Belt vs Chain Garage Door Opener: Which One Is Better and Why?

So you go to your local Sears store and there’s a whole wall of garage door openers. The sales representative is helpful and shows you all items. However, you just leave confused.

I will make it easy here and give you the simplest approach to locate out which type of garage door opener is the best for you when considering chain and belt openers.

Why Buy Garage Door Opener

More and more houses now include a garage in their home decor. Garages provide a quick and easy way to the house and, more importantly, protect your vehicle from hail, rain, or excessive heat.

The garage door is a vital component of any garage because it protects the vehicle from external influences. The functionality of the garage door depends on the type of garage door opener.

Choosing the Ideal Garage Door Opener

There are five basic steps to help you get the ideal door opener and install it at your location.

First Step: Measure the height of your door

Step Two: Choose the HP (Horsepower)

Step Three: Select the type of garage door opener

Step Four: Choose the type of wireless controls you need

Step Five: Professional installation or install it yourself

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Types of garage door opener

There are 3 basic types of garage door openers.

  • Chain Drive Opener
  • Belt Drive Opener
  • Jack Shaft Opener

Belt Garage Door Opener – Quiet and Efficient

The belt door opener is most popular for its extremely low noise. It is probably one of the quietest models in the market today. These are ideal for families who work late at night or use the garage frequently all day long.

Belt Garage Door Opener

A load of squealing noises from other models can be a big distraction for the members of the household and the surrounding neighbors. The noise can be even more distressing in the early morning or late nights. Belt Openers are ideal for keeping calm and facilitates privacy.

Chain Opener – Sturdiness at a Cheap Cost

These types are identified for their longevity and superior functionality. The chain architecture of the door opener ensures that the door operates without interruptions, but with a slight increase in noise is connected.

Many home builders incorporate this model because of their performance in their homes. It should be noted that the chain garage door openers are also very cost effective and cost much less than the belts, which is one reason why they are so popular with homeowners.

Jack Shaft Openers – Glossy and verbose

The jack shaft is the modern door technology that you can get today. It offers some very unique and attractive features that give it the edge over its competitors. First and foremost, the stub shaft comes with a stand by system that allows it to function during a power failure.

Jack Shaft Openers

These are very popular in states that are vulnerable to power outages due to tornadoes or other natural disasters. The second most important feature of the jack shaft is that it can be mounted on a wall plate instead of the ceiling.

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Belt vs Chain Garage Door Opener

Chain garage door openers are what you are used to. They are reliable, loud and usually last long, long. They come in many different sizes. For example, Sears has an economy version, homeowner versions, and heavy-duty versions.

The chain openers are usually the best value and can be easily sorted for your garage door. You can buy extensions for the opener for 8ft and 10ft doors.

A belt garage door opener is relatively new to the market. It applies a metal-included belt rather than a chain to make the drive much quieter than a chain drive. It is customarily a little quicker than a chain opener.

If your garage is situated close to the living room of your home and it sounds like a huge animal in your bedroom when someone opens the garage door, the tranquil belt type may be the best option for you. You can buy an 8-foot expansion kit, but not 10 feet.

Screw drive units have the fewest moving parts. They are more powerful and quieter than chain drives. I think Stanley was the first to introduce the screwdriver garage door opener 15 years ago.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does a Garage Door Opener Work?

A garage opener is essentially a mechanized device to help you close or open your garage. Most switches that control this gadget are inserted on the garage wall. There may also be wireless controls that owners carry in their car.

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2. How Could I Replace My Garage Door Sensor?

Get a new part of the assembly. Turn off the electric source of the garage to avoid electric shocks. Now put the new sensor. Reconnect the leads to your new sensor. Open your door and put a box under the door you will have done.

3. How Could I Know the Best Garage Door Opener?

When buying an opener for your garage door, make sure that you have thought about these things. Know the motor performance, estimate the cost and set a budget. It is not difficult to hand over your cash or plastic money, but it is difficult to claim your purchase. Despite the fact that there are warranty administrations for this equipment, it is still preferable to be protected over sad ones.

4. What is the Fate of Garage Door Opener?

Garage door openers have evolved significantly from the days when our people would come back home and one of the kids would have to jump out of their vehicle and pull the door to the garage so they could let their car enter. Now it’s as just simple as a wireless controller or using a  smartphone.

All in all, it seems that the precise, not so distant future has some garage door openers and arrangements in store for you, and when you see something that seems so intriguing or accommodating, you use that innovation, it is out there for life easier to do and gives you the opportunity to center around more vital items like … 3D TV?

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5. Which is the Best Garage Door Opener?

We cannot say with certainty which specific brands because there is a great opportunity for this title. Big decisions, however, are belt-driven models with very quiet assets. Similarly, one with ½ or more strength is better as it can support the standard weight of the doors.

6. Would I be Able to Install It Myself?

Some organizations provide their complete management of doors, door administrators and that involves checking the place. But there are also organizations that offer do-it-no-help machines, which are usually easy to implement, even for people who do not know much about these things.

7. Does It Consume a Lot of Electricity?

It costs some energy just like your consistent machine. However, it does not devour your strength a bit, because it uses no heating component. Likewise, there are brands that offer valuation discounts so you are qualified.


By taking into account the geographic location, budget, and other expectations, one can easily decide which garage door technology to use for their home. With the two; belt and chain being the main stream, this article has given you the best circumstance where each can be useful.

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