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When we want to get something exceptionally good for our vehicles, it is best to choose quality oil filters.

The options are numerous on the market, but if look closer, there are only few manufacturers that produce oil filters of high quality. One of these few manufacturers is AC Delco.

They are not only experienced in oil filter production, but they also maintain quality in other products. You can find many different filters, but the following list contains the best products from this company. AC Delco is the industry leader in this field, and that is a good reference for your buying decision.

Here, we want to make that decision easier for you. We represent 5 AC Delco oil filters that deserve to be on the list of the best oil filters. Some of them are more suitable for your vehicle than others, and here, you can find out which one suits your needs in the best way.

Let’s start.

Top 5 AC Delco Oil Filters Reviews:

1. ACDelco PF48E Professional Engine Oil Filter

Have you ever used small oil filters for your vehicle? If yes, you can notice the specific design they are made of. At the same time, you can notice how effective they can be in oil filtration. It is the case with this filter.

It is 25% percent smaller than regular filters, but it provides powerful filtration. The filtration media is so effective that all the particles stop there before they enter the engine system.

This kind of filtration ensures better performance of the engine, and what is more important; it ensures complete protection of filter media. As a result, you can use the filter for longer without any worries about overall performance of your vehicle.

With this filter, you also get a steel shell which is easy to assembly, so you can recycle the parts. If you want to recycle leaf spring, you can do it easily. At the same time, you can change the shell inside the filter when you want to get a completely new way of filtration. New parts will ensure better efficiency.


  • Smaller in size and equally effective
  • Steel shell for better performance
  • Improved installation torque
  • Solid overall construction


  • Must pay attention to the oil type

2. ACDelco PF46E Professional Engine Oil Filter

Oil flow is not a problem anymore. With this filter, you get 10 times more open area that lifts the oil filtration to the next level. It is not only about filtration efficiency, it is also something about oil flow. You cannot do much if the filtration is effective, but your engine does not get enough oil. In this case, the things are different.

Complete filtration and better oil flow are ensured.

What else is good about this filter?

It is a non-metallic cartridge that can be extracted when you want to remove oil from a filter. This is incredibly effective in situations when you check the filter during the journey.

Sometimes, the oil flow needs to be improved, and an adequate cartridge can make a real difference.

In this case, you can remove excessive oil much more effectively. The cartridge can also be used as an additional energy source, which makes it adequate for many occasions.

When you need an extra energy booster, go for this filter and discover the full potential of oil filtration. It is good to have this kind of companion on the road.


  • Specially designed valve and cartridge
  • Smaller in size
  • Quality filtration media inside the filter


  • Installation can be slightly more difficult

3. ACDelco PF457G Professional Engine Oil Filter

Every time you replace your oil filter, there are numerous things to pay attention to. All the way from the shell to internal components, the filter needs to be completely assembled.

In this case, the situation is different. This ACDelco oil filter provide better servicing in the occasions when you need to change the filter. Only the filter element must be replaced, and you do not need to worry about other components.

The shell and additional part stay on its place every time. With this kind of technology, you can be sure that vehicle performance is much better. The whole construction stays on its place and you get less work to do.

ACDelco managed to make this kind of filter with intention to help drivers on the road. We know how distracting can be when you need to change filters on long rides. Assembly is not easy and the overall process is messy.

Now, the filter changing is easier and much more convenient. Go for this filter if you want to get complete performance and easy installation.


  • Assembly of the parts is very practical
  • Overall construction provides better filtration
  • More than 99% particles are removed
  • Effective in extreme conditions


  • Does not fit too many types of vehicles
  • Not so easy to find on the market

4. ACDelco PF47E Professional Engine Oil Filter

This kind of filter has many advantages, and here is what makes it better than others.

Easy recycling of the parts.

Revolutionary design.

Adequate support for many vehicles.

These three functions are more than enough to consider this filter next time when you buy oil filters. More than anything else, you get a filter with high efficiency level. It is not always possible on the market. That is why this ACDelco PF47E Professional Engine Oil Filter has a potential to become the best filter of ACDelco pallet of products.

Additional features are easy removal of wasted media and easy replacement of other parts.

If you want a filter that can withstand many harsh conditions on the road, while removing unwanted particles from oil, go for this filter. You will be sure that you get a high-quality filter for the money you invest in this kind of equipment.

Consider the characteristics of this filter and decide if this is an adequate choice. Check with official ACDelco website if the filter is proper for your type of vehicle.


  • Very good in overall performance
  • Adequate for easy assembly of the parts
  • Improved recycling characteristics make it environmental friendly


  • Filtration media should have been made of stronger materials

5. ACDelco PF2257G Professional Engine Oil Filter and O-Ring

Another good product is coming from ACDelco.

We are used to have filters with good characteristics and this one is exactly what we need.

Filtration media is strong enough to filter more than 98% of harmful particles, which is exceptionally good for today’s standards. Most manufacturers claim even better filtration moment, but, in the reality, the situation is not as we expected.

Only good manufacturers like ACDelco give what they claim, and here, we can be sure that we get real quality.

This filter provides thermoplastic end discs that are easy to recycle. At the same time, the discs provide better movement of oil inside the filter. The process is sometimes very demanding, and good end discs can play a significant role. Oil is filtrated much better and the overall function is improved.

Disposal costs are lower, as the parts of this filter are designed with huge attention. You get reduced service costs.

At the same time, you are good to go for many miles without filter changing, which is exceptionally good for most drivers.


  • Reduced costs of maintenance
  • Suitable for many rides in hard conditions 
  • Prevents dry starts in most vehicles


  • Installations requires more attention

Frequently Answer Questions (FAQs)

1. Are ACDelco oil filters suitable for GM vehicles?

Yes, most GM vehicles can use ACDelco oil filters. Drivers with other car makes can also benefit from usage of these filters.

2. How to adequately assemble oil filters?

First of all, you may need to remove the front part of the filter and then to go further. With ACDelco filters, the assembling is easier, thanks to improved design characteristics.

3. Is it possible to use different filters for the same vehicle?

Yes, you can combine different filters in your vehicle, but it is recommended to stick to only one manufacturer, so the performance can remain the same.

4. What is the best ACDelco filter?

There are many ACDelco filters that provide high quality, and it all depends on the type of vehicle you drive. Equally important is the type of condition on the road where you drive your vehicle. You can choose the filter according to these preconditions.

5. Will my engine get better performance with ACDelco filters?

All ACDelco filters are designed to provide good oil flow and adequate filtration inside the filter. Therefore, your engine performance must be improved.

Final Verdict

As you can see, ACDelco oil filters are made to give you complete safety on the road.

The filters are designed with great attention to details, and, as a result, the better engine performance is guaranteed.

If you are looking for filters with huge potential to effectively filtrate oil, go for ACDelco oil filters and experience all benefits from these products.

You might be surprised with the quality you get.

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