is Jointer Size Important?

When we refer to jointers, we usually use the length of their knives. For example, a jointer with a knife length of six inches would be called a six-inch jointer, and so on. You can get jointers of various lengths, but the six and eight-inch ones are the most used out there.

The length on the knives size the jointers, determining the most extensive possible wood that the machine will be able to surface. Even in the absence of an auxiliary extension, jointers can easily take lumber around double the size of a bed.

So, when you are considering buying a new jointer, you need to consider your workload with the lumber length as well as blade length.

The Six Inch Jointer

In terms of size, most of the woodworkers will use the six-inch jointer. These smaller jointers cost around from three hundred to seven hundred and fifty US dollars.

One downside to these jointers is that the machines are not able to flatten the stock with anything more than six inches of width.

So, to deal with larger lumber, (for example tabletops) you would have to rip them down into smaller piece. Then you have to use the jointer before finally gluing them back up.

The Eight Inch Jointer

The next most popular type of jointer is the eight-inch jointer. Typically, these jointers will have beds that are longer and knives wider than the other kind. So, they can handle lumber or material that are larger.

With the increase in size, the eight-inch jointers also gain mass. This mass gain helps the machine to balance out its size and work smoother. Of course, size is not the only factor that increases along with the model as the prices for these increase significantly as well.

These eight-inch joiners will usually set you back by eight hundred US dollars at least for sound quality. Typically, they will end up costing you a few hundred dollars more than the mentioned amount.

Other Jointer Sizes

You can get jointers that are smaller than the two above as well as larger in terms of size. Smaller jointers do not usually cover most of the requirements for woodworkers.

On the other hand, are the ones that are larger than eight inches. Usually, you will see them being used in big factories with up to sixteen-inch in length knives. You can only imagine how proportionally more expensive these are, but you will not need these in your regular woodshop.

Factors in Considering a Jointer Size

The below-mentioned factors help determine the jointer size;

Flattening Board Face

You can straighten edges as well as square them to sides of the woods. Also, another quite important job for the machine is to flatten one board face before putting it in the works of a planer.

The eight-inch planer can flatten any board that is wider than a six-inch jointer. So, depending on your workload, you might consider a larger jointer. But, you cannot go wrong with a larger one either way.

Budget and Space

If you are not a cash cow with tons left to spend, you probably do not have a workshop space in the size of a mansion. So, you have to put that into consideration as you go to buy a jointer for your work.

Jointers that are larger will almost always be a better choice. But, they will not only cost you quite a bit but also require a large amount of space. Considering the low amount of usage they have in actual work, they typically end up eating up tons of space.

That being said, if space and budget is not an issue, you can go for a bigger machine. And of course, the other way if they are of concern. It needs to be mentioned that even though larger ones might save you extra work, but the smaller ones will provide you with more portability.

So, it is up to you to consider what size suits your workshop as well as your workload in terms of jointers.

Our Best 8 inch and 6 inch Jointer Reviews

Now, let's talk about some great jointers to help you find the best 8 inch jointer or the best 6 inch jointer you can get for your woodwork adventures.

1. Cutech 40180HC-CT 8" Jointer

A Cutech jointer is a great tool when you want a quick straightening job on the edges. Especially if they are some small benchtops of hardwood stock similar to maple.

Some hardwood types, even if you plane them, will not be as flat as you would want them to be. Herein, this jointer will provide you with a lateral face, rivaling a planer bed to mill thickness. It is great for any woodworker just starting up and also has good pricing.

You get an eight-inch blade that is spiral along with twelve carbide inserts. Also, you get replacement inserts that come in the packs of tens for you to replace damaged ones. So, if a blade is nicked or chipped while rotating, you will see cutting edges. And, in the case when one of the blades wears down, you can replace only that one insert.

Carbide inserts are readily available at most of the shops including the manufacturer. The jointer weighs at forty-nine pounds and measures 33.5 by 19.25 by 12.75 inches. So, the piece will not be taking up much space in either your garage or your workshop.

This jointer is easy to move around and offers guard for the cutter head including return spring based on tension. This spring allows the fence to return the cutter head automatically. The machine includes dust port that you can attach to any standard vacuum hose of four inches for cleaning.

There is a switch to quickly turn the jointer on or off whenever you want as well as a lockout toggle system to help prevent unknown usage. The downside is that it comes with a poor aluminum fence. But, overall with eight-inch cutting width and length of 2.5 feet, this is a great choice in our 8 inch jointer reviews.


  • Easily replaceable carbide inserts
  • Prevents unknown usage
  • Easy to turn on and off switch
  • Does not take up much space


  • Poor fence quality

2. Powermatic 1610086K 8-Inch Jointer

Powermatic 1610086K Model 60HH 8-Inch 2 HP 1-Phase Jointer with Helical Cutterhead

The piece from Powermatic is a top of the line eight-inch jointer. Its price tag reflects its ability to deal with high work volumes.

Rocking a motor of two-thirty-volt, two horsepower, and single-phase 9A, the machine can spin the cutter head at seven thousand rotations every minute. The unit lets you go through stock like it was butter and that too with precise measurements. But, this is only one of the many reasons that make the jointer top of the line.

Considering performance, it has a cutting depth that reaches a max of ½ inches, and it can joint stocks that are no more than eight inches wide. Its seventy-three-inch table along with the thirty-eight-inch fence offers long stocks with great support.

The collection system of dust works very well on the machine and leaves almost zero debris. Besides being a high capacity jointer, it also provides the user with accurate and convenient adjustability.

Its infeed table has a lever that is coarse, allowing you to set up the depth along with pinpoint accuracy as well as convenience. You can set the fence's angle using a dynamic hand wheel due to the gear system.

You get a lot more than the average jointer from this piece. A cutter head that is helical allows you to easily deal with the longer pieces of stocks along with the larger tables. Quieter, superior and smoother results are ensured by the inserts on the cutter with four sides.

Initially setting up the machine can take up a long time but the parts will stay in place at the time of work. Everything will stay put until you change any of the settings. Taking in all the good things, this is easily the best in the jointer market.


  • Precision cutting
  • Cutter head helical
  • Large capacity
  • Durability and power


  • Very expensive

3. Jet JJP-8BT 8" Jointer/Planer

The JJP-8BT is a combination of a jointer and a planer you can get for a fairly low price. A great model to have if you don’t have much woodwork.

With the JJP, you are getting both the benefits of a planer as well as a jointer. The best thing about it is that you will be able to maximize the space you have for work as the space for two is reduced to one. Also, the machine itself is large offering a reasonably good amount of space to deal with.

To make its use convenient as well as maximize control over it, the manufacturers included knobs that are ergonomic. The combo also has integrated cords in it, making the machine easily transportable while ensuring workshop safety at the same time. Its fence is extruded using aluminum and is large.

This combo is designed in a compact form so that woodworkers can work with it in smaller shops or home garages conveniently. Outfeed table of the machine is made using sheet metal and comes with height adjustability. So, you can work with longer pieces of wood on the machine and also, reduce the amount of inaccurate deep cuts.

Although the JJP-8BT comes with a heavy-duty thirteen-amp motor that allows various types of cutting, it is only half the power of three horsepower machines. With this one, however, you can join and plan the lock on the tables. There are two knives with high-speed rotation to ensure the woodworker with smoother and precise cuts.

Assembly process of the machine needs additional work and is very frustrating to deal with, and you cannot work as fast as you could with other machines. Overall, this specific model is not the best unless you are okay with slow and okay work.


  • Price is low
  • Design is compact
  • Knobs are large and comfortable


  • Motor is weak
  • Assembly is frustrating

Note: These were our top picks for 8 inch jointer reviews to help you choose from the best. The following are choices for 6-inches ones.

4. PORTER-CABLE PC160JT 6" Jointer

Powermatic 1610086K

The PC160JT is a benchtop jointer manufactured by the Porter Cable company, offering various features making its performance and usage world class.

A strong advantage when you consider getting this jointer is how easy it can make your woodwork operations. The machine comes with a cutter head that has two knives with adjustable spinning speeds from six thousand to eleven thousand rotations per minute.

Along with the aluminum fence, the jointer provides you with consistency and smooth flow throughout all of your woodwork projects.

With the spinning cutter heads, you are able to get about twelve thousand to twenty-two thousand cuts per minute with its motor power. You can adjust the number of cuts through changing the cutter head speeds. That way, you can set up the machine for efficient work with different type of materials.

As for the table on the machine, it can be considered a bonus with the rest. It carries a table that is extra-large that has a length of thirty inches. You can consider it as your helping hand since it makes your work easy to access by letting you surface six inches wide stock.

Along with the feature of letting you adjust the speeds of cutting wood, you can also change the knives fairly easily. Also, it provides with an easily adjustable fence. The jointer is a great instrument for flattening, face jointing and lastly edging, of course.

Ability to straighten boards twice the length of itself is another bonus. But, its fence tends to drift when secured and the material in table top is not very durable. If you can overlook these small factors, this jointer is a great grab.


  • Has variable cutter head speeds
  • Easily changeable knives
  • Easy-to-adjust fence
  • Can straighten long boards


  • Low-quality table top
  • Fence drifts when secured

5. Delta 37-071 6 Inch Jointer

Delta 37-071 6 Inch Jointer

Commercial grade jointers are not really good matches for the smaller woodworkers. This is where the Delta 37-071 comes in considering small shop sizes and other limitations.

The 37-071 is run on a single-phase hundred and twenty volts twelve-amp power being capable of ten thousand rotations per minute for the cutter head. There are two straight knives attached to its cutter head allowing a max of one-eight inches at twenty thousand cuts every minute.

These altogether allow the woodworker to work with accuracy as well as efficiency on the stock. Length of the jointer’s table is twenty-eight and a half inches while its fence riches the length of twenty-two and a seven-eighths in inches.

Similar to the previous one, this machine is able to joint stocks that are double in length compared to its bed. Also, without any additional support, you can easily work on stocks up to five inches in length.

The jointer’s fence includes ninety degrees and forty-five degrees in positive stops and also, forty-five degrees out. You are easily able to change up these angles of the fence. In case of issues with alignment, you can adjust it by fixing the ninety degrees stop rod with the forty-five degrees stop bolts.

You can get the jointer with a decent period of warranty, a dust lower built on the inside, construction of cast iron and two knives in cutter head. At the same time, it provides durability and comes with a sturdy build. Basically, the piece has all the things you would require to start straightening or flattening some woods.

Overall, if you consider the price of this jointer, this belongs to the best ones out there at the range. Also, it can be considered among the greatest six inch jointers available in the market.


  • Great dust port
  • Easy to change blades
  • Economical
  • Good purchase protection


  • Lengthy fence adjustment
  • Outperformed by higher quality models

6. Cutech 40160H-CT 6" Jointer

The six inch variant of this Cutech model is another competitor for glory. The manufacturer packed a greater cutter head with a helical spiral to make sure of it. This unique version of cutter head knocks out the usual types that are found on most other jointers out there.

Additionally, its manufacturers did a totally new design of its spiral in order to provide with better capacity along with convenience in usage. This makes the jointer comfortable to work with while you avoid the debris that would clog its system fast.

With twelve inserts that are two-sided, you are able to get a finish that is smoother than the other jointers in the market will give you. The model brings with it a system of dust collection with a dust port of two and a one-fourth inches. So, you can keep the machine clear of dust as you work for a long period of time.

Cast iron infeed-outfeed tables are designed almost perfectly to offer the customers with a sturdy product. Also, you can level them easily on the go, and a guard spring on its cutter head offers you great and precise results.

Table length of thirty inches makes the jointer very versatile in case of use in the workshop. The manufacturers included push blocks as well as all of the tools that you might be needing to replace and rotate the tips of the cutter. As a result, you will not have to put up with the struggles of getting extra tools.

It comes with a one-twenty volt, ten-amp motor to make slicing the thickest and hardest of woods the easiest of tasks. With its design and performance, you could consider this as the best 6 inch jointer out there.


  • Unique cutter head
  • Adjustable bed levels
  • Sturdy cast iron tables
  • Very comfortable to use


  • Adjustment takes time

7. Powermatic 1791317K 6-Inch Jointer

Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with helical cutterhead

Gone are the days when people only had pencils and saws to do their woodwork. A great example of present equipment is the 1791317K.

The jointer comes with a width of twenty-one inches and a nearly 13-inch depth. Made of steel, its steel offers increased flexibility and puts the top of its table around thirty-two inches up from the floor. The changeable volt system allows for customers from various regions to use the jointer without external adapter hassle.

Helical form of its cutter head incorporated with various carbide cutters and the variety makes the jointer quite efficient. Its angled position helps to get a proper cut avoiding the effect of wood fiber disruptions.

With its functionality, you can use the jointer to cut wood quite silently, and you will probably not be hearing the sound of its motor. Apart from that, the effect of shearing shows that the cutter head is creating surfaces that are very flat. The knob on the piece is push-button to put ease on the handling of it.

One thing to notice about this model is its cutter head with three knives in rotation. It uses cams to figure and set knife heights and ease of access to the machine allows for re-adjusting their heights easily. The steel make of the jointer provides it with a sturdy body and long term use for the woodworker.

You would need to be competent in order to move your jointer around in the workplace. The great thing about this unit regarding mobility is that it comes with a bottom that is mobile. Besides being mobile, it also has quite the durability, and the lock mechanism along with the wheels provide with ease in mobility.


  • Ease of mobility
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Very quiet in action


  • Wheels might wear out

Note: The above contenders were our choices for 6 inch jointer reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I go for a separate jointer or a combo with a planer?

If you are on an extremely limited budget, then go for a combo. But you can only get the best quality product if you use the separate jointer with a planer. Or an expensive combo of the two might do the trick.

2. What size of jointer should I buy?

It depends on the size of the wood you will work with. Most popular ones out there are the six and eight-inch ones. You will have to get the jointer according to the width of your stock. Or you can use smaller pieces and glue them later.

3. Will the jointer work with household electricity?

Yes. The size and shape may make it look monstrous, but it will do just fine with the household level current. Of course, you have to make sure that the voltage matches.

4. Do you need to put much pressure when flattening?

Not really. If the wood piece you are trying to flatten has a slight curvature, putting excess pressure will not allow you to effectively do it. You will have to hold it down with slight pressure and change pressure according to the place to cut.


As a woodworker, you will most likely need a jointer at some point in your life. Our reviews will help you find the best ones in the six inch and eight-inch variants.

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